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Balloon or UFO?

5/19/2009 11:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We just got a picture of an object over the skies of Arizona and Mexico -- and some residents there are doubting the object is a giant research balloon, as NASA claims.


Calls came pouring in yesterday about the mysterious bubble floating stationary for around one hour. NASA says it's a 4,000-pound research balloon used to measure gamma ray emissions. NASA claims the balloon generally floats at 130,000 feet -- more than 3 times higher than the cruise altitude of a commercial jet.

Thanks to our friends at Ye Olde UFO Store for the pic.


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The clouds moved in and the balloon moved on

1950 days ago


sometimes folks a cigar is just a cigar.....and this looks like a clear balloon period

as skeptical as i am about our government and their activities, in this case, it looks like a clear man-made balloon period

i usually lean to the belief that 98% of these "sightings" ARE stuff made and tested by US (or other countries) anyway

in this case though, this one's a "cigar" - in other words, there's no conspiracy here - just a balloon

just my opinion

on a lighter note, maybe it's some of that "bovine gas" that EPA claims cows emit which is "destroying" our ozone! hmmmm, perhaps there IS a conspiracy after all!

1950 days ago


Hmm I'm not sure about this. There are reports of something similar low flying over Manitoba Canada the other night.

1950 days ago


Marie - there was a similar sighting of something like this here in el paso a few days ago too. They claimed it was a balloon with some sort of telescope. It looks like a balloon, but you never know for sure : )

1950 days ago


omg nasa is to busy on that huble thing, that ain't no damn ballon, thats just a cover up, omg its probably NIBIRU, it was so supposed to be seen on May 15 to the naked eye :]

1950 days ago


View from Golden Valley, just outside Kingman, AZ. Ok guys... This is a real object & you're joking like children. I saw it & got my binoculars, whilst my hubby fetched his telescope and boy did we get a great view! This object is not transparent, but it does appear to be a silvery white color. It was shaped like a balloon complete with a dangler below, a shaft, but this dangler (certainly not a rope & basket) was solid, metal would be my conclusion. On the bottom of this metal shaft came forth another BRIGHT WHITE glow. Just what it did for the few moments it glowed is anyones guess, but in my opinion it's not measuring Gamma Rays. More likey emitting them. I made a similar statement when it happened. My cousin Bob works for JPL & I'll send him a note & see what he knows. Unfortunately, like most of us, he probably only knows what he's told. Let's hope he's got the straight skinny.

1950 days ago


P.S. BTW guys I too was watching the clouds & they were moving in the opposit direction. Moreover balloons do not hover. This object hovered for about an hour just west of Coyote Pass & it wasn't 120k feet in teh air, but closer to 10,000 feet. After about an hour it started to move, very slowly, west. Sunset came & then we did not see it anymore. Later however we did see a streak of light pass by. My husbands remark was that the Space Shuttle just went by. I didn't see it though. He says it was really motorting. (He's Welsh)

1950 days ago


Well, if NASA are launching these "balloons" over Melbourne Australia, around Feb, then slap me silly and call me pink because I have the exact same "thing" on my Mini DV handycam.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it NASA!

1950 days ago


Well Laughlin... That's exactly what it looks like in binoculars, but VERY different in a telescope. In your pix, which is what I saw in my Binoculars, it looks like a balloon with a basket hanging from a long rope, but in a telescope it looks Hi-Tech, like a metal object, a metal shaft with an orb at the end. I wish I could take a pix thru the telescope, but I do not have tha necessary type of equipment. BTW... This object was hovering, as I said, just west of the Cerbat Mountains (Coyote Pass) till dark, about twice the height of the mountain which is about 5,000 feet (I am at 3,400 feet). In my opinion we are seeing different objects & are told, or rather lead to believe we are all seeing the SAME one. Laughlin (I'm east of you), you could not have seen the SAME one because it was here, too low in the sky to be seen on the other side of the mountain range, & it was here until dark. It could never have been able to get over the black mountains, thru Union Pass before Laughlin's sun set. It's 30 miles to Laughlin from here & the object was moving too slow. Yup, I think there are several of these objects floating about. I base this not only on the posts of today but also that theres a retired navy captain here in this RV park & he says it was also hanging up there on the 17th (the night before) . NASA you're a bunch of screw ups. Unfortunately knowing such wont help us any will it.

1950 days ago

Marianne Chitter Chatter    

Sorry kidies, but when we the last time you saw a CLEAR balloon and where is the basket that the people ride in? Is that clear too? The only thing clear to me is that NASA is lying and this is probably a spcae ship.

1950 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

I have a gassy Nebula in my pants...

1950 days ago
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