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Kate Gosselin -- Another Man in the Picture

5/17/2009 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sometimes a photo really does say it all: here's Kate Gosselin, her kids, and her friendly bodyguard, Steve Neild, casually watching the rear.


A local radio DJ said he spotted Kate and Steve holding hands last week -- but Steve was ninth in line to get that kinda treatment while the whole family -- minus Jon -- was at a park in Penn. yesterday.


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At least she's holding Joel's hand for a change.. she usually acts like she can't stand him.


1951 days ago


It's all a staged photo op. If Kate is so against all those "disgusting" reports, perhaps she shouldn't pimp herself and her kids out. At this point, TLC has to realize that she is alienating viewers; I would think an outing with the entire family INCLUDING JON would be in order. She is a nasty, vile, cold bitch of a woman who has no mothering instinct. Have you read her first book? Too many typos to count--it was poorly done. I'm looking to give it away, but no one I know wants it. Why? Because she is a heinous bitch.

1951 days ago


One of my favorite quotes from the show: "Little boys are just gross!"

Who the hell says that about her own sons?

1951 days ago


You all should check out the blog from kevin & jodi as well as jodi's sisters blog. very interesting reading

1951 days ago


Kate is not a verbal abuser of those children....the doorknob incident was no harsher than things I've seen with every parent I know. If one were to actually watch the show, Kate is much more patient with those children, and Jon is much quicker to get angry and yell. I don't agree with everything Kate does, but some degree of fairness needs to be included in this "discussion". Also, why shouldn't Kate take her kids to a park....should they stay home forever, then people would criticize her for that too. Also, why did her brother sell her out? I happen to find that to be terrible. He is in the construction business, which is suffering. Does he need money? Is he a media whore? Lets look at all sides to this little debate.

1951 days ago


Hey heres an idea perhaps they shouldn't have done this show, if they were so worried about the PAPs stalking them. And maybe Kate and Jon need to take the role of parents and say enough is enough with the show and putting OUR kids into the ATTENTION of the MEDIA. They have chosen to sell their kids out for the almighty dollars, tummy tucks, teeth whitening and hair plugs. Kate and Jon get nice vacation houses given to them for holidays, get extras from other area, and finally a new bigger much more expensive home, how does Jon's IT salary afford that? And in the interest of the kids, are they going to be filmed at their school when they start going to school? Because if I was a parent in that district I would say NOT IN MY CHILDS SCHOOL. It is sad that the kids are the ones who have really no choice in the matter as to whether or not they join in this show. Hey Jon and Kate why not stop and live a normal life. Give your children a break from being your cash cows, all eight of them.

1951 days ago

pretty is as pretty does    

Kate is laughing all the way to the bank and it is all of you harworkinfgmoms and dads who are writing her paycheck each week. She could careless about anybody but dear old Kate. I think it is really funny to read the comments of her supporters. Are you all that naive. You need a role model so much you choose a total fraud. Be role models yourself for your family what are your kids learning from watching this program. That their own parents , yes you I am talking to you,don't love them enough that is why they do not get free trips and a brand new home and cars or that their parents are not smart or hardworking enogh to give their kids what Kate's children have. She is an example of selfishness and greed. That is why she is in the media not because she is doing one thing to better society or set an example. Look at yourselves in the mirror and think this is what I want my kids to admire and want them to think I admire. Be the role models yourself and teach your kids better than Kate is teaching her own

1951 days ago

Sue Wong    

This is the expert who was going to give Octomom advice. The pot calling the kettle black. She needs to dress each child differently. They're individual human beings.

1951 days ago


you would think that if kate wanted to get out of this media firestorm she'd make the "bodyguard" a less permanent fixture. does he really have to go shopping with her (without the kids) or to the park with her and the kids? my guess is that his presence could be less obvious or she could do something unheard of - hire FEMALE protection. just a thought. loved the show but this is outrageous. remember the kids in this one jon and kate.

1951 days ago


why does she need a bodyguard?
I have taken all the Discovery channels off my cable.
I am just sick of what they have done to and continue to do to these little kids who should have a right NOT to have cameras shoved in their face for profit- even though "Mommy Dearest" says she will only love them as long as they bring the bucks in for her hairstyle and fake and bake tans.

1951 days ago


Jon is half Korean so the kids are one quarter. I hardly think Kate is whoring her kids out just by taking them somewhere. Too harsh when people start saying stupid stuff like that. They can go anywhere they please just like any other person can.

1951 days ago

hate kate    


1951 days ago

On the Kid's side    

#85 Hit it right on the head. Yes, they do need to find other, more compatible partners. It worked for Kutcher/Moore because Moore and Willis actually put their kid's needs before their own. They behaved like adults for the sake of the kids. I don't think Jon and Kate have that kind of maturity. Jon and Kate, as I see it, could have handled this privately. They could have said, "We're not doing interviews with regard to this subject. On to the next question." Kate certainly didn't have to do a whole People magazine article belittling her children's father. That's the first thing they tell parents when there are marital difficulties. Leave the children out of it. Don't disparage the other parent in front of the kids. I'm truly saddened for this family.

1951 days ago


I don't think Kate is having an affair with "Steve". What man could stand that constant telling him what to do? About 15 minutes with Kate and she would be yelling "Steve, Steve, Steve, GET OVER HERE." "It's 6:30, get the kids bath done, I'm so tired." "You know those aren't the right shoes!" "Don't let them go outside, they will get dirty". "You can't be in my kitchen, I need to get my organic meal done". "You want credit for getting them up, don't play the victim"."Steve, Steve, Steve, GET OVER HERE"!

1951 days ago


Okay, TMZ??????? Where are you??????? Why aren't you stopping some of this awfulness?????? There are children involved, and people are speaking in racist tones?
Some of you should feel ashamed!!
I have no idea if Kate is cheating, but this body guard, has a wife, and family. And if innocent, doesn't deserve this kind of garbage for doing his job! Lets wait before we accuse!
My heart just aches for the children, and if it's true that Jon is cheating and Kate is not, I feel for her as well. He married her for better or worst! He "Chose" her! He should have tried to get help or counseling. Those children need both parents!
I'm really sickened by the way some are speaking about the children!!!!!!!!
TMZ"s HARVEY should know better, and Not allow such horrible things being said about them!
Just Awful!

1951 days ago
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