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Brad Pitt Squirms on 'Today'

5/20/2009 9:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Things between Ann Curry and Brad Pitt got a little awkward on "Today" when she interviewed him live from Cannes this morning -- which is exactly how we like it.

Ann Curry & Brad Pitt: Click to watch
Just one of the highlights: Curry actually goes in for a face grab.


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Ann Curry always has and always will be a freakin flake! I used to watch the Today show but it has turned into a circus. Brad Pitt is awesome though.

1892 days ago


I've read that Brad & Jolie have split up on the front of a couple of magazine but who knows what's true or not but I have noticed we don't see them together on these entertainment shows for quite a while. If they are smart, they would stay apart because they are so weird & will keep having kids & we know they will split up sooner or later if it hasn't happened yet. Nevertheless, I would hope Jen would never take him back. She can't trust him &, plus, Jolie would never be out of her life since they have those 6 kids.

1892 days ago


I can't believe the TODAY show is still on. All they have are a bunch of idiot journalist wanna-bes on there. Watch THE SOUP to see the best clips. Al Roker, Willard Scott, Kathy Lee & Hooda, OMG, what a bunch of morons. I guess they have t o fill up the airwaves while normal people are at work. They'd be better off with reruns of MASH or ROSEANNE. :)

As for Pitt, he is kind of over. He's still semi-hot, but what was up with the scarf? WEIRD.

1892 days ago


Angelina's gonna whoop her azz as soon as she gains 15 pounds and crosses the 100 mark.

1892 days ago

Average Housewife    

I think he was acting like a snob. So what if she wanted to talk about what was next for him? So what if she said women were swooning with him on the TV? They were. Dude makes millions cuz he's hot and that was what got him where he is. So give an answer and move on. Smile and be genuine you grumpy bastard. Don't draw attention to it by being a jerk, sitting there with arms crossed.

1892 days ago

Great-You're an asshole.    

What a douche. Is he actually wearing an ascot? Who does that? Even this week's Reaper makes fun of them. He's not worth the publicity.

1892 days ago


Ann rule number one, you don't touch an interviewee's face, my god, you are ridiculous, you looked like a teen girl drooling....pathetic.

1892 days ago


Foolish do you know that he's a loving parent and partner??/ YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HIM!!! How ridiculous.

As for Ann...CAN NOT STAND HER!!! She always pulls that "I'm so concerned with you" face and voice...sort of like Angie does in her PR stunts to third world countries.

Bottom line....THEY'RE ALL DOUCHE BAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1892 days ago


Well said, Average Housewife! I thought he was unduly rude to her and she was trying to pull him out of his shell. A trainwreck all the way around it!

1892 days ago


Totally unprofessional. She should be reprimanded by the station and apologize to Brad Pitt.

1892 days ago


Hee hee! These news show people are so full of themselves when they get around a real celeb they act like fools. I never thought much about Ann Curry but yep she looked stupid. Yes Brad Pitt is a superstar get over it & be a professional. Instead she acts like a drooling idiot, can't blame the guy for being uncomfortable.

1892 days ago

Brad is a Tool    

Bad actor, bad interviewer, bad husband, bad body odor

1892 days ago


Okay, can I just say how much I do NOT like Ann Curry on the today show. Can't stand the woman for many reasons including her prima donna complex and her interview skills which are non-existent.
Yes, Brad has been very lucky in the genes department and works hard to keep it all going but, my God woman, if you can't control yourself enough to conduct at least a passable interview, move on. And to cross the line and face-scrunch him, well I'm as speechless as Brad was. Not enough adjectives for that one except to maybe quote the Donald, "you're fired."
I've often wondered what Ann's contact is in the "news" business. I don't want to be totally rude here, but I don't see how she keeps her job in the traditional sense.....

1892 days ago


Anne Currey is a fool. Why in the world did she keep touching him? He looked looked so uncomfortable.

1892 days ago


Good grief people this in not the end of the world. Why so many personal attacks on Ann Curry? They have done numerous interviews in together in the past and are probably on friendly terms. If you feel the need to make nasty remarks maybe you should look at yourself.

1892 days ago
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