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TLC: Who Needs J.Lo? We Got Jon & Kate!

5/27/2009 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources at TLC tell us the J.Lo reality show they wanted so badly a year ago is dead as a doornail, thanks in large part to the success of "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

Jon and Kate

It was just a year ago that TMZ broke the story that J.Lo and TLC were trying to come to terms on a reality show but J.Lo was adamant that she would not put her kids on TV -- she wanted to focus on ... yawn ... behind the scenes on creating a new J.Lo fragrance. TLC, we're told, wanted to show the kiddies.

Fast forward to Monday night -- Jon & Kate scored an astonishing 9.8 million viewers. TLC sources tell us it's pretty clear the J.Lo ain't gonna sell tickets anymore, so they have shelved the show. As one TLC source put it, "It was on life support for awhile, and now we've just lost interest."

The moral -- even big stars have their 15 minutes, so they should make the most of it while they can.


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It's cheaper to keep Jon & Kate on than J-lo. DUH! I mean even though 2.3 million dollars per "season" is all that Kate wants, right? She got her 31 arce hamme down farm.

Kate keep your kids at home, find a new hairdresser, stop exploiting your children, and get your life back on track. I mean damn your in-laws even hate you. LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!! MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING!!

TLC better be smiling all the way to the bank cause Kate asked for a raise!!!

1975 days ago


Boy, ya'llzz some jelousy peoples, us hillbillys would love all dat's fame and monies. Hek, we'll let'em film us naked fo dat kind uh money.

1975 days ago


#1 just give her 20 bucks

1975 days ago


Here is the problem for TLC. We all enjoyed the train wreck the other night. Jon, obviously, got busted screwing around. They, obviously, are all but separated. We all, obviously, wanted to see them disintegrate on national TV and they did.

The problem for TLC is that no one believes that they are doing anything related to parenting and no one cares to watch a facade of Jon or Kate dealing with these psychotic rugrats any longer. That 9.8 million is going to drop to next to nothing in a couple weeks.

TLC and perhaps the State of Pennsylvania needs to find a way to pull the plug on these two. What they are doing is child abuse.

1975 days ago

Infectia Stype    

Gawd, Kate is a major troll. She really thinks she's a star - NOT! Hate to burst your bubble, honey but real stars have tangible talent. All you have is that bleached dead skunk on your head. Foooch!

1975 days ago

Candy Apple    

I think Kate has major psychological issues, and when she gets her ah ha moment, she is going to be in serious emotional pain. This is not the type of television entertainment I am interested in watching. I don't care how cute the kids are.

1975 days ago


No doubt, the negative comments and feedback about Jon and Kate ihas been overwhelmingly unanimous, except for the few who ignorantly feel Kate is not the low life she really is. If most people feel this way, why are we perpetuating their celebrity and popularity? Isn't it time we started to ignore this media storm and help take the wind out of their sails, including TLC's. I am getting pretty sick of the amazing publicity and coverage these people are getting: The Today Show, Access Hollywood, every magazine cover, news shows, internet, etc. These people are not royalty, famous sports figures, major contributors to society, yet we keep feeding this frenzy. I cannot wait until the time comes when people realize this, and their notoriety fades away, and they get the slap they deserve - that they're no one special...... Isn't anyone else sick and tired of this?

1975 days ago


I applaud JLo for not exploiting her children.

1975 days ago

Just a Mom!    

Come on people - Jon and Kate didn't ask for this. Who can afford to raise 8 kids in this economy? They both agreed to this show. Hey Jon, running around isn't going to solve the problem! Dah! Obviously you want a job outside of the home as you have stated on the show. So go get a job and if TLC doesn't like it then change your contract. You have 8 kids to support. At this stage of your life it isn't about you! Some day it will be but right now you have to do what is best for your family. I hope you are reading this because you and Kate need to work it out! My heart is aching for your family. My young niece watches your show and just loves many young kids love your show. You need to set a good example! Take Care, a big fan.

1975 days ago


People we can post comment after comment to Kate and Jon, but neither one of them care what any of us think OBVIOUSLY, so stop wasting your time! The only way to beat these dumb jerks at their own game is to stop watching that trainwreck of a show they have on, and move on with your life! TLC has made theirselves famous, or a household name, by always featuring "freakshow" topics! They got the 1/2 ton dad, 1/2 ton teen, 1/2 ton mom, tree man, world's tallest man, world's shortest people ... whatever the freakshow they are peddling, STOP WATCHING! The "feature" these kinds of shows, because they know ppl will tune in PURELY for the "OMG, LOOK AT THAT" factor, at the cost of exploiting these ppl! I'm not defending them, cause their dumbasses signed up for it ... but come on now! How many times have you found yourself saying "I wonder how the smallest person in the world lives their lives??" "I wonder who is the tallest person in the world, and what adversity do they face??" NO ONE, ever ... no one cares! They watch, cause it's a FREAK SHOW! These shows don't HELP anyone, they are there simply to call attention to these things, when this world has PLENTY it needs to focus on! Do yourself a favor, flip the channel onto something worth your time, and stop putting more money into the pockets of the explouiters!

1975 days ago

Make them go away!    

Hey, child exploitation is all the rage these days. Maybe J-Lo should reconsider selling out her innocent kids like Mommy Dearest Kate!

Exploiting children on reality TV is wrong on sooooooo many levels!

1975 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

J-Lo was smart not to put her kids on tv. Then again, she has enough money to support her family and never even work again.

1975 days ago

su.san smith    

MY question is, IF the marriage was this bad, then WHY did they re-new their vows in Hawaii? Wait - ratings! Kate from the minute she knew she was going to have 6 kids, she said, NOW I Kate Gosselin, can be a star! She has used the kids to further this goal, used her husband Jon to further this goal as well. She never wanted kids, she just wanted fame and fortune that I guess comes from a hit reality tv show.

TLC please cancel the show for those 8 children. Let them be allowed to grow up normal without cameras in their faces.

AND tmz, please WHO is sending the paparazzi to PA of all places to take pics of Kate & Jon? OR is Kate calling them????

1975 days ago


J. Lo, sista, I love you, but the kids are nothing to show anyway. They are ugly. You are gorgeous.

1975 days ago


Vision this: No Jon & Kate Plus 8.

If you hear the scream of despair, it probably is Jon and Kate realizing they have to do REAL work. It could also be the sound of Jon crying for his old life, or Kate crying that she has to work the double shift, or night shift as a nurse again. It could also be the sounds of 8 little children needing BOTH their parents to guide them thru this minefield that is called LIFE.

1975 days ago
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