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Randy Jackson

America Is Never Wrong

5/21/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In the shocking finale last night, Kris Allen beat out Adam Glambert for "American Idol" -- and according to Randy Jackson, "America gets it right every time, dawg."

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Just ask Taylor Hicks, Fantasia Barrino and Ruben Studdard ... who were all eventually dropped from their labels.


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America got it so wrong!!!! Adam is in a whole other league. Chris maybe able to write music but he is a very average singer. There are a million other better singers then Chris. If it was not for Adam season 8 would not been that interesting. Adam has an incredible voice and was hands down the winner this season. The problem is people get to vote more then once. So you have all these young little girls voting 100 times for someone like Chris and it throws the whole voting off. It does not show who the true winner is, it just shows that American Idiol wants to make tons of money by allowing people to vote more then once. The show is a joke at this point. But Adam is probably better off not winning because this allows him to do whatever he wants now. I would love to see him be the lead singer of Queen.

1983 days ago


Kris was the better all around performer and deserved to win. I got so sick every week of the judges anointing Adam a American Idol God, it was just too much! And speaking of too much, that describes Adam Lambert to a tee!!! The guy was talented but he was just to much, over the top, and not maintstream enough for AI's audience. Come on, just the get up he came out in to sing with Kiss, it was laughable to see him done up like that and just seemed a little silly. On the other hand Kris' performance with Keith Urban, that could be packaged up and sold today! Screw TMZ and their nasty comments labeling Kris a has been already before he even gets a shot, I have a feeling he is going to show everyone. Remember the judges and haters did the same thing when Carrie Underwood won, they practically cried when their dear little Bo Bice lost and we all know now how that story has gone!

1983 days ago



1982 days ago


I never watched the show, but from the sound bites I say on E, the right person won. I never understood how that Adam Glambert guy made it so far. All the clips they showed were of him yelling at the top of his lungs. And it was not at all appealing to the ears. Personally. I don't think he had the talent. All he had was stage performance.

1982 days ago


^^^ I meant to say, "from the sound bites I saw on E." Still to early.

1982 days ago


You liberal quacks are hilarious!! PLEASE, PLEASE keep posting!!!! You same dumbass liars that say religion is dead and we're becoming a "progressive" nation will in the same breath blame ALL these religious, bible belt "nuts" for voting down gay marriage and now apparently voting Kris as the winner. So which is it douchebags? Either religion is dead in this country or it owns the world since you keep using it as your excuse as to why your failed AGENDAS continue to lose!!!!


1982 days ago


Congrats, Kris!

1982 days ago


That song Kara DioGuardi wrote SUCKED. No matter who sings it. Kris will truly have to be judged by other songs that follow it. That song really sucked.

1982 days ago

Mormon Mom of 5 Adam LOVER!!!!!    

Kris is adorable but will never make it big. He is destined to go in the path of Taylor, Ruben, who should never have won!! And yes Taylor was dropped from his record label. Check your sources!
America is full of christian homophobes!!!!!!!! Vote for the best not along your freaking christian beliefs. AMERICA MISSED THIS ONE BIG TIME! Kris is NOT strong enough nor does he have enough range to EVER make it big!!!!!!!!

1982 days ago


Why don't we know the vote seperation?

Did Kris win by a landslide which makes American Idol judges look stupid for endorsing Lambert so much?

How many votes di Kris win by?

Why isn't TMZ reporting that?

1982 days ago

Idol Watcher    

America voted and chose their Idol. America wanted an Idol, not a Drag Queen.

1982 days ago

Pam Green    

# 31 has it correct. Kris is a nicr guy but in a couple of years he probably will have another calling.

1982 days ago


THis week is going to put an end to these kind of shows, with Shawn Johnson winning DWTS, then Kris winning Idol. This is ridiculous, and if the best can't win, then why have them? This is going to cost the record company money, as Kris will be a one record deal, and no one will buy it. While Adam will be a sensation for years to come. I AM SICK TO DEATH OF THESE IDIOT PREDJUDICEE PEOPLE DOING THIS CRAP. And the supposed religious nuts. If you were truly what you claim to be, you would have been honest and Kris didn't even belong in the top 13, let alone the winner up against the great talents on that show this year. He isn't that good. It was so refreshing to see the real talent of so many in the 13, but Kris was not one of them. He butchered so many songs, while Adam and Danny nailed everyone of theirs. That just isn't right. I think you idiots that did this, should have to pay for him to cut a record, and not make the people on the show have to be out that money for your ignorance, and possible cost us all these shows that we normally enjoy. We looked forward every week to Adam and Danny, and their unending talents. I will buy anything these two put out, but I will never buy a Kris Allen record. He will probably just go on to put our Christian music, but what a shame you cost the truly talented their due.

1982 days ago

entertain me    

To Kris Allen... Congrats on winning last night! I heard your duet with Keith Urban on the radio this morning and it was simply beautiful!!

To Adam Lambert... Thanks for making American Idol not boring this year. You are blowing it up on the I tunes downloads and can take that to the bank!! Can't wait to see you perform live. You're a thousand shades of awesome.

Major props to both these guys. They will both do well.

1982 days ago


Watching last nights show I was appalled by the results. I could not believe that a second rate singer would beat someone who is going to be legendary. I am talking about the complete fiasco of Kris who is nothing more than boring, beating Adam Lambert who I feel is the new KING of ROCK. I do not know what is wrong with the youth of America who obviously have no taste or knowledge of music what so ever. Kris should have never been in the final 3 let alone win and I am sure he feels the same way. He has no talent and should not be even in Adam Lambert's league. Last night Adam once again blew everyone off the stage even upstaging the other legendary performers. Even when he was singing a duet with Kris and Queen he blew him right out of the water. I do not think we will be hearing much from Kris but watch out America Here comes ADAM LAMBERT

:can anyone remember the winner 4 yrs ago Taylor Hicks. No but we all LOVE Doughty Like than AMERICA YOU GOT IT WRONG

1982 days ago
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