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Actress Claims Sexual Battery Against ICM

5/19/2009 6:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MIss British ColumbiaThe former Miss British Columbia 2004 claims in a lawsuit one of the biggest talent agencies in the world promised her stardom but instead -- she says she became the victim of a sexual assault.

Claire Robinson claims in her suit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, International Creative Management (ICM) "hip-pocketed" her -- that's a term used when a senior agent takes an inexperienced actress without credits under his wing. The suit claims the agency "sexually exploited the 'hip-pocketed' actresses" they brought in.

Robinson claims in her lawsuit she was "sexually battered in an ICM limousine en route to a Paramount Studio event." The suit goes on ..."Robinson was later raped by another co-conspirator." Robinson claims the alleged rapist is a talent manager who conspired with ICM Executive VP Jack Gilardi.

Robinson claims Gilardi accepted bribes -- in the form of cash and gold watches -- in return for "hip pocketing" an actress who his friends wanted to "sexually exploit."

Robinson says the "hip-pocketing" practice is conducted "under the nose of Jeffrey Berg, the Chairman of ICM, in full view of its employees," and is an "inside joke" or "dirty secret," known by all within the entertainment industry.

Robinson's attorney Perry Wander tells TMZ "This case was filed as a class action because Ms. Robinson has since learned that this scheme has ensnared other actresses who were 'hip-pocketed' by ICM and sexually exploited."

She's suing for unspecified damages.

UPDATE: 5:48 PM ET -- An ICM spokesperson just gave TMZ the following statement: "Ms. Robinson's allegations are completely baseless. ICM denies any and all wrongdoing and will vigorously defend this action."


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sounds like another 2-bit suing for attention, this has become all too common in society, and females wonder why no one ever believes their "rape" stories, is because it's become an excuse for not getting what you want, getting money, a regrettable experience, drunken mistake, or getting 15 minutes of fame

1929 days ago


We're y'all there? Where you in the room while this all went down? Why would this lovely girl put her self out there to be criticized made fun of and torn apart if it didn't happen. Years ago I was working with some one who was a very important business man and powerful politician. He came on to me and promised me the world, race horses and travel. I knew he was married and was appalled. When I told my boss who was his partner about it, he asked me if I had complied and when I said NO I was fired. It seems looking back that all the woman hired where there not for their secretarial skills but to keep these men and their important clients happy. If you didn't put out you where let go. Thank God that I got out of there because the ones that stayed were put through hell.

1929 days ago


Rape should be punishable by death if proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, not a menial amount of jail time.

1929 days ago


TMZ, you don't fully understand what "hip-pocketing" means. It is not, as you wrote, "a term used when a senior agent takes an inexperienced actress without credits under his wing." There are so many things wrong with that sentence. Anyone, not just senior agents can hip pocket someone. And it doesn't have to be an actress, it can be any field. And it is not necessarily a bad thing. Any agent can hip pocket someone in any field with any level of experience. It just means you don't legally sign them to your company, but you keep their work in mind and try and help them unofficially. Harvey, you're a lawyer, you should know the term.

1929 days ago

Shirlaine D.    

Is This what the super-model Karen Mulder means too about famous Model Agency (dirty secrets)???

1929 days ago


This wouldn't even be a discussion if people would do a few things:

1. Say NO and have some restraint when it comes to temptation in your life. IE: alcohol, drugs, sex
2. Associate with people of the same type of morals as yourself rather than "doing whatever it takes" to reach your goal. What I mean by that is, "I want to be famous, so I'm going to associate with whomever will get me there, no questions asked."
3. If your morals and standards are higher than that of Hollywood, then maybe it isn't the place for you.

This is not an excuse for sexual assault. Sexual assault is inexcusable. But they would have never been in the situation had some discernment been used.

1929 days ago


I believe since I met this man too...

1928 days ago

David M    

I've known Jack Gilardi for more than 30 years. I worked at ICM for nearly 5 years, and as the motion picture department assistant (back in those days, there were secretaries, and there were assistants) to Guy McElwaine and then to Jack Gilardi for more than 3 years. For those 3 years, and the subsequent 25 plus years since, I have never seen or heard of Gilardi being accused of improper behavior with any client, or female. I have been with Jack many times, professionally and socially, and have never seen him behave in a manner any less than respective and professional.
I seriously doubt these allegations are true, but rather a scorned woman's reaction to her own shortcomings Show me some proof, and I'll change my tune.


1927 days ago


#40 It's Too bad Claire didn't grow up in Romania, right? I like your style!
Things won't change in Hollywood. The "dirty secret" has just been brought to the forefront for
about 15 min.

1927 days ago



1926 days ago
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