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Clay Aiken Shreds 'Idol' -- Can't Stand the Posers

5/22/2009 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clay AikenYou're not a true ex-"American Idol" contestant unless you bash the show that made you famous.

Clay Aiken took to his personal website (available to view for the low, low price of $29.95/year) to rip "Idol" and its king of glam runner-up Adam Lambert. As Gawker pointed out, despite only hearing Lambert sing once, Aiken claimed he thought his "ears would bleed" when he belted out "Ring of Fire." Pot, perhaps you've met kettle?

Then Aiken played the "it was better back in my day" card and wrote, "The show was different then, and folks made it in seasons 1-3 because they were 'real' people who happened to sing/entertain well. But, somewhere along the way, AI stopped being about real people."

Note to Clay -- real people don't charge other real people $29.95/year to access their website.


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cry me a gay river    

I never did get the whole Clay Aiken thing. He has a nice voice, but it's not "idol-ish" in American terms. It's Broadway. Nothing more. He can carry a tune, but no more than thousands of others out there. For those of you who will say this is based on his sexual preference(because it's ALWAYS about that when a gay person isn't your favorite), you are wrong. I just don't think he's all that he thinks he is vocally.

1947 days ago


I'm glad to see a "gay" man criticizing Adam - Adam didn't lose because he's gay - Adam lost because even though he is a good singer - he chose to be over theatrical and he screamed in almost every song. When I download songs on my IPOD I'm looking for songs that either make me want to sing along or connect with me on a deeper level. When I heard Adam sing with the exception of Madworld - every song would end in him screaming and it made me want to jump out of my skin. It was so annoying. Plus he looks like he's trying to crap when he sings. I remember Simon making fun of people who looked funny when they sang - I found it interesting that no one ever told him to quit screaming - then he could control the weird facial expressions. There's nothing wrong with Adam being Gay. But he's got to know that the nail polish, the eyeliner, whether gay or straight rubs alot of mainstream society the wrong way. Marilyn Manson who is heterosexual (I think) is freaking scary to look at too. Even if you are just listening to the music and don't have to be subjected to his extreme fashion statements (for lack of a better description) his voice sounds like a girl and it's not what I would call a beautiful voice. His voice was annoying to me & that is the bottom line. I really don't care at this point in my life what the singer looks like if his/her music touches me. Kris Allen looks like a puppet when he sings - a cute puppet kind of character - but I'm not downloading his videos - I'm downloading his songs. I'm not a Clay Aiken fan - I don't like his style of music. But I thought he was a hell of a singer - a true singer with a beautiful voice. It's refreshing to finally hear someone say what they were really thinking about Adam. I can't believe that Simon never said it like it is - he usually says what I'm thinking! Also, I don't think it was a close race because if it was they would've been talking about it - Mainstream america was voting for Kris and once Kris earned all the Danny fan votes, it was no longer a close race! I'd bet on it. Adam is too "dare to be different & too theatrical" for the average american. With that said, I'm sure there are plenty of Americans who will still call themself his fan and he will do very well. But seriously, he didn't win because he was annoying in more ways than one!

1947 days ago


I can't stand Clay. He always throws a hissy fit if he isn't the center of attention. He is just jealous that Adam didn't perform a duet with him at the finale!

1947 days ago


Adam is good looking and the most talented performer to grace the AI stage. He has way more CLASS than Clay Aiken. Clay... your are NOT a nice person.

1947 days ago


Simeon Cowell can't stand Clay Aiken. You know, Carrie Underwood always thanks AMERICAN IDOL every time she wins an award. I THINK thi sis so nice of her. Now.. you have Clay on the other hand that doesn't appreciate the show that helped him to launch his career. If it wasn't for Idol he would have never made it (especially because of his looks) AI transformed him with cool clothing and better hairsetyles and he is such a jerk to put AI down. Pityful!

1947 days ago


What a bunch of hateful people.
Clay Aiken is entitled to his opinion and he should know what he's talking about because he was a part of the show. You guys weren't.

All of you haters (trollers) don't have enough cells to make up one complete brain.

1947 days ago


Clay who?

1947 days ago


Clay who ???

1946 days ago


Unbelievable Clay! I really thought you were smarter than that, oh well. another backstabber...

1946 days ago


Well that was some apology...Defensiveness and blame to people WHO MADE HIM WHO HE IS

1946 days ago


F reakin'
A rrogant
G uy

1946 days ago


Adam Lambert's Ring of Fire is brilliant, sexy and masterfully performed. My God - Adam is also a beautiful person inside and out who has not so once as maligned anyone he has performed with on the show, or the judges. What the heck is Aiken's problem? He barely watched the show this year and all of a sudden is an expert. And by the way, do I hear Aiken-head complain about how Idol manages to allow vote cheating, as they did in Kris Allen's case? Has anyone bother to investigate reports that Allen's fans in that state set up automatic dialling equipment and basically contravened Idol rules about such equipment in voting? How can one state of about 3 million people produce 38 million votes (A T and T reported this and then retracted it later). If you want to get up on your soapbox Aiken-head, take a shot at Idol, not the best talent ever on that show - Adam Lambert. Adam will go on to be bigger than any performer ever on that show, but that doesn't take away from the fact he was ripped off! CANADA LOVES ADAM!

1946 days ago


#12, after the results show, Gene Simmons said that Adam was 'amazing' and could tour with KISS whenever he liked so I'm not sure I'd believe anything that came out of his mouth.

As for Clay, the Chicago Sun-Times reported last week that Clay showed up on the Idol set hoping to meet Adam and discuss a possible duet and was promptly ushered from the set. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

1946 days ago

nosy mom    

I think maybe just a wee bit jealous. I didn't like Aiken when he was on the show, don't like anything he sings now. His last album bombed, probably cuz no morning show would have him. The singers now are every bit better than the 1st or 2nd season, all you have to do is watch the rerun on see how off beat they are. Clay you need to keep you jealousy in check cuz Adam is so much better than you think you are. Any cd he puts out will definately out sell your ragged cd sales any day. Go home and take care of your kids and leave the entertaining to people who know how.

1946 days ago


Is this ever rich. Adam Lambert has "talent"! Clay Aiken is a jealous green-eyed loser. Here's another point to ponder. The guy was such a fraud that he waited until after his stint with Idol and he had his first few CD's before he "came out". He is obviously no judge of talent - other than his own and even that is suspect! It's amazing how everyone is jumping on Adam that wouldn't know talent if it came up and bit them in the butt. There are not enough adjectives to describe the amazing range and control in Adam's voice. He can take an ordinary; ho hum run of the mill tune and make it into something totally spectacular! Clay Aiken - eat your heart out - or whatever.

1945 days ago
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