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Mila Kunis -- What's Your Handicap?

5/19/2009 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She did star in "Krippendorf's Tribe" -- so maybe Mila Kunis deserved to park in a handicapped spot during a coffee run in L.A. yesterday ... right?



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I never do this, not because I'm a nice person, but simply because a ticket for this offense is painfully high. For the super rich, it's like another quarter in the meter (which I bet she doesn't bother feeding either).

1949 days ago


A flat ass does not constitute a handicap!

1949 days ago


I happen to be one of those people that, just by looking at me, you can't tell that I have a disability. There are times that I can walk just fine, there are times I walk with a limp, there are times I can barely walk. I may walk into a store just fine, but come out barely being able to make it to my car. Do I use my placard all the time just to be using it?? NO. But I do use it if I feel it might be necessary. I have a condition where you never know what the next minute, hour or day might bring.....

Don't judge other people just by their looks, please. You're not that persons' doctor. You don't know what their disability might be.

On another note, there ARE people out there that park in the handicap spots 'just because'. That's not right. To them I say, "Park your damn vehicle further away and be thankful you can walk!!!"

1949 days ago


Whatever as if any of you haters haven't done this before, go back to your holes.

1949 days ago

amazed at the ignorance    

Wow, how sad a world we live in when people make such uneducated, inconsiderate and judgemental comments, and have others back them up. Diagnosed with MS in the last year I have learnt how much we take things like mobility for granted, and I appreciate the fact that I can walk unaided every day. I am not "fat" at 5'2" and 112lb, nor do I consider myself "lazy" as I work out at the gym 6 days a week to ensure my continued mobility. Some days my disability is more obvious as I will have a limp, other days I will look fine but my fatigue can make it difficult to get around. I am fortunate that I do not yet need a parking pass but should that time come I would like to think that the people in my community are much more compassionate than many of those people on here - something else to note is that in some states getting a Disabled Parking Permit is not free so if you park there without one you are stealing from those that have.

1949 days ago

pie in the sky    

A lot of disabled people are fat because they cannot move around like other people. Disabled not being able to do physical stuff! Use your brains idiots. Mila took a disabled spot and I hope she does get a ticket. You think its okay because she was only there for a minute? Well for many disabled it takes them twice as long or longer then that to do simple stuff. Then add on top of that extra time for some lazy ass bitch who doesn't give a crap about the law? I really like how she took a van spot too. Those are the hardest to find. I hope one day her or someone in her family becomes disabled. A real painful disability would be nice. Then let her wait for some ass who is parked illegally in one of those spots.

1949 days ago


Hey cleveland west_side you are an ignorant ASS!!!!! Not every handicapped person is what you seem to believe they are. My mom has MS and cannot walk through a parking lot or as you say from the back so she can lose some weight. She weighs 110 pounds. Is that what you consider a "fat ass"? The lazy ass is a person (probably you) who can walk through the parking lot and won't because there is that empty handicap spot.

1949 days ago


Regardless of how much money you make, handing over $500 dollars for a parking ticket is
painful just on principle alone. The problem arises in places like LA where you dive around the block 3 times
looking for a space and when no luck, decide to just grab the blue space for a minute. Cops actually will aprk unseen
across the street and swoop in on you. This is a major revenue stream for the city as it is the highest fine of all parking tickets. People need to leave their cars at home and ride a bike or walk.

1949 days ago


OH PLEASE people act so innocent here like they've never parked in a handicap spot before or they never parked in front of a fire hydrant or blocked a driveway, please get a life and stop making a big deal out of nothing. Like one poster said, she was in and out, no harm done . She didnt leave her car all day where the cops had to be called.

1949 days ago


To: Cleveland-West-Side

You are a dumbazz. Karma does happen and I hope you break your neck while tripping over your own feet when you next park in a handicap spot.

((((Visual problems, ??? If you can’t see, you shouldn’t be driving!)))) Needing glasses is a visual problem (or contacts). Do you wear them? Maybe YOU shouldn't be driving.

(((-Cardiac problems, EXERCISE!!!))) How about birth defects? Don't think exercise will cure that!

(((-Arthritis, PHYSICAL THERAPY, get up and move around!))) Tell the person that is confined to a wheelchair with the disease to just get up and move.

(((-Respiratory, again EXERCISE!!!))) Respiratory? Tell that to the person that has MS or Myasthenia Gravis.

(((Sit in a WalMart parking lot for an hour or two and watch who’s using the spots, mostly the overweight and obese.
I cannot feel sorry for anyone who spends more than four-hours a day watching TV.)))) We can see what you do. You sit in a WalMart parking lot watching for an hour or two. Where's your exercise? Also, it tells me your "level/status" in society if you are sitting or shopping at WalMart. Hum.

Again. . . You are just a jerk and Karma does work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1949 days ago

L. P.    

R U a DR? How the hell woudl you know what constitutes a cure for a disabled person? You SHOULD be using a disabled spot, because your brain is disabled! You don't know what te hell your talking about!!! You dumb s***t!!!!!!!

1949 days ago


I gotta agree with number 16... I work with mentally handicapp and the lifts on the vans you need a bigger space

1949 days ago


Many states including Texas, Ohio and Idaho are proposing Disabled Parking Permit reform because of the suspected amount of FRAUDULENT permits issued by unscrupulous physicians to scheming patients.
In 2007 Ohio conducted a study and found that up to 44% of all Disabled Permits were acquired through dubious means.

1949 days ago

lost in lalaland    

Being an actor doensn't make her any different than all the other Angelinos. That's why I left. A city full of self-entitled brats of all makes and models.

1949 days ago



1949 days ago
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