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'Real Housewife' -- Real Small Paycheck

5/21/2009 5:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Laura WaringReal Housewife of Orange County Lauri Waring is demanding more cash from her ex husband -- and it's probably because she claims to only make 400 bucks a month.

In legal papers filed in Orange County Superior Court, Waring claims she has over $12,000 in expenses per month, and the money she's already getting from Phillip Waring just ain't cuttin' it.

Lauri claims she's tryin' to help out, stating in the docs that she's working two jobs -- insurance agent and actress. Yeah, actress. Right.

BTW -- Lauri estimates Phil pulls in around $360,000 a year.

UPDATE: We just talked to Lauri, who gave us a completely different side to this story. Lauri says her ex is the one trying to modify how much money she's getting -- not her -- meaning he doesn't wanna pay her at all any more. She says because of this, she had to turn in an expense report -- which is the document that said she only makes 400 bones a month.


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Before everyone goes ballistic on Lauri--she is asking for more child support for her youngest daughter, Sophie, not alimony. And the court, by law, only counts her income in child support issues, not the income of her current husband. He is not financially responsible for her child. So she probably does only bring in that small amount each month-she doesn't have to workk because of her husband's income, but that has nothing to do with her child support. I would suggest everyone learn the law before commenting next time. At home, we call that "talking out of your *ss!!"

1980 days ago


@oc angel. exactly. what's up with this story?

1980 days ago

idaho potato    

Laurie is remarried so I think the money is NOT for her; it's for her children and it's part of child support. Ex-hubby and dad of three needs to pay. Just cuz TMZ prints it does not make it all factual.

1980 days ago


Posted at 3:50AM on May 21st 2009 by pftttttttt

What are you talking about? George is by no way means close to even being a billionarire. And word on the street is that his business is actually failing because of the state of the economy. Construction.

1980 days ago


If she is remarried she is no longer entitled to spousal support. My mother in law refuses to get married just so she can continue to as she puts it rake in all the money she can from my father in law. My mother on the other hand handled it completely different. Never asked my dad for a dime. Took a bit of furniture, her clothes and personal items and they mutually agreed on a split of the equity in the house which back then wasnt that much. And to this day they are still friends and have made the transition so easy on my brother and my self. You bring money in the mix and get greedy it causes problems for EVERYWHERE.

1980 days ago


Being a trophy wife doesn't pay much does it b!tch?? Get a real job now.

1980 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Here's a few clues for this money grabber....... live with in your means.
1. can't pay the rent (LOL rite) move to some thing you can afford.
2. Flying First Class... try economy
3. Shopping at Gucci and the like..... try Macy's
4. Eating out and high end restauarnts... try Panda Express LOL

as for your job resume? Insurance Agent and actress? You need to get a damn clue, first off how many people are buying insurance right now? as for the "actress work" you have a snow balls chance in hell of making any money from that and you know it. So quit expecting some one else to support your lazy assed life style

1980 days ago


Instead of worrying about getting money from somebody she should worry about her uneducated daughter and even more worried about her criminal drug addict son! You gotta ask your self instead of being so concerned about her SO called looks maybe a little more time teaching her children about the important things in life like getting a education, working hard and keeping away from drugs! Geogre got himself a ready made white trailer park trash family when he married her!

1980 days ago


Are her and George kaput? How can you get more alimony when you are remarried to Big Shot like George??

1980 days ago


Why would her ex-husband pay her anything?-she remarried, didn't she? Not only that, but George is a gazillionaire or so it seemed on the show... what's the REAL story here?...

1980 days ago


Who is Laura? I think TMZ is investigating the wrong person in the OC

1980 days ago


Ok if Lauri is now married wouldn't the money being sent by the ex go to the kids? And not her? And perhaps if she needs more money than what George is giving her, she should get a JOB! Lauri I feel bad for your situation and all but perhaps maybe you learn to be happy with what you have and not demand more. And 15 TMZ is usually spot on in their reporting because Harvey Levin would be worried about being sued, Harvey being a lawyer would know, knowingly reporting a false story would make him look bad. I think between Gretchen and Kelly (NYC HO) and Lauri they all have some similar traits of being a little bit gold digger and a who lot what's in it for them.

1980 days ago


there was talk of her posing in Playboy. that would earn her some more $. plus I wouldn't mind seeing her big fake tits.

1980 days ago


WTF? TMZ you need to do some more investigative journalism! She got married to George a couple years ago, has tons of money, why would she be working at all or getting alimony? Child support, maybe, but why more? Are her and George getting divorced? You need to tell us more!!!!!!

1980 days ago


? she needs to get a life. what does she DO ? she's hasn't evolved much in her life ?.....i doubt she has any interests,talents or goals except buying things. why this late in the game, after marrying a gazillionaire, does she want to go to court and sue for anything ?

1980 days ago
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