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Randy Jackson

America Is Never Wrong

5/21/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In the shocking finale last night, Kris Allen beat out Adam Glambert for "American Idol" -- and according to Randy Jackson, "America gets it right every time, dawg."

Randy Jackson: Click to watch
Just ask Taylor Hicks, Fantasia Barrino and Ruben Studdard ... who were all eventually dropped from their labels.


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Kris will be forgotten and washed-up in a few years; Adam is far more talented and will be a superstar forever.

1926 days ago


I think the bottom line is Kris is more mainstream. His vocals is more relaxing to listen to then all the screaming that Adam does. And Adam is a very talented guy. He will have absolutely no problem making it in the music industry. It also didn't help that the media (Perez, TMZ) was more less shoving Adam on ppl. Everyone has their own opinion. And their opinions spoke very loud lastnite on the finale.

1926 days ago

One Shot, One Kill    

America, you finally got it right! After screwing the pooch last November and electing a muslim president, we got it right this time. Who cares who has the better voice or sells the most albums? We disapprove of gay marriage and we didn't vote for a limp wristed queen to be our next American Idol. Way to go Kris!! Way to go Christian America!!

1926 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

Randy is not really being honest here; he favored Adam. Adam is very talented and should have won. IMO.

1926 days ago


I have two things to say..first Taylor Hicks is about the music..not the venue, not the crowds, the guy just likes to sing and I think he would sing at the opening of a gas station because he loves to sing and where isn't his issue. I don't like it that just because he didn't get the opportunity to have a backing by a record company that he isn't succesfull because I think he is still living his dream. He can sing and he has a stage presence about him so leave him alone. He didn't and doesn't have illusions of grandeur, he always said it's the "singing" and that is what it's about for him

As for Adam Lambert, America got it right because I think Adam is the only person who could front Queen and be successful. He is amazing..I loved Queen and always wondered if there was anyone who could replace Freddy and I think Adam can...I hope he gets the chance.

1926 days ago

jenny mo    

#47 - you are beyond delusional. Go put on your tin foil hat and crawl back under your rock.

1926 days ago


Everyone who didn't vote for Adam is HOMOPHOBIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 The American Idol results prove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

1926 days ago

American Patriot!    

Adam is nothing but a swishing queen who yelled and screamed his way through the competition. The gay agenda lost, YEAH!

1926 days ago


Where's Octomom these days? It's been a minute since that broad has been in the news. Not that that's a bad

1926 days ago


Ha! It took both Gokey and Allen fans together to just narrowly beat Adam, if not, Adam would have had a landslide, just goes to show you who really turned out to be the winner here! Sure had nothing to do with Kris outdoing Adam, Adam outshined everyone this season!

1926 days ago

Rip It Up    

Why is it that all of the homos whine like the little bitches that they are? These guys were both very talented and someone had to lose. Adam lost, Kris won.....get over it. They'll both be successful. Heck, one of the earlier losers won a freakin' Oscar. STFU.

1926 days ago

same same same    

They are BOTH very talented! Kris WON Adam didn't of course you happy gay people are going to make this another gay issue, it doesn't take much for you to whine! Not everything is about you and your crazy views! I believe all gays are mentally ill. God will protect you in the end if you see the error of your ways! Peace!

1926 days ago


I put it to TMZ to Debunk this Voting Crap. How is it every time you go and vote (i.e Call for the person who should have one) It was busy the majority of the time, I called for Adam a total of 110 times, (yes no life) and Only got through three times. you do the math, not to mention a I called 16 times for Kris to test my threory and I got through every time. Now why is it that "america" was voting for Kris so much, he didn't get a busy signal? You vote for Adam and you get busy signals. Same thing happend last year with The Davids. I think its rigged so you can't get through to vote for who you want, so the other persons votes are more. Not to mention they have an Idea of who is going to win by past weeks vote by who had the higher numbers, the could have predicted that Adam was going to win, and rigged the phones so Kris would. It's crap. I'm not even going to bother to watch next year.

1926 days ago

American Patriot!    

America did not want a screaming SODOMITE like ADAM to win and they were right. Adam only lasted this long because of Simon trying to placate the GAY agenda. NO SODOMITE IDOLS FOR AMERICA!

1926 days ago


im mad he ddint win casue all the homophopbes are going to come out of their rock now

and they'll never accept change

you say adam's boring and plain

he's anything but plain. kris is the plain one
but whatver

both will be succefful

1926 days ago
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