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Mackenzie Phillips --

Student Becomes the Master

5/27/2009 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mackenzie Phillips"Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" -- the show that exploits celebrities who are battling addiction -- is now exploiting a celebrity who has already battled addiction.

We've learned Mackenzie Phillips -- who entered rehab for the 10th time in September 2008 -- will appear on the third season of the show as a "sober coach." Phillips was busted for cocaine in August 2008, but had the majority of the charges against her dropped -- and the final charge will be dropped when she completes a drug diversion program. By all indications, Mackenzie has done a complete 180 and says the arrest saved her life.

The role of "sober coach" on the show was previously played by Gary Busey -- and we know how that turned out.

And we know the other new cast of characters. Let's just say Mackenzie has her work cut out for her.

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Good God    

"3. Oh my lord I can't wait! Some I don't know either, WTH is Mike Star and there was another chick I didn't recognize. But we have Rodman (oh lord help them all), Joey from Real World (aww love him, but what a temper a drunk has), MM from the country world. I just want to tell VH1 to get ready with the insert the words thingy for when Dennis talks, cuz he MUMBLES when he talks so please, be ready to decode for us all. "

Posted at 1:23PM on May 27th 2009 by Terri

Um - that would be Mike Starr from Alice in Chains. Maybe you've heard of them? His singer Layne died of a tragic heroin overdose and I would love to see Mike get help. He's actually a really nice guy. They just got caught up in the "fame game". Everything in excess - no limits - world at your fingertips and hangers on ready willing and able to provide you with anything you didn't even know you wanted. Before that, they were nice, normal guys who drank beer and played music. The industry is what sent them into their spirals. Good luck Mike!

1939 days ago


WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?????!!!!!! Really, can someone tell me...please.

1939 days ago


I think Mackenzie is a very brave woman.Everybody deserves to make the best of thier life.She needs support ,not snide remarks and words of doubt.Life kicks her around enough she doesnt need the people in this life to kick her around too!

1939 days ago


Is that Mike Starr, as in the original bass player of Alice In Chains? I LOVED him when I was 20!! How is he relivant now? And where and what flat rock was disturbed to produce this motley crew? - Not Motley Crue......although that might be a good idea for the next season of Celeb Rehab.

1939 days ago


I completely agree with Bex #7. Are you kidding with stating that Drew Pinsky "exploits" these people? If you've ever watched the show, you'd understand Drew's intention and how beneficial this show has been in understanding addiction and how challenging recovery can be, not just for celebraties, but for everyone. The whole Mary Carey situation is heartbreaking to watch. I just don't understand how you can say that Dr. Drew has exploited any of these people struggling with addiction. TMZ filming Mary sitting on the sidewalk in Hollywood, druck off her ass, now THAT'S exploitation!

Project much, TMZ?

1939 days ago


Shouldn't sober coach be sober for more than two days. How can you tell someone they can live sober when there is still coke resdidue in your nose.

1939 days ago


15. 11. Her ham sandwiches aren't all that, either.

Posted at 1:40PM on May 27th 2009 by Mama Cass Elliott

Wow. What an A**HOLE. Try learning facts instead of spreading lies.

Posted at 2:47PM on May 27th 2009 by Cass Elliot's Daugh

I think it's called a "joke" you anal hun.

1939 days ago

Sonia Lynn    

I've always liked Mackenzie and thought she was really good on One Day at a Time. A better actress imo than Valerie Bertinelli though certainly not as attractive which might be why she wasn't as popular. I'm wondering how much further she could have went had she not gotten off into drugs the way she did. I was under the impression all these years that she was clean and sober so imagine my disappointment to hear of her arrest at LAX. Mackenzie is not the right choice to be a sober coach on this show. We're talking about a woman who was just busted for drugs in August 2008. Who's going to take her very seriously when she's been clean for such a short amount of time? They need someone to fill her position on the show who's been clean and sober at least five years not a few months.

1939 days ago


She should know more then anyone that she has no buisness being a coach. Rule of thumb is to nothing for at least a year. doesn't matter rehabs she went to. she has no knowledge of being sober

1939 days ago


Does anyone know if this Mike Starr is the same Mike Starr that was the former bassist of Alice In Chains? He was so hot back in the day. He looks a little rough now. Yeah, save a couple of the others, I have no clue who these people are.

1939 days ago


It's not so much she can't make a ham sandwich, it's her ham SALAD that needs some help, sweet pickles? SWEET PICKLES? OMG WHO USES SWEET PICKLES!

1939 days ago

sonny chiba    

did you just say the show that exploits celebrities,THIS IS TMZ IM ON RIGHT?you guys get a boner every time someone thats on a reality show has a drink in public

1939 days ago

High Dog    

Just read about this over on Navtones. They have an interesting view on how the new season might go.

Gary Busey and Phillips have miniature horse children that then become celebrity GPS voices. Sounds like a good watch to me!

1939 days ago


People really need to start taking responsibility for the shows they are watching as they run on supply and demand. Dr. Drew and his shows are NOT meant to help those in the program, its mere existence violates the several anonymity rules that govern recovery groups, which are in place for a reason. If a "has-been" all of a sudden is getting attention for acting out and their addiction, of course it is going to fuel it, not to mention the camera crews and how their presence affects these individuals who thus don't act like themselves or focus on treatment because they want to act out and get more fame. Fame and rehab don't mix, Dr. Drew knows this better than anyone having studied addiction and celebrity and fame extensively. The whole precise is completely unethical and damaging to those involved, who are just focused on having some semblance of a career again and aren't aware of just how badly the experiment will fail. Dr. Drew is a fame whore and give his knowledge of all of this, I have zero respect for him whatsoever.

1939 days ago


I would bang her

1939 days ago
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