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Mel Gibson

Yep, She's Knocked Up

5/26/2009 9:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson was on "The Tonight Show" to talk about his two latest projects -- his divorce from wife Robyn, and the pregnancy of his new GF, Russian singer Oksana Grigorieva.

Mel Gibson: Click to watch
While talking to Jay Leno, the conservative Catholic actually took the blame for his split from his wife of 28 years, saying "I did a pretty good hatchet job on my marriage myself ... put it here."

His kid with Grigorieva will make 8 for Gibson -- prompting him to call himself "Octo-Mel."

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PEPSI Generation    

Make UM money on the way UP and make UM money on the way down- THAT IS THE WAY THE HOLLYWOOD SYSTEM WORKS!.NO thing as bad press..just keep them in the press.DUMBASSES THINK hollywood marriges are REAL? HA HA thats a real joke it`s a rabbit screw club and everyone screws everyone for press for free.Marrige is over in the USA 70 % of ladys with babys are not married and gays want on that train? marrige is over for everyone not just fake storys mels PR press CORE

1984 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

Gee, is it strictly the woman's fault? Takes 2 to make a baby folks. And Mel has cranked out plenty b4 this one. Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder Mel...ahhhh but I guess it wasn't the heart he was concerned with. So crazy, funny Mel brings another Gibson into the world. Soon he'll have enuf 4 his own church service.

1984 days ago


Ah, such a devout Catholic. He's not divorced from his wife (she just filed in April), and he has someone knocked up already.

Don't you usually (in order):

1. Divorce;
2. Remarry;
3. Get pregnant?

Yes, he's a devout Catholic. Only problem is, I don't think he's devoted to God. He's just devoted to himself.

1984 days ago



1984 days ago


@sparkys nemesis
it does take two to tangle and one of these idiots should have had the common sense to tangle to the drugstore.

1984 days ago


#16-maybe when we were coming along it was that way but nowadays ANYTHING goes-there is no order to it anymore-especially in Hollyweird. I have a feeling that ole Mel is gonna regret his little mid-life crisis....

1984 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

I haven`t been IN a movie since I turned into a boot YES YES passion made me a billion but Now I need some dirt to put me back on the page as a dirty old gesser YES YES that should work.Will the russian not take her pill and will the show wife take a smaller cut? yes yes this all seems to be going nicely.We should have more air time then ever and than wammo we`ll hit them will a fake kid problem than back to a movie leadin.You will all be multimillionares within two yearsx if you stick with me.Fake hollywood marrige fake story fake everything and DUMBASSE joe pubic buys it`s time after time warner fox satellite fishbowl nation

1984 days ago


You do NOT get pregnant in this day without wanting too. My guess - she wants to trap him and look it worked.

1984 days ago

Susan B.    

He's getting old, the booze has taken its toll on his looks and his judgment...I used to respect him as a family man but now he's just another Hollywood d**k...

1984 days ago


I like to think I don't let celeb's influence my religion, voting, & their life decisions in no way impact my life. I don't see them as role models. Also, tried to impart that ideal into my children. That being said, Mel's views on life, or ways of living don't affect me much.

I do judge in the venue that he Does set himself to be judged on:acting/directing. I have pretty much enjoyed his work. I'd say my boys have seen Lethal Weapon's way to many times. (which they watch repeatedly but since they can think with their own minds they aren't violent). I love The Patriot, with Heath Ledger.

I can't imagine that it is any of my business how many kids he has, if she got pregnant by choice or not? or if she is a money grubber, that's also no concern-him making a great next movie? that is my concern. Don't ask me pay to see a bad movie, that does impact my world.

1984 days ago


It's interesting that the morality these vocal fundamentalists espouse doesn't seem to apply to them. .

1984 days ago



You dissapoint me and Catholics alike. I can't believe you let your family down and most of all GOD. I am not sure what has gotten into you. Is hell really worth this?

1984 days ago


wonder how long it'll last, I'm gonna bet 5 years tops

1984 days ago

my special gifts    

Actually I don't have any comment about Mel,... but I'm not agree with Mel :)

1984 days ago


You know, it's really none of anyones business how he chooses to live his life, or how he chooses to spend/hand out, his money. I like Mel, and wish him well, whether the story he's dishing out is true or not. His ex, and kids will already have their money, and have nothing to worry about if this woman does take him to the cleaners. Who's to say he doesn't already have an agreement all set up with this woman, and the child? My gosh, do you realize how much this man is worth?? He may not be as stupid as you all want to make him out to be. Mind your own business, take care of your own lives, and stop taking your own frustrations out on Mel. How silly you all sound.

1984 days ago
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