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Drew Peterson

Cracks Killer Jokes

from Jail

5/27/2009 2:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0527_drew_peterson_audio_launch-1How's this for disturbing: Accused wife murderer Drew Peterson called into Mancow's radio show this morning to -- get this -- try out a few of his new prison jokes. 

Drew tried out his hysterically unfunny material by calling collect from the Will County jail in Illinois, where he's being held on a $20 million bond.

It kind of all makes sense if you think about it... comedians, like jailbirds, are used to a couple of rim shots every now and then.


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toofastforyou......uh, guess you weren't as fast as you thought you were. First? How about EIGHTH?? Ha. So, you find Drew strangely alluring? We find you just....strange. Maybe if it was your sister who was found dead, or was missing, you wouldn't find him so 'alluring'.

1938 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

fer goodness sake! i should have gone to jail instead of joining a cult!! sounds like a relaxation vacation in comparison!

1938 days ago


Let him run his mouth; he'll hang himself. People w/egos like that always do. He won't be joking when his new cellmate/ girlfriend bends him over and introduces him to his new reality.

1938 days ago


I like your thinking Poopyhead.

1938 days ago


why in the hell was this guy allowed to call a radio station? This psycho piece of skum needs to be shot in the face 500 times and rot in hell for ever, now that would be justice :)

1938 days ago


Why is this listed here? He is not a Celb He is the devil

1938 days ago


At least another... dirty... ex-shoe salesman...civil waco servant...cop....

is taken off the streets of America.

I can sleep better tonight.

1938 days ago


I agree with all of the negative comments about this jerk! He is the most arrogant bast@rd I've ever seen. Maybe in prison he will get what's coming to him. He won't be dealing with petite young women that he can bully and intimidate. Someone will get him before it's over with. I feel sorry for his poor children who have been robbed of their mothers. No words are bad enough for this vile man..........

1937 days ago


who cares he can talk all he wants he is not going anywhere his 15 are up and he does not get his kids back. His wives all got the last word and that bitch is going to get his in general population.

1936 days ago


Why would this radio station even want to talk to an accused murderer? Let alone laugh at his stupid, tasteless jokes. They must be in need of a serious ratings boost...

1565 days ago


I knew eventually he would hang himself. talking to much. He has been so ****y over all this. about time , justice shall be served.

1565 days ago


I've just got to say, thank GOD this guy is locked up. He would be an interesting study for sociopaths. I wonder what his early childhood was like? I wonder what his relationship was like with his mother?

1565 days ago

queen darling    

I don't mind paying for his three-jailhouse-meals-a-day, as long as it means he is locked up for good. This guy needs to go down.

1565 days ago


Hey Drew! Wow, you are just too funny :) Enjoy violent anal carnage on a daily basis in prison! I cannot wait to see what kind of jokes you come up with after being released from PC into general population.

1564 days ago


This guy does not need media attention. Just because he craves the attention doesn't mean he should be getting it.

1564 days ago
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