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Radio Host Waterboarded -- Hilarity Doesn't Ensue

5/23/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The torture method called waterboarding -- which is meant to simulate drowning -- sucks so much, the average person can only endure it for a few seconds... as demonstrated here by brave Chicago radio host Mancow.

Bottom line -- torture sucks.


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To poster number 109-

You are mistaken if you think it has not saved lives. Last time I checked we have not been attacked since 911. Do you think that is because the Islamic terrorists have stopped trying? You are funny. Maybe you should sponsor one of the Gitmo detainees in your home. Why don't you take them in and clothe and feed them? Bring them into your family with your kids and loved ones...

Did not think so

1988 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

The Torture Issue has been a Point of Activism for the Democrats for years Now. The fact that certain Interrogation techniques has been used for over 40 years and is being thought of as torture , begins to clearly illustrates that the torture issue becomes a political 'propaganda' issue (torture scam). When disgraced journalist seymour hersh and other media outlets first brought up the abu-gharib pictures , it was well known that this occured many months before and it was Improved Upon (according to the red cross). It was completely false to portray this as an abuse that just occured and was not dealt with , therefore, it was politically motivated (ONLY). It is a Shame that the left Media and Democrats portrayed this as a torture conspiracy ,also, the Democrats and Media was the first to report this.
If Victims(s) can be Exploited to Further the Ideology of Collectivism (or socialism) than Leftist Leaders will Use it ,otherwise, will Deny it as a Victim(s) (Examples are 9/11, Victims of Castro or Hugo Chavez, even Darfur,Etc). A Socialist Motto is 'A Lie is Justified as Long as it is done for a common socialist good. HUGO CHAVEZ PERFORMS UNSPEAKABLE ACTS OF TORTURE towards innocent civilians who are targetted because they disagree with Hugo Chavez poltical views.Democrat Bill Delahunt last month meet with Latin America's 1st Fascist leader (Hugo Chavez) and praised his leadership. Some Democrats (for some reason) do Not see a difference between innocent civilians and Al-Qaeda Terrorists or as they are Now called Man Made Disaster makers. Apparently , for Some Democrats, it is about How Victim(s) of events can be exploited to their Political Advantage. This type of political strategy is almost always employed by Socialists or Statists to acquire more power. The Fact that Some Democrats want to portray former president Bush or the GOP as Fear Mongers is FEAR MONGERING. They base their propanganda that 9/11 was a conspiracy or the USA had it coming to them , which becomes the BIG LIE THAT THE DNC HAS TOLD (kind of like the economy). Democrats (like Durbin, Obama, Reid) have been increasing the powere of the president branch and government in record speed by taking over Car Companies, Census Counting (through Acorn) , giving money & power to groups that are loyal to the DNC (like DNC Unions), & Now, Socializing Health Care.
Note: Some Democrats (like Pelosi or Rockefeller) APPROVED of the Interrogation methods (like WATERBOARDING) that they call 'torture' . If they approved that and they considered it torture, then they are Guilty. The Ones that did Not think it was torture ,through legal guidance, are Innocent.

1988 days ago


Waterboarding, who cares. If it get information to save lives or prevent future attacks, it should be used. I'am an American citizen and I don't care if they have to torture to get some information from a terrorist or would be attacker. Obama is an idiot for releasing info on torture techniques that have been used. Why is trying to get people prosecuted for it being done, give me a break.

1988 days ago



1988 days ago


Good for you mancow. Torture is torture. Cheney is next!

1988 days ago


We must treat people who kill innocent people for no reason with the utmost respect. Maybe we should give them candy canes, cable and strippers. I lost all respect for WOMANCOW.

1988 days ago


The only comment that has made any sense on here is posted by voice of reason. It is on the 2nd set of comments. Don't ever forget, these people want to kill us, they hate us, and they will stop at NOTHING to accomplish this. Obama can kiss their butts, have a tea party with them, whatever, he will be sorry when his daughters are in danger because of his unwillingness to acknowledge that terrorism is alive and well and is coming to a state near you!

1987 days ago

J D    

They need to waterboard Shawn Hannity and Ann Coulter and lets see these to bimbo's laught after a few hours of having it done to them I had it done to me in Sears school it's no laughing matter! Neither one of thoes two idiots could last a day of what I went threw of for a week of school yet these two idiots laugh like it's a game! I find it hard to believe either one of them has a education to go any father than FOX news!!!! That would be the only place that would hire a jail bird like Shawn Hannity!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1987 days ago


this should go to show everyone how bad waterboarding is. This guy could only take a few seconds and he knew it was coming. Just imagine if he had been kept awake for a couple days, starved,antagonized with propaganda and then waterboarded.
Obama deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for standing up against this torture.

1987 days ago

buh-bye weiner party!    

I bet Daniel Pearl wishes that was all they had done to him. Let's see, a splash of water on your face or your head sliced off? Which is worse?

People who are making an issue of this are truly sick, self-hating, irrational, pathetic nutcases. I guess I won't feel so much sympathy the next time terrorists strike a big city, as their victims will surely be mainly leftwing nuts who have facilitated their own deaths.

Pleae feel free to move to the middle east and begin reasoning with these psychotic extremists. Maybe if you can hold their hands and apologize for existing they'll make sure they murder you a little quicker so you don't suffer as much as the rest of their victims.

1987 days ago

buh-bye weiner party!    

"They need to waterboard Shawn Hannity and Ann Coulter and lets see these to bimbo's laught after a few hours of having it done to them..."

Because they are terrorists trying to kill innocent Americans? How could you possibly rationalize that this thing is so awful that it troubles you to see it done to foreign, murdering terrorists -- and yet you actually wish it upon fellow Americans who dare to voice their own opinions that you dislike? You are an incredibly sick and twisted person who clearly opposes fredom of speech and Constitutional rights for Americans...and yet embraces them for those who would kill you if given the chance. You are truly and amzingly sick and evil.

1987 days ago


#13 Cmon:

That was great. I love how everybody conveniently forgets Danny Pearl and Nick Berg and Eugene Armstrong. Short memories for some people. You don't think being decapitated was torture? Not only did they decapitate Berg, that simply wan't enough of course, they hanged him upside down and burned his body. I will NEVER feel sorry for one single person who gets or has been waterboarded. There is a reason these people are in the proverbial "hot seat". They didn't arrest their a$$ for jaywalking. There is no way Islamo-fascists deserve one ounce of pity. Religion of peace, my a$$. You can actually look up the name Eugene Armstrong and watch his beheading on the internet. I am for whatever it takes to bring these filthy basterds down.

1987 days ago

Ima adead moose    

People who are being tortured will tell you anything you want to hear. They will tell you lies if that is what you want. The justification for the Iraq War was built on these lies. I, for one, do not want American servicemen killed and maimed in a war based on lies. Do you? Happy Memorial Day!

1987 days ago


After being in New York on 9/11, do whatever the heck you have to. And yes, I'm a right winger, and I love feeling safe.

1987 days ago



Americans are INTENTIONALLY...

dumbed- down...

so they can be soooo freakin easily...


NO...tell me that ain't so!!!!!

Dumbed down AND scared?...

makes you one big freakin....

now murdering...


Look up schmuck...schmucks.

1987 days ago
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