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Eminem and Mike Tyson -- Somehow Not In Jail

5/16/2009 4:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's a shock: it turns out Eminem and Mike Tyson are humanitarians, and not in the "we eat humans" kind of way.

Jimmy Kimmel: Click to watch!

The rapper and the former heavyweight champion of the world both appeared very normal on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night -- Kimmel even got Tyson to appear as a sane, non-violent citizen. Tyson claims that years of reflection have made him a changed person.

The world can only hope.


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Where There's Smoke There's Fire    

I Love Mike Tyson...... I really believe that he is a good dude..

1986 days ago

diamond charlie    

One of the funniest bits Jimmy Kimmel ever did was with Tyson doing a "fake" interview in a Barbara Walters/Oprah style. Should be on youtube somewhere

1986 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

They are both douche bags.

1986 days ago


Anyone who actually knows Tyson,know he has a heart of gold.

The problem is that he was used for amny years to make people very rich, and then thrown to the dogs.

Yes, he has done his share of bad things, but you have to know where he came form.

And no, there is no good reason for raping someone. He was taught he could have whatever he wanted...anything.

Don King should have stuck by him more, and get someone to teach him about the real world.


1986 days ago


Not in prison? They will be back in the big house for something in no time, just wait longer.

1986 days ago


#4 I hope its for beating the hell out of a redneck or Rush Limbaugh fan. One can only hope?

1986 days ago

Dalia Voltex    

#2. actually Kimmel done that interview with Eminem not Tyson, get your facts straight.

As for the interview, Em looked ridiculously hot.

1986 days ago


#6 -- I totally agree . . . eminem looks much better as a brunette.

Lookin' good em. Mike Tyson on the other hand is another story.

follow me:

1986 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

Why do the both seem like they have done something wrong???

1985 days ago


Nothing screams street cred quite like doing a duet with Elton John. Eminem lost all his "gangsta" status years ago. You can't be very "down wit da homies" when you're defending Muslim extremists, attacking the military and standing up for gay marriage, which our own President oppposes.

Sorry Em, but you're as bout as "hardcore" now as Doctor Ruth, ya bioooooootch!!!!!!

1985 days ago


If you're white and still listening to rap in your mid 20's something is wrong with you. If you're white and still trying to rap in your mid 30's you've got some SERIOUS issues.

Give it up Em and grow up. You embarrass mature, white adults everywhere.

1985 days ago


let's see if this works . . . . . .

Looking good em ;)

;) is suppose to turn into a yellow winking smiley face.

follow me:

1985 days ago


nope :(

-- it does on though

1985 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

Man! Eminem's personality is hilarious! His laugher makes me laugh!
Him and Elton need to get out more!
Why are Eminem’s eyes poking out of his head!

It looks like is on drugs or needs some.

1985 days ago

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