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Michael Vick

Out of Prison

5/20/2009 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0520_michael_vick_bn-1Lock up your puppies -- Michael Vick is out of prison. 

Vick left prison early this morning and is on his way to his home in Hampton, Va. where he will serve the final two months of his federal sentence on house arrest.

His release was shrouded in secrecy over concerns for his safety.

Vick served the past 19 months at Leavenworth Penitentiary in Kansas after pleading guilty to bankrolling a dogfighting ring.

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:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

He never has shown any remorse for the dogs. He has issues far beyond the torturing of animals. Should he be aloud back in the NFL.? I say no, but I'm sure some team that's in the loser position all the time will pick him up. The fans will be the deciding factor.

It's a wait and see thing right now.

BTW, I'm an animal lover big time.........................

1981 days ago


I hate to think of what those POOR Dogs went through when he was living high off of his money :( I really hope he changes but as its been said before HE WAS RAISED TO THINK THATS OK!!!!! So I kinda doubt anything will change in him, I do however hope they (law enforcement) can keep him away from any more animals.

1981 days ago


Hmm...hello?!??!!? Where's anything about Dancing With the Stars on here this morning? Oh that's right, because Harvey hates Shawn as much as he does Carrie, and just like in Carrie fashion, she kicked some serious tail last night and won!!! Sucks to be you Harvey!!! Literally......

1981 days ago


Who Cares??? He's a HAS BEEN. He should not be allowed to play football ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1981 days ago


Get over yall selves with he tortured animals so he shouldn't be allowed to live stuff yall preaching. He went to jail and served his time, its done he should be allowed to move on with his life. Stop acting like he did something truly heinous like kill an actual human being or molest a child. There are child molesters who serve less jail time than Michael Vick did but the dogs are more important right? He said sorry and he went to jail, get over it. What he did was wrong but he paid his debt to society, its not even as serious as being made out to be truth be told. There is such a double standard in America its not even funny.

1981 days ago


Had Mike held hid fights in Mexico they would have been perfectly legal. Our legal system is all screwed up thanks to PETA and others. Those dogs are born to fight for cryin out loud and are at their happiest inside the pit. The man deserves to be back in an NFL uniform this season and needs to apologize for NOTHING!

1981 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

About the sam time Vick killed a dog, Mary Winkler (was convicted of killing her husband, She got a few weeks in jail. She shoot him in the back when he was sleeping. Yeah. The government gave her custody of the kids too.

Woman kills husband walks. Guy kills a dog fries. Women are right there is no equality.

1981 days ago


Matter fact Ill even go as far to say as Vick shouldn't of went to jail at all. He should of just been fined, got his dog permit revoked and been suspended for a little while. He should not of gone to prison nor been in this hypocritical ass justice system.

1981 days ago

montana mike    

good luck mike, you did your time, now get back to playing football again-anyone who doesn't think he will play again is wrong because he's a great player, and he'll bring in the fans, and that's what the nfl is all about--the money.

1981 days ago


Ankaret If you hit him, I'll help you hide the body. ::wink::

1981 days ago


Sad, sad, sad. With all the NFLers and many other professional athletes who make outrageous money to play a sport that they love, an example is made out of a person over dogs. I am a dog lover. Have several of my own. However, never in a million years would I put the life value of my dog ahead of that of another human being. Michael Vick has done his time. He has volunteered to do community service with the Humane Society. No one told him that was the organization he had to do. He made that decision himself. That will put him in direct contact with the ones he was hurting. He will have to look at them everyday. Donte Stallworth on the other hand DUI hits a pedistrian, killed instantly. No big media buzz around that. No bloggers saying he should be killed. Right is right. Wrong is wrong. I applaud Vick for trying to get his life straight. We are ALL humans and we ALL make mistakes. Everyone needs to remember there are skeletons in their own closets, before they go judging someone else.

1981 days ago

Boston Bobbi    

Shame on him no he shouldnt EVER play football...He should be picking up dog sh*t as his new job.

1981 days ago


TO truth-serum, montana mike, and soloman, YOU IDIOTS ARE ALL THUGS LIKE VICK! And BTW, how the hell do you know that dogs are "happiest" in the ring fighting? You freekin losers..LOL

1981 days ago


In general, white folks have always loved their animals more than they love black folks. Back in the day, we were considered "beast of the field", a term lifted out the Bible to justify slavery. Some things never change. God bless you Mike. After all, dogs don't have souls. Now tear me another hole. Peace.

1981 days ago


Wc from Sc too bad we cant put you and Vick in a locked room and force Obama to rape both of you.

1981 days ago
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