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Miss California -- No Gay Talk This Time

5/26/2009 6:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanThere was a time when Miss CA USA Carrie Prejean wouldn't shut up about her stance on gay marriage -- but it seems those days are in the past.

Miss "biblically correct" was quieter than a church mouse after California's Supreme Court upheld Prop 8 today -- which makes only "opposite marriages" legal, for now.

When asked for a comment on the issue, Carrie's reps issued the following statement: "No comment."


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It's disgusting that people hate on her because of her OPINION. Give it up. I'm tiring of this site because of the hatred spewed by gay-friendly people. Maybe people get tired of gays because they are so intolerant of others.

1975 days ago


California has spoken for her.She needs to get on with her life and the gays need to move to Vermont !

1975 days ago


Hey, TMZ...shove it up your azzes.
The only reason Carrie said the first thing about gay marriage is because Perez "I need attention" Hilton ASKED her. Then he and a bunch of other chumps went on the attack. So she fought back, which she had every right to. Like it or not, her opinion is shared by the majority of people in this country. Deal with it and shut the f***k up.

1975 days ago


Te homsexuals/lesbians do not care what a MAJORITY of voter will keep on until they get their lifestyle choice supported by all. It is NOT about marriage, it is about everyone (especially Christians) accepting THEIR lifestyle choice. It will not stop with this, they want laws to shuit you up if you disagree with their choice, they want your children to be taught it is an acceptable lifestyle whether you believe it or not. And the fact is that even people who know them & say they think it is OK are really against it, they are just trying to stay politically correct. There is no way religious vote stopped this on its own. People who don't even go to church are really agains tthis lifestyle no matter what the homsexuals/lesbians would try to have tou believe. Sorry TMZ homsexuals/lesbians.

1975 days ago


The court made a ruling based on law. The way democracy works is that the majority make the laws and EVERYONE obeys them. That is what the court affirmed. That is ALL the court affirmed. In EVERY state where "gay" marriage has been put to the vote it LOST. That should give everyone a good idea how the MAJORITY feel about homosexual marriage, or homosexuality for that matter.

1975 days ago


How would you feel if the majority kept pushing their beliefs off on you and persecuting you because of how you were born?

1975 days ago

kenny darter    

I had no clue TMZ readers were all rabid right wingers. I know a group that's still hating on Prejean, especially after her latest tirade!!!!!!

1975 days ago


"I had no clue TMZ readers were all rabid right wingers."

Thank God for all the "rabid right wingers" in this country who believe strongly in the right to Free Speech and Freedom of Religion. Without them, tyranical left wingers like Perez Hilton (and the majority of the American media) would strip away the constitutional rights of everyone who disagrees with them.

I'll take conservatism anyday over left wing dictators!

1975 days ago


Wonder what that queer AIDS infected Prez Hilton thinks about California's decision.

1975 days ago


Bigoted fake plastic whore. Away with this nobody already.

1975 days ago


Does everyone at TMZ assume all the readers are pro gay marriage? Why do you insist on insulting anyone who does not agree with same sex marriage? Carrie was asked HER opinion on this controversial subject by a very biased and unprofessional "judge" , and had every right to state her honest feelings. She has behaved much more professionally and classy than Perez Hilton or anyone at TMZ. I guess the message of TMZ and most same sex supporters is that everyone has a right to their own beliefs, as long as they include acceptance of same sex marriage.

1974 days ago


She was right the first time, maybe gays need it repeated to rhem several times!

1974 days ago


She's to ridiculous to even comment on, but I wonder why TMZ always puts up these blurry ass pictures of people when they obviously have tons of that person that are decent looking? Cause its not just with this article I noticed but with a lot of them...

1973 days ago


no one is putting her in jail for her opinions so she can g et slammed on for her opinions rememeber its her opinion its not FACTs

1960 days ago
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