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Jon & Kate's Bodyguard -- Something in Common

5/18/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steve Neild and Jon Gosselin traded war stories at a birthday party for Jon & Kate's sextuplets in Pennsylvania over the weekend.

The pair both share a love ... for gray jackets.
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I think ALL of the kids should live with Aunt Jodie! She is the only person in this MESS that seems to truly love the kids. Oh but wait Kate kickesd her off the show...WHY because she would get part of Kate's money! Slimy,nasty, ugly hair cut freak that she is!

1962 days ago

jenny mo    

This woman is unbelievable. I had to stop watching the show a while back because she makes my blood pressure explode, but believe me, Joan Crawford has nothing on this bitch. She ruins every fun or special moment for the kids with her tyrannical meltdowns. For example, the time that the family went to Disney (on someone elses dime I'm sure) and the whole trip was ruined because one of the kids dripped ice cream on their dress. She should have been medicated for whatever it is that she has a long time ago.

I really hope that some day Jon will take back his manhood from this woman and find someone that respects him as a human being and a man. She deserves every negative comment that is thrown at her and every negative thing that happens to her in the future. Regardless of who is cheating on who, I can't help but believe that she has been the cause of all of the problems that they are having now. Its about time she learns the hard lesson that if you treat people like crap it will come back to bite you in the ass.

1962 days ago


For what it is worth, one of the film crew broke their silence on talk radio last week. Said the fighting between Jon and Kate was so ongoing that some days, all they could get was 15 minutes of usable air time! Those guys should get battle pay! Also they make around $75,000 per episode. No wonder Katie wants it to keep rolling!! Bet there is come scrambling going on at TLC. Photo opportunity for sure!! Who wants to make a wager that in the upcoming shows, we will see so much PDA we will all need barf bags. That Hawaii ordeal should have tipped more people off. If you watch the show, you will see practically all the sponsers are visually shown on set (AKA their house). Playschool, Juicy Juice, clothing. All trips are paid for--Nothing like watching a one hour info-mercial on Lego Land, Sea World, and Hawaii tourism. Getting that kind of $$ you would think they could pay for something. All I can say is the poor kids are the victims, not the money hungary parents!!!

1962 days ago

Carol Simon    

Kate is getting what she deserves. She treats her husband like crap and she should be embarassed!!! She screams, blames him for everything, and is completely impatient. She makes his life miserable. Cant blame him for not wanting to be with her!!!

1962 days ago


I had 3 children in 6 years and there was no way I had time for a fling. I was swamped with dishes, laundry, and wiping runny noses. To think that Kate had time to spend with a body guard and to do 'it' on the railing at their own house...well, I don't want to believe it. A mom with 8 children is rarely if ever ALL ALONE or without at least one of them in tow. Could be I am all wrong but I"ll bet this is all washed clean soon, guess I hope it is for the sake of the family at large. Although I am a big fan of their show...and no doubt they made money from it.....I think the best thing Kate and Jon could do at this time is to fade into the woodwork and get their own lives back.....and maybe make one show a year to show the growth of their tots. Love them all. Yes, Kate can fly off the handle and be a brute at times...but hey, 8 children would be enough to throw any of us into a tizzy (a state of nervous confusion). I can handle a whole classroom of kindergarteners but believe me, I'm glad when the end of the day comes.

GOOD LUCK TO JON AND KATE and all their little people

1962 days ago


---Kate is NOTHING like that dirty wh0re nadya suleman... now that b!tch is only in if for the fame and money. Constantly spending $ on herself for designer clothes, plastic surgery, cars, houses, mani's/pedi's etc. I only have one child and I don't even indulge that much.---

Kate has: designer clothing, plastic surgery, cars, houses, mani/pedi, spray tanconstant hair maintenance, $1600 a day bodyguard and she only spends time with her kids when the cameras are rolling.

What's the difference???

1962 days ago


I used to be a fan of this show but the cover is coming off and they are turning into the worst reality show family in the history of reality shows. I am convinced that Kate needs medication. This is the type of mother that children turn into serial killers when they get grown. TLC, take the show off before something bad happens. Kate does have the capacity to kill!

1962 days ago


Kate's brother has came forward and said that Kate has never actually cared for her kids. She has a cook, helpers, babysitters, and she's away 90% of the month. All you have to do is see her "book signing" schedule and unless she flew in from California on weekends, she was away from her family for March, April and part of May.

She has plenty of time to do whatever she wants.

1962 days ago

oprah & michel hater    


Posted at 10:49AM on May 18th 2009 by squeal like a pig

1962 days ago


Jon is saying "stay the h-ll away from my wife" or better yet," if you want her, you can have her." I wish the tabloids would stop writing about these people already. Kate is a nasty, selfish, greedy beoche who is exploiting her kids. Now she has a multi-million dollar home, plastic surgery,new teeth, and a new man. I bet they haven't saved a penny towards their kids collage education. Stop airing this show. Table for twelve is a better show. You can actualy feel and see the love the Hayes have for each other. They have ten kids-two sets triplets and twins. They have one four year old with cerebral palsy. Check it out on TLC.

1962 days ago


A little strict????????
Have you watched the show?????
She a control freak!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jon can't even breathe right.

1962 days ago

deborah patterson    

Kate is a horrible woman with a tongue like a sword she belittles her husband in public on television without a thought one of the twins is her 'twin'as far as personality goes.I am glad they are breaking up as I was tired of her pimping her children and Jon just going along with her as he has no nuts she took them LOL She has managed to get her breast reinflated her tummy tighten,her hair weaved now if she could get a personality transplant it would be great she has messed up her 'meal ticket'so now who gets the 46 acre mansion and the sports car made for TWO how can Jon pay child support since he quit his job and when Kates book sells at the 99 cents store because she is a 'money whore'who does not deserve another dime what in the world did she need a trainer for when she has all those children to run behind.She was mean to Jons sister Jodi when she was trying to help them.I see her as a block of ice where Jon is concerned just frigid and ridgid I would leave her too but Jon nobody will want your broke behind either no matter how sexually frustrated you are and what type of sport car you drive when not with the children and your 'old lady'and I mean old as in older than you LOL.See money is the root of all evil as you both have lost your minds but Jon you shold have left Kate a long time ago and saved yourself the heartache of having to do this in front of cameras we were behind you she is horrible!!!!!No tucks,or injections of any kind can change that fact but you all should really be ashamed of what you are doing to those innocent children and Jon they love you soooo much so sad for them Iwish the children well you and Kate are going to burn in hell!

1962 days ago

deborah patterson    

Kate is a horrible person and Jon leave her butt even if you have to go back and beg for your job,she was too old for you anyway and Kate you cant build your happiness on another persons misery you stole him from his girlfriend after seeing him at some hotel LOL and with your mouth who would dare come near you so why the 'bodyguard'other than sex you have all those children which is another deterrent for being approached.You are money hungry you pimped the children got you a 46 acre 'green'home now you want to put castrated lil Jon out maybe your be buddy aka bodyguard can be 'uncle daddy' when the cameras stop rolling.I sure hope that twin that acts like you grows out of itit is abvious the children prefer Jon as you are mean and evil to everyone that tries to help you poor Jodi you dogged her too.Go back to nursing or if I was Jon I would ask for 50-50split he can build a house somewhere away from you on those 46 acres you are horrible and you were an adulterer first shame on your iceberg Kate you look cold,hard and cruel you dont display affection to your children nor your husband I am glad you got caught LOL

1962 days ago


kate is a trailer park bitch that has no skills and had no real way to make a living other than doing the only thing she is good at which is spreading her legs.

1962 days ago

jon and kate are octomoms role models    

Kate has turned her own children into carnival side-show freaks. Where ever the family goes, it's like the circus has come to town, and the kids are paraded out in their matching outfits, just like they parade the circus animals on the street on the way to the big-top. Kate enjoys it all. Kate is mentally ill and needs help. Barnum and Bailey said "there's a sucker born every minute", and the suckers here are the idiots buying Kate's book and actually PAYING to hear her speak. I would pay to NOT hear her speak. Kate is more annoying than octo-mom, and that says a lot !!!

1962 days ago
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