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Brooke Shields:

I Would've Had Sex Sooner,


5/25/2009 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0525_brooke_shields_tmz-1Bristol Palin may wanna cover her ears -- Brooke Shields claims she would've swiped her V-card a lot sooner if she wouldn't have had so many issues with body image.

In a ridiculously candid interview with Health Magazine, Brooke said her biggest health regret was "Not learning to love the way I looked earlier. And I think I would have had sex a lot earlier! I think I would have lost my virginity earlier than I did at 22."

Highly surprising since she was only 15 when she got naked in "The Blue Lagoon."


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Your girls must be sooooooooooooooooo proud of mommy.
Increase your meds, Brooke.

1954 days ago


How did she ever get into Princeton?? D-U-M-B. I guess they just wanted a famous face. Did it boost enrollment at the time or something?

1954 days ago

John Stallworth    

Is there anyone who cares when she had sex?

1954 days ago


That's nothing to be regretful about, You were beautiful then and still are today.
Young people should view this as a positive thing.

This is something you should be respected for

1954 days ago

Mar Mar    

Wow, do I see this way different!

I think she's pretty cool for going public with her body image issues and her postpartum depression. She's openly serving as proof that everybody's got problems, even those who might seem to have a perfect life. We should thank her for her candor, not freaking blast her for having thick eyebrows in the early 80s! (BTW, I can tell you, that was the look.)

I saw Brooke at a party about 7 years ago. Tons of uppity Hollywood types were there. Brooke was the best looking person there. What's more, she was smiling, laughing, and seemed like a normal person.

And get off her back for lamenting she didn't lose her virginity until 22 years old. If she was "of age" and emotionally mature enough for a sexual relationship before that, and the only thing holding her back was her negative self image, then that was a shame.

Don't any of you haters remember the bliss of your first love?

I'm rooting for Brooke.

1954 days ago


hmmm......I think her comment is limited because she is reflecting as a mature woman. There's nothing wrong with waiting to have sex with a person you love and respect, who you believe will respect you....especially for the first time.
Quitely honestely, it sounds to me like she simply is feeling good right now and wants to have alot of sex right NOW. This has very little to do with then.....
Her comment stated another way: "I wish I'd gotten frisky earlier in life because I'm curious about exploring other options...and I regret being with only a few men".

1954 days ago


Brook, you have to be the biggest idiot in the world.......Are you really that desperate for attention!!!!!!
GO tend to your kids......

1954 days ago


I am amazed at some of the ignorant people on here. All she isa saying, is that even though she was a super-model, she still has low self esteem when it came to her won body, therefore, it prevented her from becoming sexually active before age 22. She is not condoning having sex earlier, just saying what her issues were.

In her day- no one was even close to her league, and she was kind of thrown into the whole modeling world at such a young age by her mother Terry. This set up a lot of resentment between the two over the years. They have since resovled the issues, but her mother now suffers from Alzheimers, and has to be in a nursing home for her won safety.

She always seemed like one of the most down to earth models around. I think she is a class act, and admire the way she has conducted her life as an adult. Brooke is very smart, that is why she went to an Ivy league school.

1954 days ago

Zebedee Doodah    

Brooke's alcoholic mother pimped her out at every opportunity. She allowed Brooke to pose nude for photographer Garry Gross at the age of TEN. He took a whole series of photos of her in a bathtub and titled them, "The Woman in the Child." Google it for confirmation.

1954 days ago

Ditto #258    

Ever shudder with embarrassment when somebody makes a complete jacka$$ of themself?

Ick .... this story is exactly what TMZ says: ridiculously candid.

Strictly embarrassing that a grown woman and mother finds this is what she wishes to discuss in public.

1954 days ago

ex lax    

That's OK Brooke I had sex to you when I was 15 or so!

1954 days ago


She has a high IQ to bad she does not have common sense what a stupid thing to say.

1954 days ago


There is really somthing wrong with Brook the unibrow Shields. She is so dumb. Her career has been lack luster if you ask me. I just can not stand her. Sutherland should have given her a head butt!

1953 days ago


Twenty-freaking-two? Was she waiting to get Social Security payments before she got intimate with someone?

1953 days ago

Katharine Parker    

Really? I thought Brooke's mother auctioned off her virginity about the same time she had her making "Pretty Baby"! (Check it out: there's a scene of just that in the movie. Charming...) Thank God we have Rumer Willis! Hang on to your virigintiy, Rumer!

1953 days ago
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