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Jon & Kate's Bodyguard -- Something in Common

5/18/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steve Neild and Jon Gosselin traded war stories at a birthday party for Jon & Kate's sextuplets in Pennsylvania over the weekend.

The pair both share a love ... for gray jackets.
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TLC will be able to play this angle for a couple more months and that is it. The demographic that likes this show is not going to be tolerant of Kate taking a couple kids out or Jon taking a couple kids out every week. They want to see Jon and Kate plus 8 little mental cases going to Hershey Park, or Amish Wonderland.

If Kate has any concern for the kids she would drop this show and focus on them. But she likes the nannies, the housekeepers, the personal chef and the bodyguard. No one will believe that she is the one baking the cookies anymore.

As for the bodyguard. Dude, it's gotta be like parking a VW in a blimp hanger. What's wrong with you on so many levels? A mental reality TV 'star' is the best you can do? Why do I see a movie of the week on Lifetime being the end result with Jon being found in a septic tank?

1952 days ago

something smells    


1952 days ago

pretty is as pretty does    

HA,HA Looks like Steve is saying and demonstrating how kate grabbed him by the b***s and Jon is pointing like yea that is how she got my package too.

1952 days ago


Why do you guys believe everything you read?
Just b/c someone writes something in a magazine or u read it online doesnt mean its true. I could write anything about anyone, does that mean if I write it and people read it, its automatically the truth?
Get a life people and stop being jealous of a happy family, paparazzi always screws up peoples lives!!!!!!!

1952 days ago


Leave this family alone. Quit taking pix of them!!!!!!!!!

1952 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

I have never watched this show and never will, but is she really as much of a shrew as everyone says? Or is it mutual combat? It's not really that important, I'm just more curious than anything else. Personally, I think they were fools to do a show about being a family when their marriage was on the rocks, but maybe the money was just too tempting. Too bad for the kids as their possible break up will add an extreme amount of instability in all of their lives.

1952 days ago

Exploitation off the Backs of Their Children for PERSONAL GAIN -- For SHAME!!!    

Sadly, this picture was taken only yesterday May 17th, at the filming of the sextublets' 5th birthday party, which was May 10th, Mother's Day this year.

If you google this story, you will see that Jon is wearing the same outfit as will appear on the tups' 5th birthday "film shoot." Why didn't Kate at least celebrate her sextuplets' 5th birthday ON THEIR BIRTHDAY?? ...her precious children who feed and clothe HER, who rake in the dough for HER, and who fund her newly found POSH LIFESTYLE -- who, only 5 years ago were struggled for life in a Neo-natal ICU ward born as premies?!? Why, Kate? Why? Why couldn't you have made it a very special day for your children, who were waiting for you in PA to spend a completely happy Mother's Day and celebrate the tups' 5th year of life??

Reports unanimously show that she was too busy on her Kate+bodyguard one-woman promotional, "good mother" tour, and was SADLY, at a TANNING SALON, and yes, she was photographed picking up a VERY SMALL CAKE, too small, in my opinion for a happy birthday celebration for 6 five year olds and their 2 older sisters (so they obviously did not have friends over on their birthday!)

This just confirms how KATE ONLY "ACTS" LIKE A GOOD MOTHER FOR THE CAMERAS, and in her TV life, but in her real life, nor her children's real lives.

Jon & Kate, your children ARE NOT TV CHARACTERS. They're human beings. They're your flesh and blood!!! Stop selling them to feed YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS! Transfer all the money earned from show to a trust for the CHILDREN ONLY, and go out and get a real job, one that you earn from somewhere other than the BACKS OF YOUR CHILDREN!

SHAME ON YOU!!! Save your children's lives, and stand up and protect them for once in your lives for God's sake!!!

1952 days ago

jenny mo    

I still don't understand why these people think they need a body guard. Does anyone really want to go anywhere near Kate?

1952 days ago


got a problem with PA? Clevenland, Ohio is a much more happening place eh?

This whole thing has gone to Kate's head. I wouldn't be surprised if this was all cooked up WITH their knowlege to get better ratings. They do the same thing over and over and over. I have heard nothing nice about her, by her neighbors in her old neighborhood..If they don't want publicity from their show then get out now. This is the way of the world. Money is good, but you always pay a price in Hollywood.

1952 days ago


#21 - yes, she is just as bad (or worse) than everyone says she is! I haven't seen this mentioned before during all the talk recently, but I wondering if anyone else remembers this. On a show last season, J&K were talking about background stuff-how they met and came to have 8 kids. Kate (Take) said she had gone to a conference at a hotel with a friend and spotted Jon, who worked there. She told the friend she was going to meet that guy before the weekend was over. (Bet he waishes that had never happened!) Anyway. it was said that Jon had a girlfriend at the time, and Kate's remark really made me sick. She said something like "Yeah, but she was gone the next day!" That just goes to show you that Kate will do anything and step on anyone to get what KATE wants. Nothing or no one gets in her way. It's now all about money, fame, and no longer about family. I hope one day she's sorry for all that she has done to destroy peoples' lives.

1952 days ago


they had us all fooled or did they make us the fool for watching an believing what we seen on tv

1952 days ago

pretty is as pretty does    

the person who asked is she that bad, she is a hell a bad.

1952 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Thanks tori for the response and Yuck! I was starting to think that, because almost all the posts and every blog I've seen rips her to pieces! I'm sure he's no prize himself, but it sounds like the dislike of her may be on target! I do think they are both exploiting the situation, which only hurts the kids! When the cameras go away and the money from it dries up, it's going to get ugly for everyone, especially the yung ins'!

1952 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

And thx AJ too! The responses seem consistent! I must admit that her reverse mullet is the only thing I find entertaining about her! Party in the front, biniz in the back!

1952 days ago


Shame on you Kate...

1952 days ago
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