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Dr. Drew Gets Screwed in 'Celebrity Pornhab'

5/18/2009 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Drew Pinsky's former patient -- a term we use very loosely -- Mary Carey is striking back at him the best way she knows how -- by releasing a new porno that mocks the doc and his "Celebrity Rehab" reality show.

The porno is aptly titled "Celebrity Pornhab with Dr. Screw," and in our behind-the-scenes footage, you'll see there's not much difference between the satirical XXX flick and the actual TV show -- except for the gratuitous sex, of course.

By the way, this is Carey's comeback to adult films. Dr. Drew frequently urged her to retire from skin flicks as part of her rehab. Guess she's skipping that step.

UPDATE: The real Dr. Drew just twittered about "Pornhab," saying, "For those of you wondering about my feelings about Mary Ellen Cook's [Mary Carey's] choice to mock : Res ipsa loquitur. Makes me very sad."


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In response to #25 Yes, I believe he did do it from the kindness of his heart. If you can't tell that from watching him then you are an idiot. There are people out there that need to see this. They live with this horror everyday and if they see this, they know they are not alone. The celebs that go on here have their own reasons why...but I like to think that maybe a couple of them did want to come clean.

1954 days ago


once a whore always a whore...and really, this is how she wants to use the last 5 seconds of her 15 minutes of fame...farewell you horse faced slut

1954 days ago

dont know    

Why anyone would want to watch this fatty is behond me...YUK.

1954 days ago


a mess

1954 days ago


What a totally stupid, ungrateful bitch. Dr. Drew is probably the only man she's ever come across in her sick, dysfunctional pathetic life that actually treated her with any kind of respect and with actual cared for her health and well being and this is how she thanks him. Some people just like drama, pain, self-loathing and kaos. I gave her the benefit of the doubt on Rehab, not judging her with the assumption that could be normally made about porn chicks and strippers, but, Oooooh what do you know....... she lived up to ever low expectation and now just sunk even lower. Sorry to see that this is all she will ever really be good at.

1954 days ago



1954 days ago


seriously, she is one damaged soul....she has rude to mock those who tried to help you. she is so stupid, i don't feel sorry for her at all,

1954 days ago


She is so fugly and fat!! A looser anyway and if she is still with her boyfriend then she is a double looser!
She needs to put her hair back to its natural color, get rid of all the implants, do something with her retarded face and get on with her life.

1954 days ago


She's appeared in over 80 movies, more than 30 cable shows and directed a couple movies, how can you say her 15-minutes of fame are about up?
Heck, Angelina Jolie has been in LESS than 40 movies, I'd have to say MC is the bigger star here by 40+ films.

1954 days ago



Let me get see if I get your point: Because Mary has done more 'movies" than Angelina Jolie, you think that makes her a bigger star?

Dude- have you ever heard the pharse: Its QUALITY, not QUANTITY?

Plus, porn chick's dont have a very long shelf life. Angelina, or any other legit actress, can make movies all the well into their 80's. Do you want to see an 80 year old Mary naked let alone having sex?

Your attempt at defense is weak.

1954 days ago


You can put lipstick on a pig...........

1954 days ago


Lets compare some movies
Mary Cary
- Violation of Ashley Blue = Instant Classic
- Five Guy Cream Pie #5 = Over the Top
- Thumpin Mellons = Incredible Work
Angelina Jolie
- Alice & Viril = Barf!
- Gone in Sixty Seconds = Should have never lasted in the theater more than 60 seconds.

Plus Angelina had the advantage of coming from a famous wealthy family while Mary did it all on her own, not like some spoiled rich kid.

1954 days ago

barbara miller    

How SAD! I wonder if mary reads TMZ... I doubt she will ever be able to live a restored, positive, self accepting, self caring life UNTIL her self image changes. As a man thinks, so it is! Mary has such a poor self image as do ALL children raised by mentally ill borderline mothers. Mary will have to have strength , determination and desire to fight for her own well being, to fight for her right to exist as a powerful, important, child of the universe! No one can do it for her... only she can rescue, heal, protect, and encourage her inner child/ higher god self, ONLY HER!!! If mary doesn't change herself, she will never find a descent guy who will value her as a HUMAN BEING of worth and promise. The BF is dirty, but that is what SHE chooses to dominate her precious inner child, sweet little innocent girl, her TRUE self. Good luck and may Gods help be with you... with God all things are possible!

1954 days ago

Dave In Tulsa    

Mary's not so hot anymore, but what's she "striking back at Dr. Drew" for? All he did was try and get her straightened out. I watched all the episodes and came to the conclusion that she can't do anything else to make money but what she's doing now. That's the bottom line.

1954 days ago


She just can't stop taking nut on the chin, slut

1954 days ago
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