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Beth Chapman: Perp Tried to Run Dog Over

5/19/2009 1:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We just talked to Beth Chapman, who gave us the blow-by-blow of last night's crazy perp chase -- and she says it all started when the guy almost ran Dog over with his truck.

Dog the Bounty Hunter

Beth says the "Bounty Hunter" crew found the perp sitting in his truck last night. She says when the dude spotted Dog approaching, he stepped on the gas -- forcing Dog to dive out of the way.

Launch PhotosBeth says she tailed the guy, and then saw him take a turn too fast and flip his ride. She says he jumped out of the truck and took off through a field on foot.

It worked -- the dude is still at large.


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know it all    

?Too bad the perp had such lousy aim...I'd rather see the dogs name on the obit page..what a slob,racist,jerk this guy is...Wht A & E continues,is a mystery..I guess the Dog is humpin the right exec

1953 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Yeah, Ah hum, just like the magic bullet that almost hit dog, except nobody could find any bullet holes. Now, dog almost got ran over. I do not think it is a good idea to be chasing people around in vehicles. You can't tell me this guy wasn't speeding if he was being pursued by a bounty hunter and yet Beth was able to keep up with him and watch him flip over. Someone could of gotten killed. Dumb a sses.

1953 days ago


It is really sad that A&E continues to air this cr@p. What I'd like to know is how a convicted felon like Chapman is doing with guns......

1953 days ago


Beth needs to learn how to dress and apply makeup. She always looks like a cross between a clown, and MiMi on the Drew Carry show. I quit watching the Bounty Hunter because she is disgusting to look at.

1953 days ago


Beth likes it Doggie style

1953 days ago

Hugh Gentry    

I would love to tittyf**k Beth!!! We'd have so much fun! I bet Dog doesn't worship those things like I would.

1953 days ago

mississippi mom of 3 teens    

I think that Beth needs to stay at home with the kids are work in the office..How the hell can you chase someone in 6 inch heels? I like Dog but Beth makes him look weak and whipped..She has disrespected him and his older kids and brother Tim many times and Dog acts like thats o.k...She runs her fat mouth and the team have to defend her..One day her mouth is gonna get someone seriously hurt! She is to fat..her nails are to long and she is a bitch..She makes a whores choice of clothing look like church clothes...If you gonna be a bounty hunter Beth act and dress like one and stop embarrasing your husband and family..(Beth r you jealous of baby lisa??? then stop trying to dress like her..ur to old and fat!)

1953 days ago


CURIOUS. The further their fortunes sink, the more elaborate and involved their confrontations with the perps grow......

1953 days ago


From having the misfortune of being in the same Safeway as Beth, she is arrogant, a fake, and does one thing that all Hawaiians dislike, trying to sound like she is from here by using fake pidgen. It's insulting and she demeans everyone here with her Sista this and Braddah that, is that the way they talk in Colorado??? There is no Aloha there, only $$$.

I have posted numerous times about officing about 2 blocks from Da Kine on Queen Emma St. here in Honolulu. It doesn't look good. Gone are all the big window size posters of DOG and crew, replaced by the original Hawaiiian cartoons. The place is dark, uninhabited and tags have started to appear on the building.

I guess they have so tarnished their reputation here that they had to go back to Colorado to do some business. That big house in Portlock ain't free....

1953 days ago


Who are these people really?? Why do they do what they do??What a pair of idiots..They gave THe Church a bad name..They both claim to be Born Again but their behavior proves otherwise?? Maybe Im wrong..They love the attention and the money but I think its all BS..Who are they to chase down criminals??? They both need to go home and Wash, clean up good, shave, exercise whatever..ALSO, try putting tape across Your mouth Miss Beth and have a boob reduction

1953 days ago


She's such a fox!

1953 days ago


I would really like for this show to be off the air. After this man's hateful comments a few months back and all should not forgiven. I'm saying if Isiah Washington was booted off of Grey's Anatomy for his comments, the Imus and Dog should not be on tv. Peace.

1953 days ago


I never knew there were Hawian rednecks

1953 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

That poor poor truck....

1953 days ago


just another publisity stunt. You can't believe a word out of this bunch.

1953 days ago
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