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Radio Host Waterboarded -- Hilarity Doesn't Ensue

5/23/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The torture method called waterboarding -- which is meant to simulate drowning -- sucks so much, the average person can only endure it for a few seconds... as demonstrated here by brave Chicago radio host Mancow.

Bottom line -- torture sucks.


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They will tourture is even if we never tortued them. You don't inderstand the nature of the war and what is driving the radicals. We waterboard and they cut OFF HEADS!!!!! They will cut off HEADS even if we never waterboarded again... who is weaker? Lets see trust a rookie president with 0 experience when it comes to terrorism or a guy who lived it for 7 years and understands how the world works. Obama has no idea what he is talking about and Joe Biden is almost stupid. Where did he find this guy by the way.

1982 days ago


I must admit I am surprised he was honest enough, and man enough to admit that was pure torture.
I slightly admire the man now.
Hannity, if you are going to keep saying it is not torture, then you need to be waterboarded yourself to prove it.

1982 days ago


For those idiots on here, still saying this is not torture, go have it done. If you are not man enough to have it done, then shut up!! The ones who are are yelling the loudest on here, calling Mancow a wimp, are probably the ones who have never worked, just sit behind a computer, living in their Mother's basement, no military experience, never had a blister, and never ever respected the ones who have, and always over reacting because they have no girlfriends, and their genitals are soooo small.

1982 days ago

Jim Russell    

Mancow put his big mouth where the water was. The little whimp Hannity joins the 2 fat watery girlymen, Cheney and Limbaugh, in extoiling the virtues of a gang of thugs binding and shackling 1 helpless guy and beating and torruring him, guilty or not.

Actually that's the definition of cowardice and the only way these 3 cowards would face down anyone.

1982 days ago


Republicans used to stand for honesty. Honoring treaties. Americans do not torture. It was the enemy with no morals that tortured. Our word is our bond.
Now it is, torture works, and they do it, so we can do it too.
Treaties, we don't need to honor treaties. We don't need to abide by the rules we helped write.

Why have republicans become liars and torturers? What has happened to the honorable party, that always wanted to do the right thing, even if it was not the easy thing? What happened to the party that honor's Christian principles? What would Jesus do? Would Jesus lie and torture????? Where is this generation's Reagan? He made many speeches on the horrors of torture, and how we would never do it.

1982 days ago


Oh, lets just hug the info that will save American lives out of our evil buddies! maybe Maybe ?? a time out!! no, I am sure that is too harsh.
I will say that my youngest probably won't ever have steps in his home, due to his time, on our steps-because of his own decisions 2 recieve time out. How very un-Pelosi of me, I fully admit that I not only remember putting him in time out but why and I do hold him accountable for his actions to get himself there. I also admit to a couple swats on the behind, I don't regret it or think it scared him in anyway. I know this isn't the same but yet on a larger scale IT IS LIVES AT STAKE PEOPLE, NATIONAL SECURITY.
Honestly ppl do you think there is never a time for harsh measures to be taken? Lives! A nations safety. I don't see myself as mean or over the top demonic to think that sometimes we have to protect ourselves and sometimes people may not agree on the means to that end. I can't even understand the debatable part of this.

1982 days ago


Torture ONE terrorist....SAVE 1,000+ AMERICANS! Do the Fawking Math!
There's nothing worse in this world than a Idiot Terrorist with a
cause! Fawkers!
Since when do these thugs have rights? Why should we worry about torturing them when they will cut an Americans head off on Video and deseminate the footage to Al-Jazeer TV? Only a stupid ASS Liberal could turn a terrorist into the VICTIM!
Kill them all! Let thier God ALLAH sort them out!

1981 days ago


I really don't feel sorry for terrorists who want to kill me and my family. If it was up to me, I'd get medival on them. We are not playing tiddley-winks with these fine folks. Anyone who has ever seen a beheading will know the calibar of persons we are dealing with.

1981 days ago

So what?    

All that clip showed was that waterboarding WORKS! Mistake me if I'm wrong, but Mancow didn't have any injuries after that. He was a little "shaken up". What's the big deal? 60 seconds after it happened he was thanking his staff. WTFF? Maybe we should just hand all of our effective military tactics over to the spoiled ignorant civilians that think they know how to do everything better.

1981 days ago


I think dying of smoke inhalation or having to jump from the 50th floor of a burning building is worse than being waterboarded. At least a terrorist knows that whiny liberals will eventually save him!

1981 days ago


Correct me if I'm wrong but that's not how you do water boarding! I've seen it done before by people who are trained at doing it and you're meant to put the cloth in the person's mouth and pour the water on the cloth! That guy was just getting a nice face wash!

1981 days ago


torture sucks...then don't be a terrorist and threaten my country...thank you to the military for saving our tails

1981 days ago

Dr. Patrick    

To Cynthia Post #56 : Torture ONE terrorist....SAVE 1,000+ AMERICANS! Do the Fawking Math!
JUST UNBELIEVABLE...What is the Source of your Stats ? YOU are the problem and Not the Hundreds of People (so called Terrorists) TOTURED without cause and released without Charge after several years of Torture and Detention.

HAS it Occured to you that TORTURE ONE INNOCENT PERSON..........CREATE 1000+ REAL TERRORISTS ? YOU DO THE FAWKING MATH....That is if you have the ability for math and analytical thinking.

1981 days ago

Missing Reagan    

Waterboarding is only bad until your family is taken and they have a suspect.
I doubt anybody on this board, or even the "Great One", would object to it if it meant the life/death of their loved ones.

1981 days ago


That is why it works. No one likes it and will tell what they know instead of receiving another "treatment". By the way, did Mancow have any broken bones, finger nails pulled out, or eyes gouged out? Did it end with Mancow being beheaded with a butcher knife with some hooded men chanting behind the gruesome act? If it did not leave permanent damage it is not torture. You Lilly livered liberals would have the United States commit suicide in the face of terrorism. Yet, with all this howling about torture the liberals forget that Janet Reno commited torture at Waco on Men, women and children with her 24 hour 2500 watt speakers all around the compound with heliocopers flying around making all that whop-whop at all hours, but to a liberal that was all right since it was Americans they were torturing.
How is obama doing. WE are still in a war he promised to stop. We are quadrupling the deficit when he biached about Bush's expense of protecting America. I DO believe that dear leader bammie can still lose this war in favor of the Muslims he was trained in youth to be. That may be the big secret we have not found out yet.
"More lies in 60 days than Bush told in 6 years and now 100 days and 100 mistakes".

1981 days ago
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