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Randy Jackson

America Is Never Wrong

5/21/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In the shocking finale last night, Kris Allen beat out Adam Glambert for "American Idol" -- and according to Randy Jackson, "America gets it right every time, dawg."

Randy Jackson: Click to watch
Just ask Taylor Hicks, Fantasia Barrino and Ruben Studdard ... who were all eventually dropped from their labels.


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Adam is a showman; Kris is a pop singer. This is a contest for pop singers. Indeed, Adam will probably do better without the American Idol brand on him.

1982 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

I predicted days ago Peeeeerez was going to try to make this into a gay thing if Lambert lost but I didnt even have a clue TMZ would beat him to the punch.

1982 days ago


Actually Fantasia was great during her season at Idol, but failed to continue a succesful career...And that season produced Jennifer Hudson which no one can really deny isnt a great singer (and pretty good actress too)....I voted for Reuben because he was a great singer and was such a sweet guy on the show! That was a difficult one b/c Clay Aiken was great in that season as well! But this competition has two phases..the one who wins the A.I. title and the one who has a successful career! I think Kris will have a great career & so will Adam. In fact, Adam might even have international stardom!! I loved him and he WAS an artist...

1982 days ago


No one deserves to win between the both of them. As always, American Idol is not living up to anyones expectations anymore. Better singers gets eliminated and the ones who are left are the bad ones. I mean, why in the hell did you judges saved Matt Giraud? You should have used that when Danny Gokey got eliminated!

1982 days ago


Ummm you guys stay posting incorrect info...Fantasia didn't get dropped from her label..she's still with J Records and Clive not sure where that came for Taylor Hicks...he shouldn't have won to begin with..Rueban has a nice voice but soulful R&B is not popular..he'd be very successful if he switched to gospel music. As for Kris being versatile..only time will tell...but to be honest nobody takes American Idol seriously anyways..Carrie Underwood lucked out with that country music....

1982 days ago


The gay agenda tried to push their girl Adam down our throats the entire time he was on the show. Adam=LIBERACE, has a great career waiting for him on Broadway where he can prance and mince and swish and flame to his pink heart's content! I'm glad he lost he is not a good singer and screeched his way through week after week. America does not want a GAY American Idol!! We were fooled once by Clay, I mean, Gay Aiken and America won't be fooled again.

1982 days ago

Melissa Black    

WOW - what a HORRIBLE night. This is voice teacher - Melissa Black (Jordin S) and we were at the Nokia on Tues but i am so glad we did not waste even a dollar to attend the finale on wed. Adam is THE BEST SINGER to ever grace the Idol Stage and America was definitely robbed. I would have even loved to have seen Allison be in the top two and win over Kris. You all are so right - he can play instruments and that does matter - i am a pianist and session musician as well - BUT Adam is a true showman. I will be buying his albums. Continued success to ALL idol finalists!

1982 days ago


I was so happy that Kris won!! America was determined not to let the Idol Judges put Adam in the spot!!! It was a foregone conclusion that Adam was already 'IT'. Have no fear, Adam will be FINE. Kris has a shot at least! Great underdog story! Humility and talent won out!!!! I do see a very controversial future for Adam, so TMZ, keep those pencils and camera rolling!!! I don't think you will be disappointed.

1982 days ago

jenny mo    

Get is straight people....ADAM IS A POP SINGER. He doesn't have a rock and roll bone in his body. He will put out the same level of pop crap as the rest of the American Idols have. No one with an ounce of rock cred would have done a Cher song. I'm not saying he isn't talented but don't pretend his is something that he isn't.

1982 days ago

Woody McBreairty    

There is little doubt that something is amiss since 40 out of 100 million votes came from Arkansas. Seems the Bible -thumpers were convinced that God wanted their boy to win - and that God was on their side - so what else is new with these hick Jesus freaks? They're the same ones who voted for George W. Bush because "he's a man 'o God, I tell ya!," Adam Lambert has more talent in his little finger than Kris Allen will ever know. I'm sure Adam's talent will take him to monumental heights while Kris' will bring him a career of mediocrity.

1982 days ago


Personally I think all realty shows are fixed. I don't have anything against Shawn Johnson (DWTS) or Chris but they both should have come in second. When it comes down to anti-gay, Christian religious voting, then I will turn the shows off. American Idol want t be the best at votes being called in. Big deal - one hundred million votes......but how many people voted. If they would just make it that only one vote per person then you would see maybe twenty million voters if that. The anti-gay, Christian religious voters have all kinds of time on their hands to vote, vote again and vote again.

1982 days ago


Lets face it the contestants in the south always win! They must watch alot of TV. with nothing to do at night. Lets face facts Adam out sung the whole group

1982 days ago


I DON'T think America got this right. However Adam will be the most popular contestant of American Idol EVER!!! I don't care if Kris won. He has to sing that ridiculous song now as his first single so if that's the prize CONGRATS Kris lol you deserve it

1982 days ago

jenny mo    

#26. Is it at all possible that the people of Arkansas are just really loyal and voted for their boy like crazy? Stop putting so much thought into a television shows. Its just entertainment after all.

1981 days ago

Kooky Fan    

P.S. - seeing Carlos Santana and Brian May shredding on guitar was the BEST PART of the show!!

1981 days ago
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