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Mr. Olympia Salutes Memorial Day with Gun Show

5/25/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man attached to the gargantuan appendage is 2x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler...

Mr Olympia
... and yesterday at the Wet Republic pool in Vegas, he proved that if you work hard enough, and put enough laboratory-enhanced substances into your system, you too could own a limb that's freakishly bigger than your head.


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Jay Cutler was a millionaire before his 30th birthday! Aside from his bodybuilding successes he's a very successful businessman as well. Gotta love all the ignorance and hate on this site. OH, by the way, quick biology lesson. Testosterone is produced in the testicles. If one takes steroids (synthetic testosterone) it can have an effect on the size of the testicles, but NOT the penis. I'm not sure what kinda stuff some of the readers here are into, but I've never tried insterting my testicles into a woman.

1942 days ago


Hey WisconsinBB!

Try it, you might like it!


1942 days ago


"2. Men who are this big have small penises. Another reason to stay away from steroids

Posted at 10:33AM on May 25th 2009 by JJ"

Actually, steroids can shrink the balls, but not the penis. That's physiologically impossible. Another reason to get an education. The sad thing is, you almost certainly won't be ashamed over your retardation. Ignorant people, when corrected, rarely do. :(

1942 days ago


Jay Cutler isn't a guido or someone obsessed with himself. He likes developing his muscles and has made a career out of it. Some people consider this odd, but is it any stranger than watching television or playing online for hours a day? At least Jay Cutler is working at something and developing himself. Jay Cutler is not gay, he's happily married to a woman. Even if he were gay, is that bad? I don't think so. I also disagree that developing the body means you must "love" the male body and must be gay. Admiring one's physique like a work of art is totally different than sexual attraction to other male's physiques. Who's sexually attracted to the sculpture of David?

1942 days ago


He needs to inflate his head to be proportional with his "hot bod".. Both the one attached to his neck and the one in his pants.

Her tattoo is gonna look so SMOKIN HOT when she starts eating, has kids, and hits 40.

1942 days ago


Wow... a lot of you are super insecure and it shows... you go STRAIGHT to wiener talk... let me guess. the next 50 posts will be a variety of: Gross hes disgusting... he has a small wiener.... he's so gross.... and maybe another wiener comment.... grow up and dont be so judgmental... no one looks at your fat or (or maybe your scrawny) ass and comment on how big your wiener is... they probably just dont notice you... maybe you should be insecure

1942 days ago


how many of you people take "miracle weight loss pills" and are still fatasses.... I bet some of you have fake boobs... there may be one or two of you who have tried natural male enhancement pills.... these are all shortcuts for you lazy asses... and nothing has changed... except for the bra size... thats a given... but your gonna tell me this guy who works harder than most of you fools could even fathom has only steroids to thank? dont be so closed minded... c'mon!

1942 days ago


They are both GROSS! I'll take a nice, soft, round guy - or girl - any day over messes like these!

1942 days ago


in my observations i have noted that the body builder types have inflated egos and very thin skins

1942 days ago

Trailer Park Boy    

Big as Fridge...

1942 days ago

jay bo    

All these comments are ridiculous. All of your stereotyping is no different than racism. You should honetly be ashamed of yourselves for being so judgmental.

Let's see... from what I've gathered from the comments on here, just because he is muscular , automatically he:

1. is stupid
2. has a small penis
3. is vain/self centered
4. is gay
5. is self conscious
6. is unattractive to everyone

... when in reality....

1. He is actually a very well spoken guy, who went to college and has a degree in criminal justice.
2. Being muscular has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with penis size.
3. He is a nice guy who is great to all his fans. He personally responds to all fan mail he gets.
4. He is happily married.
5. How can you possibly know he is self conscious? People start working out for a number of reasons. He started working out for his career as a corrections officer...not because he was self conscious.
6. Obviously his wife finds him attractive, so why does it matter what anyone else thinks?

1941 days ago


If that's the new "beauty" standard, then something is seriously wrong here. They both look like frightening.

1941 days ago


Jay Cutler - mr Olympia and all round legend!
Of course he's on steroids lol... all pro body builders are, and so are more pro sports people of some sort - they're just a year or two ahead of those who test them (most of the time ;))
God some people have so little clue - if its you, just don't comment until you do!

1568 days ago


uhm..matt your nuts shrink because there is a abundance of testosterone in the body and they are trying to lower to normal not because they stop producing sperm.

1502 days ago


all you people who talking trash dont be envious that you could never acheive something like that its no ones falt that you are weak

1493 days ago
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