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'Kate Plus 8' Weave

Takes Over 'Idol' Finale

5/21/2009 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Last night's "American Idol" finale was inspired ... by Kate Gosselin's horrendous multi-level '80s female rapper reverse mullet 'do.

Queen Latifah, Kate Gosselin and David Cook
Everyone from Queen Latifah to last year's winner David Cook sported the inexplicable side bang/spiky top shag.

The Kate is the new Rachel.


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scott is yummy.    

you;re kidding right?

the back of her head looks like it got caught in a weed-whacker
her hair is beyond FUG "
she has barely any hair back there and then this THICK ugly long piece of sh*t in front...atleast put some layers in it to thin it out a little.
it looks like garbage .

1958 days ago


Forget her hair! Kate Gosselin needs to focus on her children. Stop dressing them exactly the same. They are not dolls! These trainers - Jon and Kate - make sure their cash cows look good and they force them to be perfect in public. The first time someone tore down my child...the way people have criticized Mady...would be the last time I allowed her to be a target for the public. KG does not protect her children.

1958 days ago


Kate will look back in ten years and go "what was I thinking"? I can't stand her, but she has a pretty face. She would look so much better with a decent hairstyle.

1958 days ago


Kate's hair is a mess as is the rest of her family. Her kids are a screaming mess, her husband is a mess, her parents are a mess according to Kate eliminating them from her life, her brother and sister in law are a mess because they don't bow down to "queen kate", 40 nannies in 3-4 months makes Kate a mess of a boss, that's only the tip of the iceberg!

Kate shopping at Target in heels for a photo op with a bodyguard (she thinks her sh-t don't stink), probably doesnt want fans to get close enough to smell her!

1958 days ago

Winsome Davis III    

David Who?

1958 days ago


This has got to be the worst hairstyle created in the last 26 years...

1958 days ago


Is it true Kate and Jon did not have jobs, were not employed, when they had invitro and became pregnant with the six kids? All this Kate and Jon hoopla, the affairs, the cheating, the hair do, all this stuff is just to promote their new season. Since Octomom has facsinated the media for the last several months... people are so interested in a dysfunctional family of eight kids when soon they will be albe to watch a dysfunctional family of 14 kids. Kate can take that Octomom stole her thunder.....

1958 days ago


This hairstyle and variations, thereof, has evolved out of the Victoria Beckham "do" that appealed to every middle class soccermom who wanted to express their inner trashiness. What a mess.

1958 days ago


I'm not overly fond of Kate. I like Jon a lot. He may be a little oblivious at times but he is gentle and kind.

I am getting a little sick of seeing Kate everyplace, all of the time. She is not a star or celebrity and she needs to keep a lower profile and take care of her family. And if it needs it she could try working on her marriage. And being a little nicer to Jon.

Maybe 24/7 child care with sooooo many to keep up with is getting on her nerves. Maybe a shift or two at the hospital would relieve her tensions. She was a working RN before and after the babies were born. A woman can love her children but still want something else in her life. Something adult and meaningful.

1958 days ago

Jennifer L    

Her hair sucks plain and simple! Her hairdresser should be fired!

1958 days ago

Tony B    

I LIKE HER HAIR!!! I really don't see what the big deal is about it. Hello! McFly!

1958 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

For God sakes I went to the grocery store today and every damn magazine had Jon and Kate (or just Kate) on the cover. Enough already!! Octomom, Miss California, and now the Gosselin's!!
I have watched the show from the start. I think they started with good intentions, but it is OBVIOUS that the show has brought out the worst in BOTH parents. The difference, I think, is that Kate is cold and non-feeling, and has no issues with the fallout on the family, as long as the money and freebies keep rolling in. Jon, on the other hand, has been deeply affected by the publicity and the fact that he is not working outside of the home.
If Kate were smart she would pull the plug on the show - I bet that is what Jon wants. They should think of the kids FIRST, and not the fame and money. Remember that vow renewal last year - where they told the kids that "Mommy and Daddy would be togehter forever/" Was that a lie also?? Gett off of TV, put the family back together, and have a reunion show in 5 years.

1958 days ago


Kate's hair looks ridiculous. She sucks as a person and she is NO RACHEL.. SHE NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER WILL BE!!! EVER.

1958 days ago


Those that want TLC to get Jon & Kate Plus 8 off the air, go to the TLC Store, go to the site that says you can't find what your looking for, then they give a box to express yourself. Only instead of requesting them to make MORE money off this sickening family, you tell them to take Jon & Kate Plus 8 off the air. It is the customer service site, but at least you can express yourself!

1958 days ago


OMG!! She is not the first one with a hair style like this nor will she be the last! Why are people so involved in people lives that don't even know you? I'm sure she wears her hair this way because she likes it, soo....let her be! She got 8 children and a troubled husband apparently....get off the hair issue.

1958 days ago
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