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Rapper Knocks Dude Out, Doesn't Miss a Beat

5/27/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fair warning: If you ever decide to toss money in rapper Pitbull's face, be prepared to get knocked the *&^% out.

During a show on April 30 in Aspen, Colo., a fan who was tossing money around in the crowd was pulled on stage by Pitbull. The guy then thought it would be a good idea to make it rain in Pit's face ... and was dead wrong.

Pitbull suddenly levels the guy -- repeat, LEVELS the guy -- with a devastating right hand, then follows it up with a Beckham-esque kick once the dude was on the ground.

We're told the fan was tossed out of the venue after getting socked -- but was let back in once he convinced security he meant no harm. Cops were never even called to the scene.

Either way, the best part of the whole thing: Pitbull never misses a beat when he knocks the dude flat.


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Bubba Gump    

Really TMZ, you want to glorify that douchebag rapper? Really?? Sucker punching someone from the audience that HE personally brings on stage but still being able to rap some bullcrap song is impressive? What impresses me is the way Pitbull is not arrested or how security failed to do their job. Screw Pitbull...what a douche.

1953 days ago

Wc from Sc    


1953 days ago


They listen to (c)RAP in Aspen??!! OMG!

1953 days ago


What a P_ _ _ _ Y that rapper is who ever he is... what a punk and a great right hand... ummmm if I wasn't expecting a punch anyone would get knocked down if not expecting it by a 12 yr old.. just like all the gang bangers who think they are tough that have guns and talk a tough game.. of course they are tough - they have a gun.. big deal. Yawn. The guy wasn't expecting anything and if you notice - he got up in less than .001 seconds.. your a tough rapper - you punch a guy when he's not expecting it and he gets up on his feet that fast... what a whimp you are.. tough right hand? I think not. LOSER get an education, get some real balls, get a life and punch someone looking next time; you'll get knocked out.. not hard.

1953 days ago


Typical. Only at a rap concert. Or the BET awards.

How can this behavior be allowed?

(sarcasm font ON) That's what rap music (and the African American community in general) needs, more genuine role models. All that's missing is a quote from Jay Z or Diddy defending or apologizing for the rapper's actions...."You know, you're up there doing your thing and some guy gets in your face...yeah it was wrong but i can understand...blah blah blah."

1953 days ago


Axel Rose used to do this all the time. Its funny how people say rap is dead or for retards but rock hasnt had a number 1 in decades! The rap genre outsells any other genre worldwide. Their side is losing and they know it! Nice punch! Almost as hard as a hockey match!

1953 days ago

scott is yummy.    

So what if someone throws money in your face like a little bitch

has anyone ever heard of just laughing sh*t off? or is he afraid that if he doesn't punch him, he's going to look like a little bitch?

because if he thinks sucker punching someone made him look like a tough guy, he FAILED miserably. It made him look more like a little girl taking a hissy fit, What a complete IDIOt,.

1953 days ago

Bill Cosby    

You're all stupid. Did any of you ever think that the idea of THROWING MONEY AROUND is disgusting, crude and immature? It's the surest sign, it's like screaming out, "Hey, I've never had money but now I have a little and think I'm rich!!" or just plainly "I'm nouveau"? It's CLASSLESS. But none of you would get that because you are all classless as well. You probably think throwing money is actually cool. Perhaps Pitbull (or whatever his name is) didn't like that flagrantly nouveau behavior? Played out I'm a baller behavior?

1953 days ago


Is RAP Music even relevant anymore? Who Cares - RAP Music is Lame-

1953 days ago

Bill Cosby    

No one says "rap is dead" you idiot. They just say it's repulsive and what's it's doing to our society is disgusting. It took people a good 15 years to figure it out but they're finally seeing their kids act like a**holes, trying on purpose to not speak English right, and all that other great stuff. No one debates how successful rap is. It's even managed to ruin a good deal of other countries that used to have their own identities through the spreading of it through MTV. Now you can even go to (pick European country of choice) and STILL manage to see completely ignorant youth who wear their pants 10 sizes too big and try to be tough.

1953 days ago


what do you expect from trash

1953 days ago

Tila is nasty!!!    

damn he got knocked the fu** out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1953 days ago

lady s    

that's bang out of order, literally. i would so sue! x

1953 days ago


Dang....over-react much? I smell a lawsuit comin' on. And for what it's worth, that dribble he was spittin' into the microphone, is a bunch of garbled nonsense...NOT music. What's the matter with people nowadays, are they deaf?!!

1953 days ago


This is so fake, Pitbull is just trying to seem hardcore
This seen was staged, yall can't se that

He actually asked the guy to come on stage, and then punched him......yea right.

1953 days ago
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