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Adam Lambert -- Living Under a Rock

5/18/2009 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" finalist Adam Lambert claims he was completely unaware of "biblically correct" Miss California's now infamous gay marriage answer because the "Idol Bubble" blocks him off from the outside world.

Adam Lambert: Click to watch
Think he's telling the truth -- or did he just chicken out on the issue before his all-important final vote?


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I want to know when Harvey here is going to get OFF his "Adam is gay" horse and GROW UP. Seems that every person out there who is gay, it's push push push with Harvey, day in and day out. To trhe poster who said that he/she doesn't think that "Fundies" read TMZ, well I am one and have for a few years. This will be my LAST time, however. I don;'t know who is worse, it's too close to call - is it Perez Hilton who didn't get the answer he WANTED from Ms Prejean at the pageant, or is it Harvey at TMZ< another gay blade who is pushing as hard as Perez because like Perez, HE didn't like her answer either. When a contestant in a pageant is asked to give HER answer to a question, that is what they DO! They do NOT (in most cases) answer with what any judge WANTS to hear!! Perez put himself out there with #1 - a question that should NEVER have been asked, and # 2. He didn't LIKE her answer so he has been trying to destroy her since. But she would have been the poster girl for gay marriage had she only appeased Perez Hilton and gave him what he wanted, rather than HER opinion, which is what it was SUPPOSED to be. She does NOT believe in gay marriage - GET OVER IT!!! As far as Adam Lambert, he is a VERY talented singer and entertainer. There isn't one of his performaces that I have forgotten since he did "Ring of Fire". I've been a huge fan since. Do I CARE what he does in his bedroom?? NO!! I care what he does on stage!! Like we are supposed to!! It's a SINGING competition!! Perez Hilton and TMZ Harvey are only causing people to change their minds about supporting gay anything. My own opinion was to each his own and if that makes you happy, so be it. After Perez's behavior since not liking Ms Prejean's answer he asked for her OPINION about and has tried to destroy her since, I'm 100% AGAINST gay marriage. No, you don't let idiots influence you, but when those idiots NEVER shut up and go on a campaign to DESTROY someone because they don't like their OPINION, then Perez and TMZ Harvey have only themselvses to blame. NO straight person wants anything shoved down their thoasts, least of all what they shouldn't support as Chistians but TRY to as all should be happy. perez and now Harvey have gone too far and they are LOSING support for the "gay community". Adam Lambert is there to SING, not flant what he does inhis private life, and he DOESN'T. So Harvey, why don't you take Perez and both of you SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT IT before you alienate any more "straight" people AWAY from what you want, supposedly. My support remeains behind Adam, AND behind Kris. They're BOTH great singers who have the talent to win - BOTH of them. Whether Adam is gay or not seems to be only something for Harvey to harp on non-stop like Perez's destruction attempts to Miss California. You two are SAD and only have, to my awareness as of today, have driven seven of my friends and myself to change our stance on gay marriage to it shouldn't be allowed. KIDS cannot marry under 18, and since Harvey and Perez act like they're two, I'll not support it again.
Adam, however, I DO support -- GO ADAM!!

1890 days ago


# 27 Angy -- Do you live in a CAVE?? Kris is SHY, not gay. He is VERY happily married and around his wife, that shyness vanishes unlike when he is in the public eye. Why do some of you think that EVERY man with some sensitivity is GAY? Well if that's the case, sign up my ex-husband. (ONLY my ex because of alcoholism) Sober, he is the most loving, total MAN there is. I can see that in Kris, but damned if he is shy and damned if he's not. To morons like you, oh he is gay. NOT everyone is gay - thank God. Hard to imagine that months ago I was cheering on the gays to get what everyone deserrevs - happiness in life, but like Christians are accused of - shoving religion down one's throat, the gays have them beat by a landslide with TMZ Harvey & Perez Hilton leading the way. Never again. I support Adam Lambert because of his TALENT, like millions of others. TMZ just keeps pushing, then there are the morons who know NOTHING about a person like Angy who accuse innocent STRAIGHT people of being gay because he is shy and sensitive. I live next door to his sister in law and he is NOT gay by a LONG don't start rumors Angy because YOU choose to be gay. Whether Adam is or not, while we're on the subject, doesn't matter. .Seems only Harvey and Perez Hilton want him to broadcast what Adam does in his bedroom.. Total pervs!! Congratulations - the gay twins have managed to alienate a LOT of people once in support of the gay community for equal rights. If all, or most gays are like those two, I wouldn't supposrt them on a bet. GO ADAM and GO KrisI!! Either way, they'll both end up with record contracts and By the way - Kelly Clarkson is NOT the lame brain who tried spewing that crap. For those who think Adam is "keeping quiet because of his huge female fan base - didn't Clay Aiken do the SAME thing???? Thought so.

1890 days ago

His Royal Blackness    

I feel like I'm one of the only gay person in the country who wasn't offended by Miss California's remarks. Talk about making a big deal about nothing. I wasn't shocked by her answer since many people believe the same thing she does, and while I wouldn't give her my vote if I could, I still admire that she told the truth. She's probably an idiot, but a truthfiull one so props to her.

I think most gay people didn't really raise an eyebrow at the so called controversy. You get lots of fringe gays in the media spotlight though so the entire nation thinks we all want to see Miss Cali on a stake. It's just not so. The fair minded gays needs a voice. No help coming from TMZ obviously, but at least I can leave a comment no one will read.

1890 days ago


All I can say is that # 56 said it exactly the way it is!!! I am a "Fundie" who will still vote for Adam. Its a singing competition nothing else!!!!

1890 days ago


#58 Derek L. Madden -- Props to you for not being one of the ignoramuses. Thing is, those "fringe gays in the media" have riled up a LOT of others. Read the blogs on Perez Hilton's site just once. Many are finally telling him to shut the hell up about it and grow up, but that's not the gays. They are still egging him on because they are all pissed too about Miss Cali's answer. As you said, it was an honest answer. Just not good enough for most of them there. I unsubbed to Perez's daily news letter and I won't go back there again. Since that girl gave her HONEST answer, TNZ's Harvey and Perez have both been at her and now Harvey is all over Adam Lambert. With those two, if you are straight and/or don't agree with them, then you are going to be harassed. Perez is indeed worse, but I have seen TMZ's Harvey do the same thing to other celebs. He TRIES to make it more subtle. I used to get a LOT of grief from church friends because I supposrted the gay community. As I said, all should be happy in life. The two fringe lunatics have been SO annoying that my own group of 8 friends and I gave up since 2 so -called promenent gays have shown their true colors and too many follow them like sheep. I only hope that the reason why Ms Cali would not get your vote is NOT because of her answer. You sound smarter than that though. Take good care & enjoy your day. Finals on AI coming up - let's see if harvey shuts his hole and leaves Adam alone now. .He'll come out to the AI public when he's ready and its NONE of his business! BADD Karma for those two losers for acting like whiners. All the best and happiness to YOU Derek.

1890 days ago


He's gay too and not that it isn't obvious to most people.....but he's smart playing dumb.

1890 days ago


Mmmmmmmmmm....He freaking hot!!!

1890 days ago


The D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T President made his views clear about NOT supporting gay marriage long before AI started, maybe you should have asked him about that instead?

Just sayin.....

1890 days ago


#32 what the HECK does the civil rights movement have to do with gays? we are not even talking about black people... this is a totally different subject because first of all African Americans where born with darker skin, and homosexuals choose to be gay. Also, back in those days the Blacks could not even use the same water fountain or schools, I don't see any straight and gay schools or straight and gay water fountain. yea it not to that extent so don't even compare. And for those who don't think that his sexuality has to do with the competition IT DOES! American Idol is a singing competition and it is mainly about singing but its ALSO about a image. Does American want there little boys looking up to a homosexual male? Do you want your son wearing make up and high heel? I Know there is a lot of gay rights groups going on right now but they are only a minority, the majority of this country still believes its wrong. I knew the day would come when there was going to be a homosexual American Idol but not this soon. I think that part of the reason why Clay Aiken didn't win was because of the fact of that he was America ready for a homosexual idol?

1890 days ago

the end of the day    

crayjo's, you hit the nail right on the head. Everyone should vote for Kris, not because he's the only REAL man in the competition but because he's the only one that can actually sing--not scream!

1890 days ago

the end of the day    

We do NOT want our young idolizing GAY-Drag Queen-Wanna-Be Rockers. He is a stage performer with singing and acting experience. He is too theatrical and carries too much DRAMA. We don't need that kind of idol. Bring on a true American with morals and ethics we can all be proud of and not afraid to say it.

1890 days ago


I don't want the Youth of America to be Idolizing this THING!

1890 days ago


And who the hell voted all day long 25,500+ saying He/She is Hot! Gag!

1890 days ago


#68 American Idol must love F@gs.., I didn't read Your comment before I wrote-same thought!

1890 days ago


Who cares if he knows what her silly ass said. The girl from N.C. that actually won was much hotter. Granted, she didn't have that memorable orange spray on tan and standard California implants(not to mention she lacks trashy porn pics in her background), but she is beautiful and has a functioning brain which Prejean clearly does not.

1889 days ago
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