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Kathy Griffin's Mom: Gimme a Prop 8 on the Rocks

5/27/2009 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's one thing the CA Supreme Court can't stop ... Kathy Griffin's "box-of-wine-drinking" mom from toasting gay marriage.


The "D-List" star and her 89-year-old mom Maggie -- along with Lance Bass -- were just some of the thousands who marched in last night's anti-Prop 8 rally in West Hollywood.

While Maggie was in a wheelchair, she didn't drink and drive.


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Kathy rocks!!!!!!!!!

1941 days ago

meines kaefer    

being black is not a sin. being gay is... Emily J.

1941 days ago


Ya know the minute that they as in GAYS can get each other pregnant naturally...I will be all for GAY marriage. Until then i'm sick to death of hearing everyone say it's all about equality and love has no boundries. Love should have boundries cause next thing you know...will have older men/women protesting wanting to marry under age little girls/boys. Do what you wanna with your same sex partner. But stop trying to force it on me and my children. It is wrong to force this subject onto anyone who doesn't believe in it. I would never hurt another person or living thing...but it's my right to believe marriage was created for man and woman. This does not make me racist! I'm just an American that believes some thing's should be left alone!

1941 days ago

Half black half white    

Nobody is born gay stop with that stupid lie

You turn gay

So we are the only animals on earth that became so smart that our brain evolved into to start liking the same sex
That’s a pure lie

The anus is an opening at the opposite end of an animal's digestive tract from the mouth. Its function is to expel feces, unwanted semi-solid matter produced during digestion, which, depending on the type of animal, may be one or more of: matter which the animal cannot digest, such as bones;[1] food material after all the nutrients have been extracted, for example cellulose or lignin; ingested matter which would be toxic if it remained in the digestive tract; and dead or excess gut bacteria and other endosymbionts.

Where does it say insert penis?

Immorality we are living in the end times and most of you blind liberals are to blind to see it

But the time will come when you will all see

Ps. I’m not a republican I don’t believe in politics

1941 days ago


This hag's participation sums up the credibility of this bulls**t: zero.

1941 days ago

Black Power    

To #30 lostinlalaland- This site is for anyone to make a comment. If YOU don't like other peoples opinions, then maybe YOU should go to someone elses site. People forget that there is freedom of speech in this country. You may not agree with what you read, but you can't stop it. As for gay people getting married, that is fine, but that doesn't mean people are born gay. A lot of people, women especially, have gone gay because they were hurt by someone of the opposite sex, or decided to experiment and decided to stick with it soley because the sex was good.. Do you really think because Lindsay Lohan slept with a woman that makes her gay? I have friends who are gay and they are some of the greatest people I know.
Until Prop.8 is passed, this problem will always be here. Pass it already, there are more important things in the world to worry about.

1941 days ago


The thing is, have some respect for the OTHER people that live around you. If you don't believe in democracy, then move. I for one would be scared if the government (supereme court)interfered in this one - we all should be because it would set a precedent for government to dictate many many more issues that we, the people, should determine. Gays ALREADY have the same rights as everyone else - what they want to steal, in order for them to feel more "normal" and good about themselbes, is to steal a term that is already taken...GET IT: THE TERM MARRIAGE IS ALREADY TAKEN!!!!!!! Find your own term (perhaps Garriage"?)

1941 days ago


This has nothing to do with who one should or shouldnt be able to marry its about upholding what he people in the Democracy of California voted whether we agree with it or not. We DONT want the CA Supreme Court to be able to over rule the peoples vote. This would be very scary. What if they decided to repeal Obama as President? Would people be ok with that? If we allow the CA Supreme or any other court to repeal the peoples vote we are no longer a Democracy.

1941 days ago


#30 why are people who dont believe in gay marriage evil, hate mongers? Arent you asking them to agree with your views? This doesnt apply to you as well? We need to agree to disagree and leave it at that. Calling people Bible Thumpers (not everyone who opposes gay marriage is Mormon or a Blible thumper) just makes us look like idiots and turns people off to gay marriage. YOU ARE NOT DOING THE GAY POPULATION ANY FAVORS. You are just making it worse.

1941 days ago


wasup, Pinkfloyd, geezerchic, here is a song just for you... :)

1941 days ago


Civil unions gives gay couples THE EXACT same legal rights and benefits as marriage. All this is is just another attack from the Nazi left to destroy something traditional, wholesome and clean. This has nothing to do with marriage, it has to do with unintelligent liberals and their hate going after anything that dares not to bend to their beckon call. Instead of attacking Christians, why don't you BADASS liberal wackos try and make Muslims accept your gay lifestyle and marry you? I mean, since they're so misunderstood and all, surely they'll accept you with open arms. What hypocrites.

1941 days ago


To Ms Emily J #33 - Being black is not a sin, but being gay IS a sin? Maybe your god says so, but we ain't praying to the same god. To Kim #40, there's your answer ("why are people who dont believe in gay marriage evil, hate mongers?")
Hmmm...Christian actually means "Christ-Like"...I don't think any one who supports Prop 8 is behaving toward their fellow citizens in a "Christ-Like" manner. If your believe that god created everything, then you must understand that god created gay and lesbians as well, and just as much as every man woman and child, all were created in his image. Perfection. :)

1941 days ago


Incorrect - if civil unions were EXACTLY the same, they would be called marriage Glen.

1941 days ago


#45 hey freeflorida, Glen specificially said civil unions GIVE gay couples the same legal rights and benefits as marriage. So the only correction needed is for you. Either stop lying or educate yourself, because Civil Unions are legally the EXACT same thing as marriage.

Glen, BINGO!! You are 110% correct! Great call!!!

1941 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

whod'a thought that you'd get yer computer hacked into for exercising free speech on tmz?? on a gay rights story?? geez. got something stuck up the bunghole still?? the viciousness tells me once more that i would not want that kind of thing legally united!! can you say waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much critical mass?

1941 days ago
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