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Michael Vick's Career -- Under Construction

5/21/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael VickNewly freed dog-fighter Michael Vick is gonna need a hammer and a hard hat to rebuild his image -- dude just got a job as a construction worker.

TMZ has learned Vick is set to start his work release job at WM Jordan Construction in Virginia. But if the former NFL star is sent out into the field, he will be extremely limited -- meaning he won't be allowed to work on any government sites because he's a felon.

We're told people in the company think Vick got the job because he used to work for the company back in his Virginia Tech days.

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My quess:

He'll lose that job too!!

1795 days ago


The only thing Mr. Vick is sorry about is getting caught. Do any of you think for one second that he feels sorry for torturing man's best friend? Do any of you really think he wouldn't do it again if he had a guarantee he wouldn't get caught? He doesn't care about anybody or anything but Mike Vick. Who CARES if he can run with a pig skin when he is a heartless fool. Sports heroes are a dime a dozen, so let's kick out this looser; he is yesterday's diaper.

1795 days ago


Aren't there enough qualified players out there that deserve a chance in the big league rather than a felon convicted of such a cruel crime. There are plenty of deserving, talented players out there. Let them play instead of this piece of trash. I hope to never see his hidous face again.

1795 days ago

Mr. A    

He should go work at Petsmart.

1795 days ago


Good Luck Mike! Want to see back on the field..

1795 days ago


www.VickDogChewToy.com is dangerous for dogs. many parts that can break off and be ingested by dogs. notice no listing of product contents. probably cheap materials made in china ..

1795 days ago


19. You have to understand that the hatred of this man stems from the fact that he was rich beyond get-out and he is black. A white suburban mom can kill all of her children...drown them in a bath tub and she gets more sympathy than Vick. Give a black man twenty million dollars and people want him to go to jail for running a stop sign. Nothing new here. Quetou

I disagree Quetou. Suburban mom was crazy.Vick is a moral void. Big difference. Who do you think gave Vick that $20 million dollars? Did I hear white people? Humm? Before this happened, everyone loved this guy. He was my nephew's hero. Do you think we just now noticed he is rich and black like, hey, wait a minute... we have to bring a brother down? You're more racist than you're accusing us of being.

1795 days ago


He could always play for the Bengals, it's a prerequisite to be a felon to play for them

1795 days ago


#22 everyone who has ever been arrested will more than likely only regret it because they were caught, if they regretted what they did they would have turned themselves in. So why just pick on this guy.
#24 A judge and jury listened to the charges and upon hearing all the details decided that his only punishment should be to spend some years in jail. If they thought he shouldn't be able to earn a living in the outside world they would have perhaps given him more time. So why can't a man who was not charged with capital murder and has served his time be able to make a living just like others who have done their time and even worse crimes.
If anyone thinks spending two years in jail for committing this type of crime is not enough, then help change the law, but don't ask that his right to make a living be denied and end up in the welfare system so that you and I can pay their way.

1795 days ago


i think Michael vick is a totally a-hole!!!! i cant believe the NFL is even gonna think about letting him play again.... What a role model....(yeah rite)

1795 days ago


Good Lawd ... some of you people are just warped. Yes, what Michael did was disgusting, but the justice system gave him the punishment they deemed fit and he did his time. I can't believe that anyone would think this is more or even equally as serious than the disregard for human life that others have committed to various degrees. Let the man go on with his life and do what he does best .. play some ball. Some of the comments are quite disturbing .. hope you don't get that nasti or vial when your loved ones get out of line ..

1795 days ago


Some of you folks just don't like Mike Vick and its not because of his dog fighting days, let's JUST BE HONEST. You don't like Mike Vick because of who you are. The man paid his debt to society. I HAVE Seen PEDOPHILES get better treatment! Save that foolishness for somebody who believes it. Say what you want, but there are a lot of people who have done FAR WORSE than Michael Vick and I don't hear nor see you saying or doing anything about it. SHUT UP and hold your dogs tight and tell yourself you're mad because of them. Soon, you might start to believe it, but we all know that is not true. This is also coming from a true dog lover.

1795 days ago


Go to hell Michael Vick, karma will get u good !

1795 days ago


Yes, Michael Vick deserves a second chance. If dog fighting is so illegal, then you need to arrest all of those people in the backwoods of Alabama and Tenneessee. If this was a regular person nothing would have come of this. Anytime the media can get a celebrity story, is good for ratings. Hopefull Mike has learned his lesson. Leave your boyhood friends alone, and guess what? Not many people even know the other guys name. All you hear is Michael Vick, Michael Vick. Best of luck to you Mike.

1795 days ago


MojoCeltica Vick is rich and black and was used to make an example of. If you look at the statistics for people sentenced for Dog fighting ,in over 80% of the time there is no jail time.

when will we start to prosecute hunters who violate animals rights ??

Also a big F*ck you to PETA that euthanize dogs everyday. PETA is a bunch hypocrites.

1795 days ago
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