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Ryan O'Neal Watches 'Farrah' with Farrah

5/16/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan O'Neal showed up at Farrah Fawcett's home yesterday to watch the NBC special, "Farrah's Story."



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How heartbreaking to watch. I cried more than once. She is truly one of the most dignified women I have ever seen. I only hope that her son Redmond can stay away from drugs and not use her illness to sink further into drugs. The scene with her and Redmond was more than heartbreaking. Im glad she has a support group. I thank her for showing the reality of cancer.

1953 days ago


I watched the video last night and I was moved to tears...I lost a lot of families to cancer. I saw my grandmother and my brother-in-law suffer the way she is. Last night I went to bed and watched other shows but kept coming back to "Farrah's Story". In my dream I actually dreamt that she was suffering so much that her mind wanted to stay on the earth but her body just couldn't live anymore. I feel for you Ryan and Redmond. I know you won't read this but I pray that when God takes her, that it is peacefully, that in the end she just lets go. Ryan and Alana I want to thank you for bringing this great story to the public. You touched me.. and for the rest of my life I will remember Farrah.. not just as a sex symbol...but as a courageous woman who gave the public a view into her very private life that we would of never seen if she hadn't picked up that little video camera. God bless you all and may God bless Farrah as she lives the rest of her days in His hands....

1953 days ago


After watching "Farrah's Story" last night I have to say that I believe she has to be one of the bravest women I know. Just to let the camera's into her life at this time of her life is brave in itself. I too believe that they should let her Son Redmond be on house arrest or finish his sentence at a later date so he could be with his Mother at this time. I just pray for a miracle for her. Bless you sweet angel..

1953 days ago



1953 days ago


You idiots. Leave them alone

1953 days ago


What an incredible will to live and the courage she has shown all who love her near and far. She is the world's true angel. I often wondered why people had to suffer so when fighting such dreaded and terminal illnesses and my conclusion is just as Farrah showed us. It is an opportunity to grow closer to God. She shared her journey beautifully to us all. You can see that if you look beyond the pain she shared also. I am glad that she was allowed a visit with Redmond one last time. It wasn't a visit for Redmond as many may tend to think. This is Farrah's story not Redmonds. Farrah you have more than earned your God given wings. Soar.

1953 days ago


After watching Farrah's Story, all I can say is she's one BRAVE WOMAN. I couldn't have done what she did in coping with cancer and the treatments. Farrah is a beautiful woman inside and out and truly loves her son Redmond. So sad to watch and, yes, I cried, and cried even after just knowing the pain and the love they are all going through. So sad. But there has to be better treatments out there instead of all those toxic chemo therapies. The will to live is instilled in us and Farrah has shown that will to live. Oh, and how cute is her father??What a special daddy she has. We love you Farrah and you showed us your special courage. God Bless!

1953 days ago


I cried 3 times. I have a close friend who just had her breast removed Thursday. Cancer is horrible and it breaks my heart what Farrah went thru and for none of it to work,horribly sad!. I admire her strength and for sharing it with the world to shine a light on such a horrible disease. Bless you Farrah! And her poor father. Heart breaking!

1953 days ago

Money Talks    

TO THE WOMAN WHO SIGNS 'MY LITTLE GIRLS': I was deeply moved by your comments. I will pray for you. May I offer a bit of friendly advice, if you don't mind ? I know a man in his forties - he is a Doctor working in research - who has been in remission from a very aggressive form of brain cancer for 13 years. After surgery and chemo & radio treatmemts. he changed his lifestyle completely. In short (he wrote a book about it): ABSOLUTELY NO SUGAR (He writes that sugar is like a magnet for cancer), nothing fried (that includes potato chips and french fries of course). We should eat tons of fresh fruit, vegetable, whole wheat bread and cereals. As for meat he eats only organic. In your plate the size of meat portion should be the size of a deck of cards. Fish a few times a week, organic eggs, cheese and dairy products. I am on that diet as prevention, but people who already have cancer can live longer if they switch to that way of life. Green tea is wonderful as is one glass of red wine a day, also dark chocolate (no milk chocolate). On that regime my husband has lost 15 lbs in no time at all and I have lost 8 lbs, we never felt better in our life. Good luck to you, you have to get well for your little girls, they need you. Stay well for a long time. God Bless You.

1953 days ago

Jeanie Me    

It would be an act of kindness if the judge would agree to put Redmond on house arrest with an ankle bracelet, locating him at Farrah's apartment while she lives. He could then go into rehab. She needs him to be with her, and he would not be hurting anyone if he is there.

1953 days ago


That was very painful to watch, but very well done. The suffering she has endured with such courage and her commitment to her faith no matter what the outcome of her illness is inspiring.

1953 days ago


What a beautiful woman and a beautifully told but sad story. I hope she finds peace. It inspired me to donate to the American Cancer Society and I encourage all of you to do the same.

1953 days ago


That had to be the saddest show I have EVER watched. Her voice indeed was so sweet. The end wow-- to know that is how she is today. Cocooned in her bed . Pray for her. Pary for your self never to be in that situation. God Bless

1953 days ago


Damn, I used to be against "getting work done" but after looking at him........

1953 days ago


I am truely sad that Farrah Fawcett is dying. She holds such cultural significance. However, her situation will not end on a happy note. It's such a sad situation that there is no one respectable to represent Farrah's legacy when she dies. Her drug fiend son will end up dead before he's 28. Ryan O'Neal will milk this for as long as he can before settling down with a 21 year old Farrah lookalike. There will be lawsuits targeting her money after she is dead. Cancer will still exist. It will be Princess Di, Anna Nicole, etc all over again.

1953 days ago
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