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Suspect Identified in Dolla Murder

5/18/2009 11:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DollaA man has been arrested in connection with the shooting death of rapper Dolla -- we've learned he goes by the name Aubrey Berry.

Here's what went down. Sources say after the shooting, the LAPD put out an alert that the suspect may have fled to the Los Angeles International Airport in an attempt to fly out of the city.

LAX police spotted a man who matched the description, sitting in the lobby area of Terminal 1. Cops approached Berry and almost immediately he said he knew why cops were there and then raised his hands and told them he had a 9 millimeter handgun in his waistband.

Berry (we have not confirmed if this is his legal name or an alias) -- a 23-year-old African American male -- was taken into custody.


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Party 'till you die!    

What's sad is that this young person decided to adopt a lifestyle that ultimately cost him his life! There may be many causes, like discrimination, but it was still his choice and now he paid the ultimate price for it! He thought this was a 'cool' lifestyle and look where it got him, dead! We all have choices in life, why choose a stupid path?

1952 days ago

white chocolate    

"out of touch with the culture of his music"? It doesn't take a freaking brain surgeon to understand the meaning of songs with retarded titles like "Dough Boy" and "Good Pu**y". It is sad that this young man died, but the only outcome of this will be a chance for another person to write more songs with lame, generic lyrics over the same generic, repetitive beats.
Screw Karma, I'll whip Karma any day. Peace.

1952 days ago


Josiah is retarded and can't read. That's a more interesting story. So, tell us more about yourself, Josiah. Your story is way more interesting. How'd you get to be such a stupid retard ?

1952 days ago


Terminal #1 = International...
How did he he git into the lobby of terminal #1 with a 9 mil?
And they make US take off our shoes???
Out Country is sinking into a shi*hole...
NHTSB,FAA,CIA,FBI & Homeland Security?
Eat my shorts, man...

1952 days ago

Christopher Smith    

Look I knew dolla. this jus wasnt some thug off the streets. sure he came from the streets but he was a grounded and humble person with a very bright future. REST IN PEACE .
How can you people even talk like this Im a 21 year old african american male. and it is clear Im no where near as ignorant as you punk a$$ dastards. you guys point fingers at the blacks and hispanics when its not about race this is about men and beast. and the people that post disrespectful comments are in my book just as wrong as the shooter. and what make it worst is you do have the balls to behave as a men. RIP my ni$$a

1952 days ago


@ #.31

A Teardrop tattoo means death.

Not filled in teardrop= You've seen someone get killed or die

Filled in teardrop= You've killed someone!

Dolla's tear drop isn't filled in which means he saw someone die, which was his father who commited suicide in front of him when he was only 5! He wasn't a killer, but a victim of crime himself. He was 21 and MURDERED. Rapper or not, nobody deserves to lose their life in this manner. RIP Dolla

1952 days ago

Preach'r Of Truth Rev Roy    

"One reaps what they sow". An endless age, Godly truism, of the Holy King James Bible Galatians 6:7-8. Thus? Death to not only this young man, but many prior also before him, and will be more. That godless "rap" music should be outlawed in America, as in some other countries. If "hate of people, inciting to harm people speech" is prosecuted why not "decadent & hate & assulting music"? And please, don't tell me "rap music" is an art. Nah, it's godless, "worthless in value-language of decadence". Lyrics of rebellion, disrespect, godlessness, cursing, anger, lawlessness IS NOT ART, NAH! Get off that ignorant notion, it's godless-worthless loud mouths. Exercising their foul mouths, under the guise of art.

There'll be more, if this worthless decadent language isn't outlawed. And ruin tons of youth's minds in the process, as it's already "reaped" upon them over the years of this worthless language, spouting it's ugly head. Across America.

Da Preach'r Of Truth

1952 days ago

lisa lisa    


1952 days ago

lisa lisa    

HEY #41 --

If censorship becomes *law*, let's start by censoring you!

1952 days ago

Christopher Smith    

RIP my N!G!a

1952 days ago

Preach'r Of Truth Rev Roy    

For "girl 666", your mindset is why this young man is "dead" & soon to be buried. Some things are worth "censoring", matter of fact. Anything that "reaps" death--destruction--harm---pain--suffering. Which "rap" music is public enemy #1 in reaping upon it's listeners.

Your own hate of people is evidenced, by your acceptance & defense of anything (rap included), no matter how immoral, harmful, foul it is. Nah, the constitution should not legalize "hate" in any form, including "worthless--valueless" music as rap.

Da Preach'r Of Truth, Rev Roy

1951 days ago

Christopher Smith    

why post rude and disrespectful comments and then turn around and act like your better then anybody. You make yourself look bad.

1951 days ago


A wanna be "THUG" rapper and a real "THUG" great loss with either of them..who gives a rats ass? At least he hit who he was aiming at insted of an innocient child..must commend him on that one...maybe cutie pie should have kept his mouth shut trying to be tuff...some people don't put up with smart asses..

1951 days ago

Stephen Russell    

Now there will be more air for us to breathe,one less punk in America.Martin Luther King farts in his grave.

1951 days ago


Today the world is better place!

1951 days ago
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