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Mary Kay and Her Boy Lover -- All Growed Up

5/24/2009 11:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Now wave your hands in the air, and party like you're a teacher who did seven years and six months for raping your 12-year-old student!"


Mary Kay Letourneau didn't really say that last night, but she could have when she and her boyfriend-turned-husband, Vili Fualaau, hosted "Hot for Teacher Night" at a Seattle club.

They look so happy together -- for a second, you almost forget they started having sex when she was his elementary school teacher. Almost.


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First of all, these two never bothered me either, although I certainly don't condone this. I do think it's pretty cool that they are still together. And she was in a TERRIBLE marriage with a serial cheater who also was emotionally and physically abusive.

Also, you people need to learn the definition of PEDOPHILE. It is someone who is sexually attracted to a PRE pubescent child. Because he was able to father children, he obviously had passed puberty. It annoys me that people throw that word around.

1986 days ago


So, Let me get this straight. A woman, a significantly older woman has sex with a boy-child and all is forgiven after a brief (very brief) jail sentence, but if a man an older man tries to have sex with young girl he's given 25 to life!? If you promote Mary Kay and her boy toy you can't criminalize male child molesters or child rapers! I'm not for children getting preyed upon by child molesters, so what makes her any different? Is it because her genitalia are on the inside? What this situation says to the world is "Our children are now up for grabs". And to the Mormon insect queen: Children must have a healthy well rounded childhood in order to grow up to become healthy well rounded adults-otherwise you end up with nut cases hearing the word of a god coming from a top hat!

1986 days ago



1986 days ago


I wonder what they'll do when their own child, at the age of 13 decides that she/he's gonna start screwing their teacher.
Completely disgusting.
If their genders were switched, and that had been a 13yo girl... The teacher would've still been in jail and would NEVER be getting any kind of sympathy.

This nasty pervert PEDOPHILE MOLESTER should have no ones sympathy or well wishes.

1986 days ago


She is a child molester for life! I hope her first husband got full custody of the children from the first marriage. This crazy child molester is the poster child for abortion!

1986 days ago


For 5:50 The Persian empire did not fall because of any "immorality" either.
The Persians simply lost some key battles down through the centuries but their rule was mild and ethical, being followers of Ahura-Mazda.

1986 days ago


They look happy and she is glowing with love for her handsome husband.
Good on them!

1986 days ago


Whenever someone starts pontificating about America's morality, red flags go up. It usually means they have a few skeletons in their own closets.

There is nothing wrong with America's morality, although some religionists are sorely lacking in common decency.

1986 days ago


Keep in mind that when she started molesting him he was a 6th grader. Imagine if it had been a 30 something adult raping a 6th grade girl.

On another note, I guess it should be no surprise that Mary K. is STILL doing things to humiliate her OTHER children, the ones she doesn't have sex with.

1986 days ago


I really can't believe how many people support this situation.
You would be demanding her head on a stick, if she were a man, and it had been a 12yo girl that had been molested and raped.
You would've been drooling with rage if that 12yo had gotten pregnant, and the man had only served a few years in jail only come come out and marry her.
You all would've moaned and groaned about how she is a victim and doesn't know any better and needs help.

So tired of it being ok for female teachers getting away with sexually molesting students just b/c they're female. It does NOT make it ANY better. It it still CHILD MOLESTATION.

1986 days ago

Some Girl    

This is disgusting. These people are frickin WACKO. She got PREGNANT by a 12 year old boy. He has been in and out of court and jail for drunk driving and grand theft auto. He and his mother tried to sue the school district for not preventing their relationship from happening, obviously solely for money. They are pathetic and psychotic and I feel sorry for her SIX children. I am not happy for either of them.

1986 days ago


Beth, perhaps you should buy a dictionary.

Pedophilia: sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object - Webster's

A 6th grader, age 12, is a child. Villi was 12 (not 13 as repeated in the comments here) when she started raping him. The law determines her a child rapist. Get over it.

1986 days ago


del, in the medical community it is pre pubescent children.

While I agree, a 12 yo is a child, absolutely emotionally and mentally, most are post puberty physically.

1986 days ago


so what? in the grand scheme of things, what boy in his right mind could complain about a hot older woman banging him?

1985 days ago


I find what they did absolutely disgusting and anyone that thinks its okay what they did is a little messed up if you ask me. People should be able to live their lifes but certainly not like that, underage kids shouldnt be dating older people especially their teachers, she was the adult and took advantage of him, no one should be having sex unless their mature enough and ready for it and a 12 yr old little kid certainly isnt ready for that. People should be in love and be dating people around their age and well into their late teens before they decide to make such a commitment. That lady knew better she was his teacher and its just totally wrong. And then they host something like that called Too hot for teacher? You think those people would have learned what they did was wrong but I guess dumb people never do.

1985 days ago
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