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Chris Brown -- How Quickly The Famous Forget

5/27/2009 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shaq invited him to play basketball in his private gym, Usher took him to an NBA playoff game, Bow Wow even helped him shoot a YouTube video -- seems like Chris Brown is finally out of celebrity exile.

Chris Brown

At first it was hard to find a celebrity who would take a stand on the incident at all, but now -- just three months after he allegedly beat the crap out of Rihanna -- he's back in the "in-crowd," like the whole thing never happened. He's even dropping an album.

We don't expect Chris is gonna have a sit-down dinner with Jay-Z any time soon... but at this point, would you really be surprised?

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b*tch was out of line and got a smack, thats how they roll

1940 days ago


Guaranteed he will go ballistic again on somebody. I predict another assault arrest within 16 months. He is contrite and unremorseful and he and all his friends/supporters refuse to accept that he did something horribly wrong. Not taking responsibility for violence and other crimes along with a complete failure to acceppt fault in any manner is pervasive. The complete lack of respect for women is ingrained in the culture and upbringing. Sad, really. This is why the AAC will always be on the bottom looking up. The women are the only hope for the future.

1940 days ago


LMAO!! Nice come back Chris Brown!! [[ Life is Life it don't matter how famous u r !! ]] so who ever is hatin' get off this page!! p.s go whoop that dumb girl again lmaooooooooooo!!

1940 days ago


so yeah, TMZ, what about that chris brown case? did TMZ's quest for that infamous picture cause the whole case to be DISMISSED????

funny we hear *nothing* about it anymore....

1940 days ago



So....by your logic its just peachy to BEAT A WOMAN? Or is it you would want to be forgiven very quickly? I guess then, by your logic this is, your Mother or Sister could take a beating and simply get over it? You are what is wrong with some men in this counrty. Shame on you for your small minded comment.

I wonder if men had a clue HOW it makes women FEEL to be degraded in such a way maybe they might sit on their hands in next argument.

To hit a woman, because you are stronger and can........is the ultimate in low life. To not be able to control yourself because 'she was gettin' in my face' is also the ultimate in low life.

I can understand where Michelle is coimng from. I'm shocked by my black girlfriends who actually think ALL MEN will hit you and cheat. They really believe this with every fiber in their being. That is sad.

Looks like the likes of you are half the problem. Now go get some help, fast. You seem like a real piece of work. I wonder if you have FEMALE realitives? Or do they deserve it?

1940 days ago


If Chris is such a "man" then why doesn't he try some of that sh*t out on Shaq? I guess he just likes to show his "big man" side around people who are physically weaker than him. Anyone who defends this puke is just as bad as he is.

1940 days ago


I want him to go away and never come back

1940 days ago


At Michelle, you need to think more highly of yourself. It's not your race you're mad about. Why do you think there are domestic abouse laws ? You certainly don't think America gave a damn about a black man or woman being abused when those laws were enacted do you. So as you run to the white men that beat their wives and caused the laws to be created, think about the fact that the majority of black people period -male or female- don't fight each other. As a black female, I am outraged at Rihanna as well as Chris - I feel she was/is completely wrong for ever slapping on a man. If he hurt you - walk away. As a human being, I most certainly forgive Chris. I know that he has shown to be a decent kid from day one and if he doesn't make this kind of mistake again. I will support him. As for Rihanna - I am not so sure - I don't understand her staying around if she had to slap him previously. And then she refused to get out of the car when their argument got heated. And TMZ of course is going hard against Chris - hopefully they'll get charged for buying Rihanna's picture. And I agree let them both move on with their life.

1940 days ago


Number 9. I am a woman that still supports Chris Brown and I've NEVER been beaten by a man. So what the hell are you talking about? You're post is really lame!

1940 days ago


@Mavisdarling - what a stupid remark. You're a human being, so you've made mistakes and I'm sure pretty bad ones - as all humans have. Are you telling me your 'friends' stop being your 'friends' when you made those mistakes. It sickens me to see how judgemental and hypocritical so many people are. This kid has shown to be way more decent than the majority of celebs out today, including Rihanna, and one mistake will not take away his career or loose him the friends and fans he treated nothing but decent since day one. TMZ on the other hand should be shut down for their constant thrashiness and degradation of people, especially Chris Brown.

1940 days ago


Michelle you make me sick

1940 days ago


Just a thought: do you think that any of the clowns in the picture can compose a single, grammatically correct sentence?

1940 days ago

annie :)    

I FORGIVE HIM!!... people really need to get the f*** over this whole thing. he made a mistake and he's sorry. LET IT GO.
rihanna's a bitch anyway. LMAO she prolly deserved it. hahaha i joke, i joke. but seriously, just leave him alone.

1940 days ago


No wonder that Culture and Race is struggling to even keep a Family together. An absolute Glorification of the abuse of women in their society has taken hold, and not even Oprah can stop it.

Shameful. Our President should address it and make it a priority to change. Why are black men so cowardly when it comes to being a Man to a Woman and their Children? All tough and killing each other over a Craps game or a "dis" in public, but cant Man Up on the Real things.

Its surprising black women continue to even date black men. These Black Celebs are hideous.

1940 days ago


TMZ you and everyone who works for your company is just plain stupid. Stop hating on a black man. If Rihanna is forgiven who should be the one to judge. The young man has lost a lot. TMZ wants to take his underwear also. White clebs have done more than Chris and you don't rake them through the coals, like chris. Paris Hilton, Lindsey and some of the other drunk celbs. TMZ get a life, and as long as the money is not coming out of your pocket, what the hell do you care if Chris Brown is supported. Stop hating on CHris and go and find a white celb to get your hooks into. I

1940 days ago
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