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Jon Gosselin

Biggest Flirt of 1995

5/22/2009 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before meeting his baby factory of a wife and going on "Jon & Kate Plus 8," Jon Gosselin was surrounded by a bunch of kids he didn't create at the Wyomissing Area High School in Pennsylvania.

Jon Gosselin: Click to view!
These are Jon's senior yearbook pics from 1995, when he was captain of his state champion soccer team -- which his dad coached -- and more importantly, the proud owner of the "Friendly Flirt" award.

Some things never change.


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Enough already with this story. Who really cares?? TMZ, don't you have anything better to report on?

1945 days ago


Does anybody here think that innocent high school pictures of Jon Gosselin are worthy of anybody looking at? This guy is not a celebrity. This guy is not noteworthy. It is a true shame to give any type of free publicity to a show on a channel that does practically nothing but exploit children because there are not adequate laws to protect them from being over-worked and exploited... just to put money in the pockets of the parents, the channel and their parent company.

1945 days ago

su.san smith    

Why does Kate need a bodyguard all of a sudden?
Why is the paparazzi in PA of all places?
KAte is a loser, the show sucks when she is on.
I feel bad for Jon and the kids. SHE is very lucky to get
the money she does from her books and tv show.
IF only she learned in church how to treat others, but I guess she missed that one.
PEOPLE just stop watching the show, no ratings, no show....That's how it works in the entertainment business.

1945 days ago

BorderLine Crosser    

RadarOnline posted a video interview with Kate Gosselins brother and sister in law where they do not confirm the affair but they do confirm the show is a sham.The say in their interview that Kate presented Jon with a contract stating he can have girlfriends and do his own thing but MUST be around for his obligations.. not to his family.. not to his children... to the show. He can do his thing but must make himself available for the show to film. Frankly if it was not her own Brother saying this in the video interview I would be doubtful but because its her own family it shocks me. Up until now I figured all of the talk and nonsense was just people trying to capitalize on the shows popularity which happens all to often but when actual family members go on the record it starts to smell an awful lot like truth

As a father I found the entire interview by Kates Brother and Sister In Law revolting, because of what got said. From the interview the two family members imply that the show is a sham to line the pockets of its parents?

1945 days ago


Kate made Jon lose all his hair!!

1945 days ago


He was nice looking when he was younger, but he is aging terribly! Yuck, and he's fat to boot. I know that is a tangential comment to make, but it's the truth. Must be all the stress from having to contend with eight screaming kids and a shrew of a wife. I'm his age, and if I looked as bad as he did, I'd be for changing my mileu.

1945 days ago


TLC take Jon & Kate Plus 8 OFF THE AIR !!!!!! You money grubbing corporate types that allow a family to destruct at your financial pleasure! How do YOU sleep at night????

1945 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

John is a beat down lump of turd that likes to be abused by a controlling bitch! Any bitch
Kate is a selfish controlling bitch that is so dumb she doesn't even know she's a bitch!
Those retards deserve each other!

1945 days ago


Jon's hot, I'd do him. But I still like Kate. Her bitchyness amuses me.. So if I DID do Jon, it wouldn't be to piss Kate off.. she already be pissed regardless.. and she'd probably let me cuz of the whole contract thing. Thanks Kate! You rock!

1944 days ago


Shoo, I would've done him then and I'd do him now. (And I'm the same age as his alleged mistress, so who knows...) Okay, I'm kidding about the 'who knows' part because I'm not a home-wrecker, but he is attractive in my opinion. I do think that the papparazzi (sp?) and everyone else should leave them alone being that there are kids in the mix. Hopefully they end up figuring out what is best for their kids, and that it's something stable and civil.

I have been stuck on that show ever since the special it started with, so I'm looking forward to another season. (And another season of watching him.*wink*)

1944 days ago


Jon is half Korean. I think his Dad was Korean.

1944 days ago


This marriage is doomed. I don't think Jon even likes Kate at all anymore.

1944 days ago

jon and kate are octomoms role models    

Kate Gosselin is WAY WORSE than octo-mom. Kate Gosselin pleads poverty and begs for donations from retired church-goers while making millions of dollars per year off her reality show. Kate Gosseling is worse than Jim and Tammy Faye Baker or any other tele-evangalist who steals money from gulitble people in the name of GOD !!!!

1944 days ago

jon and kate are octomoms role models    

Kate treats her 8 children the way the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz treated her monkeys. The kids only exist to do the bidding of the mother. I want someone to pour liquid on Kate and hear her scream: "I'm melting!" just like the witchin the movie.

1944 days ago

jon and kate are octomoms role models    

Kate is THE WORST REALITY SHOW STAR none, be it Omarosa, Heidi and Spencer, whatever, becuase KATE IS STEPPING ON THE BACKS OF YOUNG, INNOCENT CHILDREN TO CLIMB THE LADDER OF FAME AND FORTUNE. Those kids are going to have to live with broken backs all their lives because of their GREEDY, SELFISH BITCH OF A MOTHER. Just like in "Brokeback Mountain", Kate says to her quest for money: "I just can't quit you!"

1944 days ago
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