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Jonas Bros. Redeem Themselves

5/26/2009 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Everyone's favorite evangelical Christian dandy boy band, the Jonas Brothers, posed with their biggest fan ... Jesus Christ.


The purity ring clad trio visited the famous Christ the Redeemer statute in Rio this weekend.

Thou shalt not poke fun at the Jonai.


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I agree with nicole. i am a nanny of a 10 year old girl who loves them and when they got made fun of on the vmas it opened the door to some amazing conversations between me and her about how valuable she is as a little girl and as a grown woman. she doesnt even know what sex is yet, but she knows when she grows up, she deserves to have only one person kiss and hug her and the fact that the jonas brothers are young men she likes reinforces that it is possible.

1973 days ago


butt sho!

1973 days ago


Jesus! I love Jesus! wow they look so small to Jesus!!

Jesus looks Happy !!

I love Jesus!

1973 days ago


totally agreed jonas fan. they definitely are christians, but they are also talented focused and driven.

1973 days ago

Lippy Loo    

I wonder if those three talentless losers know that wearning SKINNY JEANS can cause problems? Probably not, they are too busy being gay.

1973 days ago


My 10 year old daughters a fan and I have wicked dreams about the one in the middle.

When people say "How can you listen to that crap?" I say "At least they play instruments". I rather listen to them then someone like Britney or Rihanna singing along (lip synching?) to a tape.

1973 days ago

kay john    

that's too cute :)

love you boys.

eurgh. people can be soo stuck-up.
get over yourselves.

1973 days ago


there sooo cute.
i love the jonas borhters.
i can not wait to see them in concert!

1973 days ago


ok, there are several people here who made offensive comments to the jonas brothers,
I think that these people should not judge so these guys, because they say that others are gay do not realize how it can hurt the feelings of this or any person with a different choice to yours ..
what is the problem if you are gay ??... live in a society in which acceptance is paramount, because I think that if anyone says one day have other choice, I'm sure will continue to fill stadiums like they do now .. should respect the tastes and beliefs of others (eg their purity rings).
I like the jonas brothers, not only as a music group that targets the young, but by the respect they have among themselves and the lyrics of his songs, if you would stop to listen at least a portion of the song "A Little Bit Longer" .. he would see all the emotions that this young man had to go through when she was diagnosed diavetes .. these songs are very deep ... and the truth that the comments that bother me, certain people are about them did not even know ..
This commentary isn't meant to offend anyone, let alone ... but what if I like it that they cease to offend these people .. greetings

1973 days ago


40. I wonder if those three talentless losers know that wearning SKINNY JEANS can cause problems? Probably not, they are too busy being gay.

Posted at 2:21PM on May 26th 2009 by Gloria V


I bet their a$$e$ are smaller than yours.

1973 days ago



I hope they save their money cause with their youth will go their fame.

And they're ugly anyway. Teen girls just take what's handed to them. How are they gonna handle a real man when one crosses their path?

At least they can say they play their own instruments...or do they?

1973 days ago


I love JONAS and I love JESUS

1973 days ago


First, I'd like to say TMZ stop it with the whole evangelical Christian dandy boy band. Get over it. All it does is make you people sound dumb because you can't think of anything better to write about them. Would you haters stop saying they're gay. They for one have never admitted to it nor has there ever been a picture of them to even come close to making them seem gay. I have however seen pictures of them with girls kissing and holding hands. Guys holding hands with girls and kissing girls that's what you call straight. Example the Jonas Brothers. The Jonas Brothers made a decision and promise to be virgins until marriage and I think that them making that commitment is awesome. For once there are 3 men that have some respect for girls and don't want to just get in their pants. I find the purity until marriage thing makes them more sexy. Knowing that they haven't slept with another girl just adds to their appeal. It's sad that people find them not having sex a bad thing. It's setting a good example for other guys and it has shown girls how men should really act and treat a girl. Men should be gentelmen. (Guys listen up most girls love the way JB acts maybe you should try it out.) But any how. the Jonas Brothers are extremly talented musicians, that are successful, and are good role models. They are one of mine even though I am a girl I look up to them. They are respectful human beings. I support them 100% in whatever they do. I will always be a Jonas Brothers fan and I am extremly proud of it. If you don't like it to bad. Jonas brothers ROCK!!!!!!

1973 days ago


hey shut the **** racheal ok becuz they are gayyyyyyyyyyy hahaha talent my *** they suck and who would want to be like them

1973 days ago


#50 Rachel you just said everything I've ever wanted to say but have been unable to put together in a way that would make sense. THANK YOU so much. Your the kind of JB I love. As for all you other haters you'll never understand what amazing men these boys are. It's a shame your missing out on some amazing Men.

1973 days ago
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