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Like Mother,

Like Daughter

5/19/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Helena Bonham Carter and her mother prove the multi-layered, overly accessorized apple doesn't fall far from the kooky eccentric tree.

Helena Bonham Carter and mom
Wearing everything in their closet and the kitchen sink, the lovely ladies were spotted in London on Monday.

Hopefully, one day Helena will step out of her comfort zone and not wear a thing from the 19th Century.


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I love them! They are eccentric and refreshing. The person that wrote this dumb bit about these two lovely ladies has had one too many pair of fake tits shoved in his face. And Harvey, you are getting far too old on your t.v. show to be going ooh and ahhh and oh no when one of your high school drop-outs lets you in on some other inane celebrity bit. But the trailer trash keeps you going.

1930 days ago


Dear Chuckle...I'm not in a trailer park. I'm at a university in one of the worlds largest cities. I also dress weird and often wear 19th century inspired clothes...and every decade since. I thought the comments were funny and I would if someone said it about me. So, it is a matter of internal perspective and has nothing to do with money. One should not brag about the amount of "money" earned by actors as this is a great shame of our society. It does not reflect ones inherent relevancy or worthiness. Mother Theresa did not earn more per hour than the trailer dwellers or photographers you speak of. Your case is weak and overly defensive. If Helen dear is so comfortable with her wonderful "style", then she should not require defense.

And there is nothing wrong with living in a trailer park. What matters is that your mind is not a garbage dump and your heart is not a toxic waste bin. Right, Chuckles?

1930 days ago

nira k    

The rest of the world favors individuality and j don't just mean HBC's look. Only here do we like everyone to look cookie-cutter alike. Its our Wall--Mart mentality, i'm afraid. The clones march on.

1930 days ago



1930 days ago

Illinois person    

Are we sure this isn't Mary-Kate and Ashely? Bride of Frankenstein meets a future-looking Madonna.

1930 days ago


I have a teenage daughter who enjoys being herself and dressing in much the same way. It is hard to let her walk out of the house at times without suggesting a wardrobe change, but I have learned to let her be! She is artistic, and Helena is artistic as well. I love the individuality and quirkiness of these people and would much rather spend time with someone who is interesting than a boring, single minded clone! I do have to say, though, that I too live in the midwest and, believe it or not, we aren't all living in the backwoods trailer parks as someone suggested!

1930 days ago


Are these two dating?

1930 days ago


HBC, terrible actress.

1930 days ago


If it makes them happy, who cares?

1930 days ago

pink floyd    

who are these people.?

1930 days ago


I don't care how she dresses I still love her and she is one of my favorite actresses.

1930 days ago

pink floyd    

the one on the left is 43 years old. wow,she looks like she is about 15.

1930 days ago


I think Helena's mother looks like royalty dressed like that, and I think Helena looks just fine the way she is. I bet some of the TMZ staffers dress worse than her.... can we say Hot Topic?

1930 days ago


The fashion world is so lame. So defined by rules and all the "do's and dont's". When someone has a little creativity or quirkyness you people jump all in their business...what's up with that? Helena is an amazing actress, so it's her prerogative however she wants to dress.

1930 days ago

Dr. Tom    

You sure this ain't her great-grandma?

1930 days ago
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