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Lee Majors: I Couldn't Watch the Farrah Special

5/23/2009 1:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Farrah Fawcett's first and only husband, Lee Majors, was not among the nearly nine million people who tuned in to see the TV special about her cancer battle.

Lee Majors -- play video

Yesterday at LAX, the former "Six Million Dollar Man" said the "whole thing was a little bit over done."

On a totally separate note ... Majors just celebrated his 70th birthday. We salute you, Col. Austin.


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Mary Worth    

It'll be a great day when they finally find a cure for cancer. Celebs will then have to take a back seat for a bit when that happens. They shouldn't mind,however. The media will soon enough have them back iin the spotlite.

Meanwhile, Farrah is in my prayers, as is Patrick Swayze, Sen. Ted Kennedy, and others..

1949 days ago


Watch the video carefully. The summary of what he is saying misstates what he said, and it is not clear what question he is answering when he says something has been overdone.

1949 days ago


I refused to watch it too, I've had three people in my family who had cancer and two of them died from it, but it wasn't televised. The one who survived it was my 85 yr old grandmother, now she deserved a story and it would have been about an ordinary working class person who is getting through cancer with limited income and at such an old age. I understand that famous people can spread the word on diseases and causes, but she and people like her don't deserve to make money off of it and it damn sure shouldn't be televised Patric Swayze included. They aren't the first to get cancer and wont be the last. Sometimes they don't even struggle as bad b/c they have the money to get the good meds, and want to hide behind doors until it is too late, then at the end they want our sympathy. Show us the struggles of everyday people who cope with the ups and downs of like and failing health and I'll watch that show.

1949 days ago


I like Rhonda (#13) have also had cancer, twice actually. I too have been through more surgeries and treatment than most people can imagine. And I absolutely without a doubt appreciate that Farrah is using her notoriety to bring attention to the ugliness of cancer. I didn't see it as a 'feel sorry for me' statement at all. She is trying to let people that have never been through or seen someone go through cancer first hand what it's all about, not just physically but emotionally. Farrah did public service announcements for the American Cancer Society years, actually decades, ago. She was trying to stir up 'feel sorry for me'' attitudes then?? She is trying to take a bad situation and make good out of it in hopes that more people will push for a cure for cancer and also feel compassion for those that are going thru it. There's alot of people in our country that don't have people to accompany, encourage and sit with them thru treatments, They don't even have transportation to treatments. Volunteer organizations provide transportation many times for these people. More volunteers are always needed. So instead of being selfish and immature that 'oh my, or my husband's or sister's, or aunt's, etc, cancer didn't get this type of attention' just be freaking happy that more attention was brought to this horrible disease and the suffering that millions endure because of it!!!!!!

1949 days ago


What an a-hole he is! Why would he be like that? Jealousy I guess. People absolutely adore Farrah. But with him, we're all like "oh, isn't he that guy that was once married to Farrah? God bless Farrah Fawcett!

1949 days ago

Money Talks    

Why such cruel comments about Farrah and Ryan ? We may all get cancer some day as it seems to become more and more prevalent in North America because of our way of life. Let us all be aware that this illness is a tough one and let's be gentle towards those who have the misfortune of being affected by it. God Bless Farrah, Patrick, Elizabeth Edwards, Senator Kennedy and the hundreds of thousands suffering at this very moment.

1949 days ago


Oh what a jerk, but then he was always one, if he hadn't beat the heck out of Farah and tried to control her every move perhaps he wouldn't be so very bitter at losing her to Ryan, if she was ever his he'd have never lost her, you can't keep something the way he tried by taking the very life out of her. He is a sad old man and a has been at that, I won't remember him and to be totally honest if not for his marriage to Farah I wouldn't know who he was now, anyone can stand on a machine and have it move for you, yes had you taken the tour I lived out there and saw it all, I was never a fan and after seeing him now I am glad, he doesn't deserve any, he is a mean old bitter person who lost the best thing he ever had becauuse he wasn't man enough to allow her a carreer jealousy is a vicious thing and you are alone and likely always will be, chow majors I know I won't ever see you anymore than you will see Farah as you won't ever get to Heaven!

1949 days ago


How naive....

there are cures for cancers but...

prolonged death is Good for our economy.

People have to pay for their mortages and vacations...

don't they?

1949 days ago


Some people on here will always see a story as they want to see it and not as it is. It is terribly sad that Farrah has cancer, as it is for anyone suffering from this and many other diseases. I can't imagine there is anyone living who has not been directly or indirectly touched by the disease and wishing cancer on anyone in anger or in jest is just wrong. Lee Majors is entitled to his opinion as much as anyone. He has maintained a dignified silence on his marriage to Farrah since their divorce and yet even today gets quizzed by reporters about it. Given that he is happily remarried don't you think he would find that annoying at some point. As much as I can remember, Farrah and Ryan treated Lee very badly. What has been happening lately does not turn them into saints. So, some of you, please don't trying to demonize Lee in order to make them look good. They're human just like the rest of us.

1949 days ago


To those accusing Lee Majors of beating Farrah I think you will find it was James Orr who was accused of that. Please get your facts right.

1949 days ago


Lee Majors cheated on Farrah during their marriage. He was also a control freak to boot. He asked Ryan O'Neal to watch Farrah when he was traveling and thes rest thet say is history!!!!!!!!!

1949 days ago


Errr....When did he cheat on her? Where you there? Was there three in that marriage also? Look there is nothing wrong in disliking Lee Majors. You're entitled to your opinion but don't make up stuff about him in the process. He has more fans than detractors. The worst thing that he has been accused of is that he wanted Farrah home to cook dinner. Well that's huge, isn't it? Above all let's remember the person central to this discussion and her illness and treat everyone with respect.

1948 days ago


Personally, I didn't watch it either and had no desire to. I look at it as I would rather remember her as she was. A beautiful, vibrant girl. I have no morbid desire to watch her deteriorate and I don't understand her wanting people to watch it. It just might be that Lee doesn't want to see it happen also. Give the guy a break for whatever reason he didn't want to see it.

1948 days ago

Still in Shock    

"whole thing was a little bit over done." - What a jerko@@!

Whatever issues he had/has with Farrah he should be over them by now...good grief...thats too many years to hang onto anger.

He was married to her at one time...and yet he spoke like he was talking about someone he had never even heard of before.

If it is not anger..and he just doesn't care..well, that just shows he is an A@@!!!

1948 days ago


It's sad that Farrah, among many other people are dying from cancer but I have to agree with Lee. Ryan O'neal is an actor and I think he was giving an Oscar-worthy performance during this reality show. I also think that he's just hanging in there with her partly for the insurance money and God knows what else she's goning to leave him after she passes.

1948 days ago
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