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Actress Claims Sexual Battery Against ICM

5/19/2009 6:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MIss British ColumbiaThe former Miss British Columbia 2004 claims in a lawsuit one of the biggest talent agencies in the world promised her stardom but instead -- she says she became the victim of a sexual assault.

Claire Robinson claims in her suit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, International Creative Management (ICM) "hip-pocketed" her -- that's a term used when a senior agent takes an inexperienced actress without credits under his wing. The suit claims the agency "sexually exploited the 'hip-pocketed' actresses" they brought in.

Robinson claims in her lawsuit she was "sexually battered in an ICM limousine en route to a Paramount Studio event." The suit goes on ..."Robinson was later raped by another co-conspirator." Robinson claims the alleged rapist is a talent manager who conspired with ICM Executive VP Jack Gilardi.

Robinson claims Gilardi accepted bribes -- in the form of cash and gold watches -- in return for "hip pocketing" an actress who his friends wanted to "sexually exploit."

Robinson says the "hip-pocketing" practice is conducted "under the nose of Jeffrey Berg, the Chairman of ICM, in full view of its employees," and is an "inside joke" or "dirty secret," known by all within the entertainment industry.

Robinson's attorney Perry Wander tells TMZ "This case was filed as a class action because Ms. Robinson has since learned that this scheme has ensnared other actresses who were 'hip-pocketed' by ICM and sexually exploited."

She's suing for unspecified damages.

UPDATE: 5:48 PM ET -- An ICM spokesperson just gave TMZ the following statement: "Ms. Robinson's allegations are completely baseless. ICM denies any and all wrongdoing and will vigorously defend this action."


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Hollywood Rockers    

Yeah And And I Saw The cow Jump Over The moooo!!!
And He Lives in Mali Booo!!!

1981 days ago


When I first moved to Los Angeles...I was a publicist....and my clients were signed to the top tier agencies in town. So, I had to hang out with these slick gus with 1,000 dollar suits, they were very polite, buying drinks and very savvy in business....but, were very straight forward...I was offered twice business opportunities if I slepts with them...nothing happend...and I didn't get the deal. Funny how that works aye?

1981 days ago


Had personal dealings with both "the manager" Joseph Guinan and Jack Gillardi, even kept the emails.... they are both predators....but I'm smart enough to realize it pretty quick and write them both off..Been waiting patiently for them to hang themselves..

1981 days ago

Wait a minute,that's my house!    

Should've remained here in isolated British Columbia, that kind of crap never happens here. #58-#59 (sarah palin rampage IQ score) Hey, are you yanks coming up here this year? Doors (border) always open (to most of you) Plenty of mountains,forest, bears, beaches...fresh air....sigh, I love my country...and yours ain't half bad either.

1981 days ago


I can't believe these/You uncaring prix on here. No Woman asks for it!
Would think differently about it if Your Mom, Sister, Aunt, GF, or Wife was assaulted? PIGS!

1981 days ago

jenny mo    

#35 - We've all heard of Romania. Did you seriously think you needed to explain that it was a country in Europe?

1981 days ago


Claire Robinson is beautiful. I was impressed by the first picture that TMZ posted of her with the strawberry. However I am in love with this new picture of Claire. She must have been a beautiful baby.

1981 days ago

Wait a minute,that's my house!    

Claire, now you've got to watch out for Ken. Ken...just a tad creepy. Have a trusted friend look over your work before you put it out there.

1981 days ago

Christian Hesse    

I remember the old parties with butlers bringing silver platters of coke and boys passing out on lawn. Welcome to Hollywood you uneducated whore.

1981 days ago

Christian Hesse    

Hollywood, attention grabbing whore

1981 days ago

Christian Hesse    

And for the dry vagina who wrote to 76,

You are obviously not from, work in, or have know Hollywood. These girls play the game well. I'm gay, very gay and I can tell you the majority of gals who move here from buttf*(ck mid-west places will do ANYTHING to be a "star". Take it from one who has seen those "poor girls" in action. In Hollywood you have to come to play the game or GO HOME!

1981 days ago


i believe her.

and while i don't like to make excuses for men, women should not forget that a man is a man. all men there are 3 things that drive them, sex, power, and ego, money falls under power. and at times the desire for these things is incredibly strong, some men are able to control it a lot better than others. being in the entertainment industry puts you in a position of power. and beautiful girls and women who want to be successful are vunerable to men in these positions.

while this is true in life in general, it gets exaggerated in some instances, such as the entertainment industry, some religions, and some male dominated societies.

as it would be nice to think that we have control over animal or evolutionary instincts, since the dawn of man females have been using sex to get what they want need, and men have been using wealth and power to get sex with the youngest most physically attractive fertile females.

1981 days ago


When someone says they will "vigorously defend" themselves they are usually very very guilty!!

1981 days ago


"71. #35 - We've all heard of Romania. Did you seriously think you needed to explain that it was a country in Europe?"

No offense, but I saw a poll on TV, asking Americans what Romania was , and someone even answered: "Ahm...a salad...?"

1981 days ago


Claire and women like her are the reason that rape convictions are so low. It’s a shame that this type of behavior trivializes rape which should be a very serious crime. I would never repeat never as part of a jury convict a man for rape. There is just too much room for doubt.
Rape by this woman’s definition is my definition of remorse. She gave it up willingly only to regret it when she didn’t get the part. That’s bad judgment or bad deal making not a crime.

1980 days ago
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