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Jon and Kate Plus Eight Minus One

5/16/2009 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

... equals sadness. But don't worry, wherever Kate Gosselin is, she's probably getting adequately body-guarded.

Jon Gosselin and the rest of the clan spend some quality time together -- presumably while Mom gives another interview about her hair.


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This guy's life MUST SUCK!

1965 days ago



1965 days ago


Kate Gosselin is an insufferable bitch who doesn't deserve these kids. She needs to just disappear.
Jon....she threw you under the bus in People Magazine, You gonna let her get away with that?

Thank you to Kevin and Jodi Kreider for speaking up to protect these innocent kids and try to save them
from their money lusting/grubbing parents.

1965 days ago


YOU'RE WRONG TMZ, there's a bitch tagging along in the second picture........I'm sure they don't know the difference.

1965 days ago

Wanda W.    

They did all this damage to themselves. I have NO sympathy for those two at all,period. They say they have the best interest of the children in mind, but how can that be? Those children will suffer, now and in the future. And if I dont miss my guess there will be more than one that will need therapy,and everyone will wonder why.

1965 days ago


Kate STILL isn't spending any time with her kids. That woman is a model for mothers everywhere?! Yeah, right...I put her in the same catagory as Dina's all about what the kids can get for "ME". Oh, and sheeple, don't start with the "You'd be out making money too if you had EIGHT KIDS!!!!!!". She's got a clown car for a vagina...that doesn't make her mother of the year.

1965 days ago


Why are people sticking up for him??? He messed up and she's the one that has to go around and clean up HIS mess. I'm so with Kate on all of this, she takes better care of those kids then he would.

1965 days ago

Cee Cee    

OMG.. How does he stand her??? I mean really, how painful would it be to live with her constant nagging and bitching.
If he is having an affair.. SHE drove him to it !!!! GOOD FOR YOU JON !!! Be happy. Jon is a good father, let's them experience life and has fun with them..... Kate needs to let go of her insecurities and let them have fun.
She needs to seek professional help .. NOW !!!
And the hair.. good lord.. WHO CARES... Really....
It will be those poor kids that people should be concerned about..not her stupid hair cut.

1965 days ago


Where is PA CHILD SERVICES- TOTAL TRAIN WRECK! Does anyone think this is why GOD didn't want them to have children .I truly feel for this children that have been exploited since birth cause of there horrible parents. JON & KATE are just as bad as OCTOMOM . The difference is that these idiots continue to pretend to be married for the camera's . Even though they are banging other people. Jon & school teacher . Kate & body guard. Do they actually believe that they would find true love with all these kids. I'll have to check out the newest episode later this month to see what other excuses they will use. Blah ! Blah !- can we have our check yet...

1965 days ago


Please can they stop dressing these poor children alike. Let them be individuals! Go Jon!!!

1965 days ago


You knows what, Big deal a husband and wife fight. I bet the person that even typed up this story and put it on here is fighting with his/her wife. This just blows my mind just lay off they OBVIOUSLY have other things to worry about then STUPID people ruining there lives which everyone is doing. Yeah shes bossy so what look how good her kids are behaved and her house is clean and tidy, perfect for 8 kids two dog a husband wife and THE CAMERA CREW! Oh and I know that I would do a show for lotz and lotz of money, hey its legal right better then us hearing a story that Jon is selling drugs to make money for his family. ****GO JON AND KATE PLUS 8!!!!!************ THEY ARE JUST JEALOUS OF YOU!!!!! and by the way here hair looks good like that, pick in posh or lady gaga about hair now people...

1965 days ago


Hey Flwreden, If you dont like the show then dont watch it bitch. Eat that and chew on it!

1965 days ago


I hate her. She is worse than the octomom.

1965 days ago


LOL.. kate's hair

1965 days ago


Flwreden: Child services can't be called just because one parent isn't spending time with the kids or because both parents are having the affairs. Child services is overloaded as it is.

1965 days ago
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