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Kate Gosselin -- Another Man in the Picture

5/17/2009 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sometimes a photo really does say it all: here's Kate Gosselin, her kids, and her friendly bodyguard, Steve Neild, casually watching the rear.


A local radio DJ said he spotted Kate and Steve holding hands last week -- but Steve was ninth in line to get that kinda treatment while the whole family -- minus Jon -- was at a park in Penn. yesterday.


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Oh Fer Sure    

Dear TMZ,
For the 80th time...It's JON.

1984 days ago

nira k    

How come before the supposed affair we rarely saw pap--style pix of the kids and now they are being paraded all over town for photo ops. Media whore (or just whore in general) Kate just can't miss a chance for some extra publicity.

1984 days ago


They didn't plan to have sextuplets, they wanted one more child... they realized they would have to accept possibly twins again or more... but the chances are low for sextuplets.... and they don't agree with reduction.

& They look asian because Jon is asian, and the asian gene is predominant.

1984 days ago

Kid Charisma    

I can't believe how different Octomom looks. First she looked like Angelina Jolie and now she looks like Al Bundy's neighbor. She must live in the reception area at a plastic surgeon's office. And that guy in the background looks like Paul Bart, Mall Cop, undercover.

1984 days ago

Lori Peters    

I watched about 15 minutes of one show and could stand no more. The entire time Kate ran around barking orders to the kids and belittling Jon. It made me very uncomfortable to watch her degrade and humiliate her children and husband and I turned it off. Small wonder they do not get along. Kate needs therapy to finds ways to better communicate with her family.

1984 days ago


Here chow, ching, cheng, chew, chow-chow-, cling, chong, chi-chi! Dad's brought home a puppy for dinner!

1984 days ago


Kate's brother and sister-in-law said that Kate told Jon six months ago that it was over. That would have been around the time they moved into their new million dollar home. It all makes sense now why Kate paraded the kids into their bedroom and told them to take a look but they were never to step foot in their parent's bedroom again because it was off limits. No wonder, Jon had to live in the space above the garage from the day they moved in. That point aside, no loving and nurturing mother would parade her kids around town when they knew that the Paps would be all over them. Kate is all about in your face. You reap what you sow Kate.

1984 days ago


Everyone needs to shut up and leave them alone. You have eight kids and let me know how you do.

1984 days ago


8 little banana skins.

1984 days ago


Most ppl here are forgetting there are 8 little kids here that are caught in the middle. At least for the sake of the children, ppl need to back off HARVEY and let Mom and Dad sort things out.

1984 days ago


I wish people would leave this family alone. I've watch their show since it first aired and i really liked it because they were a real family who fought, laughed and enjoyed their crazy life. But now all this media attention and paparazzi attacks are tearing them apart. I say let them do their show and the media needs to stop attacking this poor family. It's sad to see what was a normal everyday family turn into a soap opera for the publics pleasure. It's pathetic

1984 days ago


If she feels she needs a bodyguard then maybe it's time to lose the television show?

1984 days ago


Her behavior reminds of my boss and I hate her guts. And what man would want to bone her or be bothered with all of these freakin' kids. Not I!

1984 days ago


Sorry TMZ - but not story here!

All I see is a man doing his job.

1984 days ago


Kate is a useless self absorbed, craving the spotlight for cash,waste of air, who thinks her sh-t don't stink, but wake up Kate, the SMELL IS COMING!

1984 days ago
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