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Seth MacFarlane

Come Fly With Me

5/19/2009 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane just did exactly what you'd expect the highest paid writer-producer in television to do -- he bought his own plane.

Seth reportedly pulled in a cool $100 million last year on a four-year contract. Consider the 13-seater a present to himself.


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sloppy seconds    

Funny and Hot! My favorite combination.

1986 days ago


Seth is a rarity...a likable celebrity.

1986 days ago

Oh Yes She Did    

Seth is the type of celebrity people really like....he's funny, handsome and all around a nice guy. Hollywood needs more Seths.

1986 days ago

joe the dic giver    

he deserves it, he is funny as hell & family guy is by far the best animated show on television. the simpsons could only wish they had the humor this guy can come up with. i say retire the simpsons & that stupid hillbilly cartoon king of the hill, how the hell that show has managed to stay on tv is mind boggling, i guess only imbreds from the south think its funny. that idiot needs to go back to doing beavis & butthead and quit doing that stupid show.

1986 days ago


Wish the guy would spend more time making family guy funny again. The show is terrible now.

1986 days ago


Seth seems like a groovy, stand-up kinda guy, and you gotta respect that. Glad to see he's racking in money like it's nobody's business. He just did a killer interview on Howard Stern which is up on youtube if anyone wants to check it out.

1986 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

Meanwhile, the rest of us are struggling to pay bills.

1986 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

that new cartoon from FOX tanked.Family GUY sucked at the start up someone saved that mess....NOW WHOM do YOU THINK did THAT?.

1986 days ago

Just 841    

Why do the people with the most money to blow support the Liberal agenda ! I guess its nothing off his back . This guy is not hot ! I am ashamed of people in this world that spend this type of money when there are people suffering in the United States . Look at those poor people that were recently on a ABC special with Diane Sawyer that came from those coal towns in KY . I dont want to hear about his 100 million dollar plane I want to know what he does to help the fan that got him where he is today . PAY IT BACK !!! what a waste of money !!!

1986 days ago

Just 841    

He wouldn't have to worry about another 9-11 if he wasnt so vocal about being opposed to water boarding in situations where real people were in danger from terroist . Maybe he should buy everyone a plane ??? The chances of another commerical airline strike are low . No excuse to blow 100 million dollars . Again what a waste .

1986 days ago

artie help    

annoying over the top voice.

1986 days ago


OMG! HE'S HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1986 days ago

Oh Yes She Did    

Stop hating on this guy just because he makes a hell of a lot more money then you......go make 100 million dollars and see what you'll end up spending it on.. The poor? NOT!.......Stop being a pile of dumb losers and be happy with what you have. And by the way....Jealousy is such a compliment, I'm sure Seth is really heartbroken by your stupid ass remarks.

1986 days ago

If TMZ had the whole would understand    

He totally looks like Peter Brady too, just hotter!

1986 days ago


This is so wrong.

His show is so awful it is embarrassing.

It's not even like a guilty pleasure where you secretly watch it and laugh, but say that you don't.

It truly is awful and dumb and offensive.

The imbalance of money in this country, and the quality of where it is paid, is out of control and horrifying.

1986 days ago
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