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Gisele Bundchen -- With Super Child?

5/24/2009 1:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The spawn of Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady will no doubt be a genetic masterpiece -- but is the leggy Brazilian already knocked up?


The rumors are out there, you be the judge ...


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whats wrong with her neck.....large adams apple

1942 days ago


Looks like she has acne, that could have to do with being pregnant. Or she's just ugly.

1942 days ago


#25 She is staring down a staker. Creepy TMZ. She's obviously coming out of gym. She's also secure in her own skin to walk around without make up. Another word she doesn't care what you losers think. What you want her to get all dolled up for the gym? Why? to impress you.? lol. She looks great without make up. I've seen worst. Look at the bone structure on her face. High Cheek bones, pouty lips. Make-up does not do that. You're either born with it or you don't.

For all those bitter babymamas (you know those of you who tried to trap a guy with an unbilical cord and failed miserably) who constantly try to blame Gisele for Tom Brady and Bridget Monahan trailer park babymama relationship dramas, Get a life. Bridget and her friends have spent three years running a hate campaign vs Gisele. She used her son as a tabloid ping pong ball from the time he was in the woumb to get people to hate his father and Gisele. She has done it very connivingly and successfully. So no I have no sympathy for her. As the saying goes you rip what you sow.

1942 days ago

bsb 4-ever    

i see u fat gals didn't get my first message, go chow down on something unhealthy and leave gisele alone, just because she is thin doesn't mean she is ugly that just mean you are ugly and there is yet another beautiful woman u are threatened by_ get a life u fatties and u losers! her neck is just fine but too bad ur neck probably has about four rolls aroung it! lmoa:)

1942 days ago


Why are you asking me if this man is pregnant?

1942 days ago

i'd be proud too    

i knew that for the longest time she had a very similar mug to some one i know and that the only thing she REALLY has going for her is a nice body and ...thats it

1942 days ago


Amazing how these so-called "perfect" people look like everone else until the makeup artists and hairstylists get their hands on them.

1942 days ago


He left his other hot baby momma for that?

1942 days ago


I really know nothing about her, but seriously, was she born a man? He/She makes one ugly woman.

1942 days ago


So what's wrong with her again? An unflattering picture- we've never seen one of those before.

As far a "preggars," lol, she would have been sick a while back, not now, you dumfuks.

1942 days ago


The neck looks like a symptom of too much deep---------, She talks like a truck driving w----- and is just too self centered and abnoxious to ever be taken seriously. She ruined Brady, He won't even get out of bed for football anymore. He was so great and now what? Why didn't his teammates step in and save him from being taken out by this broad? Now they lost his great game and she won his passes. Hope Bridget makes sure the baby is safe, not around guns and shootings and all the paparazzi that could result in tragedy, look at Lady Di. Courting attention is her thing. Now the nose and ears and THE NECK!?!?!?

1942 days ago


i think she's hot as hell.................bridget who?

1942 days ago


A masterpiece? Ok, she has a nice body, but gimme a break that woman is not pretty at all. If that kid looks like her, he's gonna be one fug kid.

1941 days ago


That egomaniac will never ruin her body with a pregnancy. Mark my words.

1941 days ago


you lot are either all blind or really ugly. she is the most beautiful natural looking and interesting woman in the world and the reason she is not dressed up and wearing make up is because that's her job! she's obviously off duty.

1941 days ago
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