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Miss California -- Closet Glambert Fan

5/27/2009 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here we thought "biblically correct" Carrie Prejean would swing more towards Christian cutie Kris Allen -- but when we asked her this morning which "American Idol" she was backing, she surprisingly said Adam Lambert ... you know, the theatrical one.

Carrie Prejean: Click to watch
In light of yesterday's Prop 8 ruling in California, Carrie Prejean patted herself on the back on this morning's "Fox & Friends" -- saying she's "not the bad guy" since the state's Supreme Court agreed with her.


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hell with them all    

She was right with her answere all the time. The rest of you losers go bit yourself.

1944 days ago

Ms. Hysterical    

The gay community is only making things worse. They terrorize anyone who disagrees with them especially whites who were the only group -black,white,latino - that voted in their favor on prop 8. Latinos and blacks voted against gays on prop 8 by wide margins, but those groups have been untouchable. Some polls are showing that another ballot would fail even worse because this politically-correct attitude of only picking on white people is pissing a lot of them off. No pun intended, but the gays are blowing it.

1944 days ago


It's funny how we pride ourselves on freedom of speech yet when someone gives an opinion we don't like we ostracize them, ban their music, try and get them fired ect.... It seems there's nothing free about it. We don't physically kill people but we sure murder people’s livelihood and spirit. We sure can be a bunch of hypocrites.

1944 days ago


ROFL Such a camera whore..You can even tell that just by her rolling down the window and her stupid attention whore of a friend leaning over waving to the camera..Please please please stop posting stuff about this attention whore..Stop giving her attention let her 14 minutes die out already..

and on a side note..This girl is not attractive at all :S Miss cali? Im sure theres plenty of other much hotter/less silicone filled girls in cali :S

1944 days ago


Miss Cali ever photographed with her mouth CLOSED????

1944 days ago


OMG B!TCH has some HUGE TEETH!!, No wonder why she can't keep her mouth shut!

1944 days ago


Harvey, buddy ol' pal, you're looking more and more foolish and desperate attacking this young lady. She's barely of legal drinking age for cryin' out loud. Get over it, you lost!!! And you lost again this weekend with Prop 8. You made her the face of a slanderous "homophobia" bs claim and it backfired.

She did awesome this moring on Fox & Friends and has a career, that you're partially responsible for, set in stone for years to come.

The people of California, the state supreme court, YOUR President, Vice President, Sec. of State and yes, even Carrie, don't approve of your gay marriage.

Carrie wins, you lose!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!

1944 days ago


From what I se on the TMZ tv show, not one woman there compares in beauty to Carrie. And that includes the queens. Watch out, hags. Your jealousy is showing!

1944 days ago


Unlike you Harvey, and other liberal bullies, she doesn't have to HATE everyone that doesn't agree with her own opinions. Which you people at TMZ are already assuming Adam is a pro-gay Nazi like yourselves of course. Unlike liberals, Carrie can associate and interact with those that she doesn't agree with politically because she's intelligent and doesn't rely on anger and emotion, like idiotic liberals do, to dictate her way of thinking.

You're killing your own cause Harvey, but please, by all means, continue showing the world how insane and vile gay, liberal radicals are.

1944 days ago


So, if you want to preserve traditional marriage like our President does this means you hate all gay people? Just because you don't want Bill and Bob to be called husband and wife doesn't mean you can't appreciate the talent of a gay person or *gasp* like gay people.

Obama likes gay people right? He shares the same exact view as this woman who is being crucified. Oddly enough, Perez said he would've been satisfied if she had answered, "it should be left up to the states." Guess what? Perez is protesting the court's upholding of the ballot that the state voted and passed. So it's clear that the only answer she could've given that would've been satisfactory and stopped the lynching was "Yes, I'm all for gay marriage."

1944 days ago


It feels like everyone's missing the point with the whole gay marriage thing. I believe marriage is defined as a union between a man and a woman. However, I also believe that if two women or two men wish to enter into a legal union that would result in them having the same legal/civil rights as a married couple, they should be able to. I simply believe that such unions should be defined by their own term. Tell me you're married, and I know your partner is of the opposite sex. Give me a word that by definition clearly states your partner is of the same sex, and I'm good with that. Whether or not I agree with how you choose to live your private life doesn't matter -- the point is, decent law-abiding people all deserve to enjoy the same rights across the board.

1944 days ago

Wow - Ugliness    

It's a sad day for California. The good ole US of A. Among the most narrow-minded nations on the planet. WHO CARES if two men or two women want to get married?!?!?! What harm will it do to YOUR lives? Keep your noses out of peoples' business and let two people who love eachother have their basic rights. Hell, why not ban HETEROsexual marriages then?? I can tell you of MANY man/woman couples who have no business getting married.


1944 days ago

Carl Gorney    

Carrie....please, in the name of all that is good and decent...stop looking for a camera to speak into! We already know your takes, and we're BORED to tears by it.

The rest of the human race thanks you in advance.

sushi: Again, Obama has said "let the states decide the gay marraige issue. The federal government should not have a say."

hypocrites: Congrats. You have just broken Godwin's law. And it only took 11 posts in this thread to do it. Must be a new record.

1944 days ago


TMZ - Tell us more about her gay mother.

1944 days ago


Of course TMZ always posts screenshots of her looking her worst. Which, by the way, still looks better than all the pigs working for Harvey.

1944 days ago
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