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Radio Host Waterboarded -- Hilarity Doesn't Ensue

5/23/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The torture method called waterboarding -- which is meant to simulate drowning -- sucks so much, the average person can only endure it for a few seconds... as demonstrated here by brave Chicago radio host Mancow.

Bottom line -- torture sucks.


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Thanks to all the yoyos out there,TV,News shows,talk shows for demonstrating to the young and stupid how to kill your friends by drowning them without a pool or ocean.Surely the young and ignorant will be on TV,news,and talk show discussing just how they saw it on TV and I am sorry I killed my little friend.Tune in next week to learn how to Torture and kill for fun.Only in America.How totally irresponsible.

1980 days ago

voice of reason    

regarding torture:

waterboarding may be unpleasant

but it is a means to an end

how about instead of waterboarding

we give the terrorists three choices




1980 days ago

The Hulk    

Only three high target terrorists where water boarded. By legal definition, water boarding isn't torture if those water boarding are trying to extract information rather than doing it for the shear pleasure of wanting to inflict harm or pain. And you know what, we are a country of idiots that seem to think we playing a game and that if we stop this one technique that our enemies will love us and stop wanting to end our way of life. Let me pour alittle cold water on some of your faces. Before Gitmo. Before water boarding. Before the invasion into Iraq and Abu Grahib, terrorists were bombing and plotting for our deaths. Nothing has changed other than we decided to finally fight back.

1980 days ago

Christopher Nelson    

I have an idea. Which is worse? Having water poured onto your face, or having your head removed? Having water poured onto your face ,or having a plane fly into a building you are in? Water on the face, or burning alive, smothering on fumes, and possibly jumping to your death to avoid burning alive? Water on the face, or thousands dead? This is not a game, this is war. Politics has no place in this. We have to do what it takes to win.

1980 days ago


bottom line -- 9-11 sucked

how quickly some forget...

1980 days ago


Would it be torture to pour pigs blood on the terroist? Maybe.... inject them with just a small amount of pigs blood? The terroist say that this is a holy war. I believe it was Admiral Perry that rather good results with this.

1980 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

I was really curious about this too and I actually tried it 2 weeks ago with the help of some good friends who I can trust. Actually, there were 3 of us tried it after a very long discussion. I can also hold my breath for just under 3 minutes no problem, gained from years of swimming. I have also come close to drowning from surfing in heavy surf, so I know what that feels like too! This is NOT the same thing! We replicated the same procedure performed by a professional interrogator on a tape we saw. We laid down with slightly heads below level, but started with a dry towel covering our faces and slowly poured the water over the towel. We held an empty rock in our hand and dropped it when we could no longer take it. I lasted for 8 seconds, and my friends lasted for 7 seconds, and the other for a completely respectable 10 seconds. 10 SECONDS WAS THE LONGEST ANYONE LASTED and here's why. This is NOT like holding your breath!!! The first second the water hits you, you cannot possibly hold your breath, because the water stars pouring into your nose and mouth, and then goes directly into your lungs/trachea! Your first response is to try to clear the water out (especially from your nose), and when you do this, you MUST breath in. The problem is, the water is still there, so you ALMOST INSTANTLY DROWN! Yes, DROWN!!!! The wet towel also prevents you from exhaling the water back out. You could easily kill someone doing this for any extended time, no doubt!!! It is completely impossible to resist your instant need to clear your air passages and breath, but the water just keeps pouring in! You only get ONE BREATH/EXHALE and that is all you get before you start to drown!!! It is impossible to hold your breath! Not being able to see only made it worse, but even being able to see would make zero difference! I would almost tell people who doubt this to try it themselves, but you could easily drown someone before you even know what's happening. I am also a nationally registered EMT, just so you know. As for it being torture, IT IS ABSOLUTELY TORTURE! Torture by rapid and uncontrollable drowning! I have never seen or heard of anyone who has experienced this lasting any longer than a few seconds because of how this works.

This part is an OPINION, but personally, if we torture people, then they can torture people, our people! This is especially bad if we are hoping for some protection for our captured troops in battle and for private people/citizens taken hostage! We cannot possibly ever hope to prosecute anyone, for any torture, if we are doing it ourselves. Plus, torture is not reliable in anyway, as people will say anything to avoid more torture, especially lying. Plus it is against the Geneva Convention to use torture and unless we are willing to throw that away, which endangers our troops and people, we are criminals ourselves if we are doing it too.

As for the waterboarding description itself, that part is not an opinion, it's just how it actually works and it sucks beyond belief to drown like that! If you disagree with my opinion, that is fine, but I am not here to debate this with anyone. I am just mainly telling you how this actually works. This isn't the same thing as resisting physical or mental pain, it is about resisting rapid drowning and death! As I said before, I am tempted to tell people to try it themselves, but please don't, as you could drown a person, killing them, in well under a minute!!!! I will NEVER try this again and neither will either of my two friends and the couple of other people who merely watched us do it! Remember, YOU CAN QUICKLY AND EASILY KILL PEOPLE DOING THIS, SO DON'T TRY IT UNLESS YOU JUST ABSOLUTELY WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE TO QUICKLY AND HELPLESSLY DROWN!

1980 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

This guy doesn't even know what torture is. Probably lives the good life with a wife maidservant, and thinks that no fresh toast in the morning is torture.

1980 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

Actually, what I meant to write was...
This douchebag doesn't even know what torture is. Probably lives the good life with a wife maidservant, and thinks that no frensh toast in the morning is torture.

1980 days ago


torture?!?! what a joke. my brother used to torture me a lot worse with purple nurples & indian burns. give me a break. girlcow is daintiest guy on the planet.

1979 days ago

handymike are messed up, get help!

1979 days ago


This is another cheap ploy, created with the help of Fox News, to try and salvage a bit of dignity from the Bush/Cheney years. With Cheney going around and trashing the President, it proves that the GOP leaders who created a pack of lies to get us to go to war, do not want to give up power. Once any Dictator sees fear in people, they will continue the charade until they have full power. Mancow is an idiot, plain and simple. He should be very careful the FCC doesn't pull his License to be on the air. Mancow, Grow pair of testies and tell the Right Wing machine their tactics will not work. Don't help Cheney, Fox news, Sean Hannity and others. They want to take over everything. Send the Traitorists SOB's packing.

1979 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

my god. those are just interrogation methods.

1979 days ago


IT IS NOT TORTURE!!! THEY DID IT TO THREE TERRORIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GUYS ARE IDIOTS. ONE OF THE people they did it to planned nine eleven and cut off Daniel Pearl's head. HIS HEAD!! I wish they would have waterboarded this guy a little more!

1979 days ago



1979 days ago
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