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Brooke Shields:

I Would've Had Sex Sooner,


5/25/2009 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0525_brooke_shields_tmz-1Bristol Palin may wanna cover her ears -- Brooke Shields claims she would've swiped her V-card a lot sooner if she wouldn't have had so many issues with body image.

In a ridiculously candid interview with Health Magazine, Brooke said her biggest health regret was "Not learning to love the way I looked earlier. And I think I would have had sex a lot earlier! I think I would have lost my virginity earlier than I did at 22."

Highly surprising since she was only 15 when she got naked in "The Blue Lagoon."


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Larry Richie    

I commented on Ms. Shields statement some twenty minutes ago. I owe an apology to all who offended by the mean spiritedness of my comment. I responded in the heat of the moment and that usually leads to rude, thoughtless, and hurtful words and/or actions. One should never be rude on a public forum. My only desire is to see the things I mentioned come to an end for the sake of the youth of America. Once again I humbly apologize and ask your forgiveness.

1980 days ago

its me    

i love Brooke because she seems real .

the other poster was talking about teenagers ending up naked on the internet and thats so true. why in the world do you people do that?? its humiliating and embarrassing . i really feel sorry for them because i guess they want attention or something but they are getting the wrong kind of attention and when people see you they will disrespect you. your naked pics will go all over the world so stop doing that and that goes for all ages. its disgusting !!!!! i have zero respect for people who do that . your all nasty . DONT LET ANYONE TAKE NAKED PICS OF YOU ! NEVER! I DONT CARE IF ITS YOUR HUSBAND/WIFE. if they wanna get even they will put you right on here for the world to see and trust me YOU WILL REGRET IT !

1980 days ago


Well maybe there is something positive about that gawky self conscious stage.

Maybe we should tell kids they are ugly and point out all of their flaws :)

1980 days ago


Larry your first comment was right. In a way, she is promoting teen sex though I didn't look at it that way at first. I don't know though if it really makes a difference much anymore what one celebrity says whether teens have sex anymore with the way society going though, but that's not the point. Maybe she should have said "I would have had it at 20 instead of 22" and that would have been better? lol You know, just to say, I wanted to have it earlier but teen sex is not cool or something, for the teens listening.

1980 days ago


Why does this dumb tranny looking hag think anyone cares why she didn't have sex sooner? Go away hag!!

1980 days ago


She's a liar....her mother had the lock and key to her vagina well into her adult years---Brooke had no say in any aspect of her life and is still struggling on how to make decisions without the overbearing, protective mother of hers. I'm sorry she now has dementia but as one poster said, why on earth is she locked away in some nusring home, ,the same home that allowed a reporter to "check her out" for the day and take her to lunch and an "interview".

Brooke are you ill? Did you not learn anything from the now retired tennis player, Agassi,you once dated?

1980 days ago


Well, I waited until I was 34, but that was basically because none of the women I wanted to have sex with wanted to have sex with me.

1980 days ago

Guess Who?    

Actually she played a child hooker in another movie much earlier than 15 or Blue Lagoon. So, she's been a tramp for much longer than her alleged loss of virginity at age 22. There must be an award in Hollywood for the trashiest statement because these stars are working over time to be low class.

1980 days ago


She got scary looking as she got older.

1980 days ago


What a dumb lying whore !!

1980 days ago

Linda Mott    

Did I miss something? She never mentioned love. I guess people just use sex as a recreation and not as something that is used only in a deeply committed relationship, hopefully marriage.

1980 days ago


Brooke must be feeling ignored these days. It wasn't long ago, that she was making "headlines", because of her bout with post-partum depression, then most recently she was sharing with the world that she's dumped her aging mother in a nursing home, has had a skin cancer scare, and now this. What's she going to let us in on details of her first pap smear?! Give us a break, Brooke! And SHUT UP already!

1980 days ago


and let's not all the shilling for products in print and television that she's doing now. i've wondered why she's so busy branding herself, there is nothing that she won't do an advertisment for. I know it's good business to brand yourself but enough is enough an being selective is important. enough brook, fade away for a few years, less is more....

1980 days ago


Brooke your not a news story all your shows bomb.So does your mother know she has granchildren.Oh I forgot she is in a mental intitution you dicarded her at..well the tabloids at least check on her once in while.bye

1980 days ago


Wow. What a great message to send to kids Miss Brooke Slutields.

"You can have sex younger if you feel good about your body image."

What about, waiting so you don't end up like like Jamie Lynn Spears or Bristol Palin... only poor and unemployeed? What about, if you love your body and your body image, it's worth waiting for the one person who really deserves that special gift you can only give one time?

this is where our morals have gone in this society. I feel sorry for her daughters. they'll be knocked up by the time they are 12 by her teachings.

1980 days ago
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