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Lee Majors: I Couldn't Watch the Farrah Special

5/23/2009 1:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Farrah Fawcett's first and only husband, Lee Majors, was not among the nearly nine million people who tuned in to see the TV special about her cancer battle.

Lee Majors -- play video

Yesterday at LAX, the former "Six Million Dollar Man" said the "whole thing was a little bit over done."

On a totally separate note ... Majors just celebrated his 70th birthday. We salute you, Col. Austin.


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Pretty Boring    

The article below is from 2006 - It clearly shows they are on good terms. There's really no need to read negatively into his comment. He said he couldn't watch it because he cares - if you understand "too over the top" in the spirit that he things maybe it wasn't the best for her health I think that's what he meant:
"HOLLYWOOD - Farrah Fawcett's ex-husband Lee Majors has rallied to the star's side after she received news that she was suffering from anal cancer. The former Charlie's Angels star is over half way through a difficult six-week regimen of chemotherapy and radiation. Majors tells news show Extra, "She's working very hard and getting through it." The former Six Million Dollar Man star says he was working on a project with his ex-wife, which has been temporarily been put on hold. He says, "We're going to do a project together in the future, but [the cancer treatment] put a little stop to it for now." As for ex-love Ryan O'Neal remaining by her side, he says, "Ryan's a good guy. I wish him well and he'll take care of her." Majors offered up words of encouragement for Fawcett, adding, "Just fight the fight and you'll come out of it okay." (Article Copyright Entertainment News Network All Rights Reserved.)

1987 days ago


I watched part of it and also thought it was a little over done. I see nothing wrong with Lee's answer to the papparazzi. No one knows what his thoughts might be or what he might have commuticated to Farrah....

It's nice to get the word out about this cancer. More people may now be going to their doc's to check for the cause of anal bleeding. However, the show was unrealistic in regard to the treatments. How many people could afford to make 5 or 6 trips to Germany and stay there for weeks on end (including family and friends) to get the expensive, alternative treatment Farrah got? Very few, say maybe only millionairs. The question I have, did the German treatment really extend her life? Could earlier more invasive treatments in the US perhaps have helped add more years to her life?

Hope the best for your Farrah.

1987 days ago


Overdone is right! Are you kidding? You'd think the woman had died already, the way they were promoting this all over the place, and then I watched it, and sure, it's sad, but it made me feel like "one of the peons" who have to deal with cabs and beg for rides to the doctor and don't have the luxury of trying out experimental therapies in a foreign country and be able to charter a private jet back and forth six times and hire a car to take me places and have Ryan crying all over the place and you name it. It was overdone. Yes. I truly thought, "Poor woman! They're putting this on now because she's probably so close to death, and we'll hear about it Sunday," but I hate to sound like a "heartless" person lots of you have condemned, but I really thought it was very indulgent.

1987 days ago


I don't blame Lee Majors at all for what he said, especially having been on the receiving end of Ryan and Farrah's cheating in the past. When he called the "reality show" overdone, I believe that he referred to the media's dramatic exploitation and hand-wringing about the whole terrible situation, and that being the case, it certainly was overdone!

1987 days ago


why can't she be dignified, private and humble about it like patrick swayze is?.. .i nursed and lost my husband through brain cancer 3 years ago.. alone. people fight and lose.. and fight and win with this disease every day. it's sad she has it.. and is losing to it.. but to act like she and ryan are the only ones in the world affected by cancer is an insult to all the cancer survivors, victims and their families everywhere.

1987 days ago


Screw that @ss H@le Farrah Fawcett, do any of you people think She would care if any of you had cancer...She's just another Dumb Hollywood Wh@re, Rich A-Hole, who only cares about herself. Even in sickness, she found a way to make money off her cancer..

1987 days ago


Rhonda sounds like a classy lady.

It's not really the time to bring this up, but I admired Sharon Osbourne and the way she handled being diagnosed with cancer. She knew everyone would be talking about her, and said "Why does it have to be in my ass?!"

1987 days ago


Well folks there is a reason people are X es. What would you expect the jerk to say. He should have said something a gentleman would say like best wishes to her. Cancer is overdone Mr. Jerk.

1987 days ago


So Farrah should just "go away"? Sounds like what you're saying is that people who have cancer are an embarrassment. Shame on you!
As Americans, we're ignorant about our bodies and how our bodies work. It's about time we start educating ourselves.
And do the world a favor...give yourself a good slap for insulting Farrah. She certainly doesn't come across as being the only one who's had cancer.

1987 days ago


Can you Say KARMA!!!!

1987 days ago


Like the recently-deceased Jade of Great Britain, the media has manufactured Farah's imminent demise into a voyeuristic made-for-TV reality show. I can understand Lee Major's qualms about his non-participation in this "event." The small screen can either expand or trivialize personal tragedy. In Farah's case, it has become an obsession. One that has succeeded in translating the human experience of facing mortality into a lugubrious drama.

1987 days ago


i don't think his comments were aimed at Farrah. I think it's the idea that it should've been Farrahs story, without the presence of Ryan O'Neal. Did Ryan use it to draw attention to himself? Did Farrah ask him to step in? With Ryan being such a good actor, I found myself questioning his true feelings, and intent for being such a big part of it?? I would imagine it was Ryan, Lee didn't want to look at it, not Farrah. Ryan was never there for Farrah, or his kids, infact, he's always been at the root of their problems.

1987 days ago


Love Lee Majors! I miss him and wish someone would bring him back on TV. He is right, the TV extravaganza was overwrought. Jade Goody and Farrah have courted (past tense on Goody, unfortunately) the publicity throughout their illnesses (though Farrah pretends like she doesn't want people to see her ill and all that). Jade was at least honest and upfront admitting she was trying to earn money before her death so her kids would be set for life. I don't know what Farrah's inspiration is here. I like Farrah personally but you can't have it both ways. She says at some points she doesn't want "the fans" to see her in a wheelchair getting off the airplane from Germany, etc. then she does a TV special? Kind of weird.

1987 days ago


From what I have read, Lee and Farrah's relationship/marriage did not end well, and it does not matter who was more or less at fault.

However, they once loved each other very much, and at a times like this, all the bad times should be forgotten.

He should have just said "I wish her well", or something kind. Unfortunately, I believe his "larger than life" ego, has gotten in the way.

Lee's career has been over for a very long time, and the only way he can get a headline, is by accident.

1987 days ago


I'm watching the special right now. Actually, I find Lee Majors comments cold and heartless. This woman is fighting terminal cancer and trying to let others know what the fight is like,

I don't know Major's intent about his comment, but it leads me to think he is jealous that she totally eclipsed his short career and he lost her to his best friend.

Whatever the reason, he did not come across well. Best wishes, Farrah. May God be with you, girl.

1987 days ago
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