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Mary Kay Letourneau's Naughty Teacher Feature

5/21/2009 7:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mary Kay Letourneau -- the teacher who spent seven years in jail after having two kids with her 13-year-old student -- is the appropriate host of a Seattle Bar's "Hot for Teacher" night... but don't expect her to be the one checking ID's at the door.

Mary Kay Letourneau

As an added bonus, Vili Fualaau -- the kid Letourneau was convicted of raping and later married -- will be spinning records at Fuel Sports Eats & Beats under the name DJ Headline.

We're told it was all Vili's idea -- the whole "Hot for Teacher" part -- and that Mary Kay will be roaming the party signing autographs and meeting guests.

Be sure to leave the kids at home -- it's a 21 and over event.


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This is sick. Someone beat her butt!

1978 days ago


For those of you saying that if she were a man, she would've served time in prison - she did. I believe she served 7 years in our fine women's facility in Purdy. I actually knew a woman who served time with her and said she was a very very strange woman. As a proud Seattleite, born and raised, I'd like to point out that Mary Kay Letourneau was actually born and raised in Orange County, CA. I think she turned up here when she married her husband. If California would like her back, we're more than happy to send her, and her little dog too!

1978 days ago


The lady did her crime and committed her time. She spent YEARS in jail, rightfully so. Her and her little boytoy are now grown married consenting adults and these days it's no one's business, as long as she isn't tinkering around the playground again. That said, what kind of losers must they be to conjure this idea? I thought it was a great photoshop job, but apparently it's the real thing. How egotistical is Mary K that she thinks anyone wants her lame autograph?! If I were in Seattle, I'd be boycotting this stupid place for making such a poor choice in entertainment. That said, Vili is so ugly the tide won't even take him out. But the pedophile teacher sure did! These people need to go away, no one cares about their pathetic life together.

1978 days ago

Buck Farack    

Why the hell would somebody want Mary K's frickin autograph? I'm from the Seattle area and although I don't hang out in Pioneer Square, I'd be less surprised if somebody kicked her skanky ass than asked for an autograph. I like to think we're a smidge more dignified up here than to get a sex offender's signature.

1978 days ago


What does this whore and her horney little sperm doner have to do with stars and television? I think TMZ is sinking to an all time low! If you want to scrape the bottom of the barrel at least pick someone with an ounce of class.

1978 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Hopefully, she will use whatever money she earns from being a statutory raping, felon to pay for her
now grown children's therapy expenses.
It has been estimated that a majority of families are somewhat
dysfunctional (sorry I have no website to back up my claim) but what she did is beyond massively insane.

Can you imagine if your mother left your father for some pineapple headed, 12 year old, un-photogenic, child?

1978 days ago


I hope this event is forfeited. Noone should support a pedophile like her.

1978 days ago

Buck Farack    

Having lived through this disgusting story as it was unfolding, I can assure you that the only money these two losers have received is their so-called book (released in France) and the million or so they got from People magazine who covered their wedding. The last time I saw their names in the newspaper was about three years ago when Mary K was duly thrown out of the most popular bar in downtown Tacoma. Both are well known felons in this area, and trying to whore themselves out like this is probably the only "employment" they can get. I hope everybody not only boycotts, but pickets the bar owner.

1978 days ago


love is blind right?

what's love got to do with it?

Happiness is....
happiness is the excerise of ones' vital abilities
along the lines of excellence
in a life that affords one scope....
Aristotle i am handymikeforever on the youtube :)

1978 days ago



i'm the guy who won a car from American Idol and Ford............just got lucky man :)

1978 days ago


YES!!! Best Lifetime movie was the one about these two vidiots. Love it. I like her clown make-up, too.

1978 days ago

Misplaced Texan    

Isn't it illegal to profit from a crime you committed? By selling their wedding photos to People, writing a book about their relationship and now putting on show at some night club, I count three felonies. Can they both be sent back to jail now and removed from of our lives?

1978 days ago


This is disgusting. What is wrong with these people. Sick isn't the word to describe this.

1977 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

I blame TMZ for this one. Why give these two pathetic people any "publicity" whats so ever? We the people give them "fame" by posting our comments.

TMZ, trash this friggin thing.

1977 days ago


they need to eat too!

1977 days ago
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