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Vick's Release -- 'A Beautiful Thing?!'

5/20/2009 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A whole lotta pooches probably aren't too happy Michael Vick was released from prison this morning -- but we found at least one guy who is: Retired football player Warren Sapp.

Warren Sapp: Click to watch
Last night outside Villa, Sapp said Vick has paid "more than enough" for bankrolling a dogfighting ring, and calls his release "A beautiful thing."

Vick will serve his final two months of his federal sentence on house arrest in his Hampton, Va. home.

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Vick's next venture? Bankrolling a catfighting ring, first contestants? Lisa Rhinna vs Tara Reid, meow...

1929 days ago


black, white, green, or purple polka dotted .. VICK WAS/IS a F*****G BA**ARD that deserves to be treated the way he treated those dogs

1929 days ago


Trayce is a moron...hope all is well with vick...god bless and I pray you get to move on with your life

1929 days ago

hillary clinton    

im glad hes out, all the loony Peta supporters forgot about all the bank executives that stole BILLIONS and hurt millions of families, where is the outrage there> ? how come noone is calling for them to be thrown ina federal slammer??? lets prioritze people, dogs are cool and lets not kill them , but lets try to help people too..... and Hilton Perez is still a jerk

1929 days ago


Leave Mike Alone - You are really something. Im against cruelty to animals and PETA, due to their practices. Im white and my child is just fine. I don't own a gun (but something tells me you do) and Im not on meth. You are ignorant and probably just someone who hates white people, hates animals but loves football. How much about PETA do you know other than what you cut and pasted into your message? How much do you know about what cruelty to animals or humans is? You sound real ignorant, good luck to him for having such a loyal fan, moron. Shows what his crowd is all about!

1929 days ago

Shame on you    

Warren, your approval rating has just dropped into the bucket. You are such a likable guy, why in the world you aline yourself with Vick? Better to have said nothing than to sympathize so strongly with him.

1929 days ago


Would you have given your life to save one of these dogs?

1929 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

ABOUT the same time as Vick killed a couple of dogs Mary Winkler was convicted of murdering her husband. She got a few weeks in jail for shooting her husband in the back with a shoot gun. Later the government gave custody of the kids to her.

Man bad, women good, pets good.

1929 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

I remember Winkler - the husband killer. She went on Oprah too.

Is Vick going on the Oprah show? Maybe he was victim of abuse because he killed dogs.

1929 days ago


Vick needs to do the right thing now, if he wants to make millions playing football again, he needs to spend millions helping all abused animals and help the organizations that support these animals, that will be the only thing that shows the public he's being held accoutable for the abuse and cruelty he did to his own dogs.

1929 days ago


Very well said Kris. If he is truly sorry, let him spend some of his blood money to help unfortunate animals. He is not sorry about the abuse. He is only sorry he got caught. I'm sure he got great pleasure in performing and watching the torture.

1929 days ago

Triple Play    

Sapp is A Sap. Black is Black, He wouldn't care what Vick did he is a black man so he is innocent and should be free

1929 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

Americans care more for canines than they do for one another.

1929 days ago


"ENOUGHALREADY leave vick alone" ...you are a piece of trash! A sorry piece of trash. Just because you post some long diatribe does NOT make your point creditable. LOSER!

What Michael Vick did had nothing to do with race, he is just POS! Sorry, but anyone who intentally harms animals for their own sick and twisted pleasure has NO business being allowed back in the NFL! There are plenty of talented athletes out there who haven't abused animals, let THEM play! I highly doubt Michael Vick is remorseful for what he did, just sorry he got caught! If he thought what he did was ok then, I find it hard to believe he would change his tune now.

1929 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

I like Warren Sapp. He's an optimist. I never heard him disrespect anyone. He's a great guy.

1929 days ago
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