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TLC: Who Needs J.Lo? We Got Jon & Kate!

5/27/2009 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources at TLC tell us the J.Lo reality show they wanted so badly a year ago is dead as a doornail, thanks in large part to the success of "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

Jon and Kate

It was just a year ago that TMZ broke the story that J.Lo and TLC were trying to come to terms on a reality show but J.Lo was adamant that she would not put her kids on TV -- she wanted to focus on ... yawn ... behind the scenes on creating a new J.Lo fragrance. TLC, we're told, wanted to show the kiddies.

Fast forward to Monday night -- Jon & Kate scored an astonishing 9.8 million viewers. TLC sources tell us it's pretty clear the J.Lo ain't gonna sell tickets anymore, so they have shelved the show. As one TLC source put it, "It was on life support for awhile, and now we've just lost interest."

The moral -- even big stars have their 15 minutes, so they should make the most of it while they can.


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dont know    

Does anyone else think Jon looks like he has downs syndrome?

1978 days ago


Please leave this family alone. By drudging up all of this, everyone is only hurting the children. I can't imagine raising 8 kids and the desperation you must feel to provide for them and, yes, as we all want to do, give them everything. I know they signed up for the show but they DID NOT sign up for all of the negative publicity. There is no doubt in my mind that they love their kids. Yes, I do believe it is now time to move on and work on their marriage.

I think it is disgusting that Kate's brother and sister-in-law have now dropped to the bottom of the barrell (for money) to trash Jon and Kate in the media. They are saying they care about the kids but are first in line to get paid to trash those same kid's parents. This will have a major effect on them and they know this so why talk to the media???

1978 days ago


As the parent of 2 sets of twins, I can tell you there are many stress filled days when your kids are the same age doing different things. It can cause issues with different parenting styles. I have seven kids, several disabled so I know how the stress of a large family goes with the territory. It is stressful when you have multiples and kids add stress to any marriage. I don't care who you have "help" you. I have help and still the day to day can be tough. My spouse cheated on me early when our kids were little and boy it burnt something in me. BUT my children came first, I love them without regard to his NEEDS during that period of hell we went through. Because I took care of those once and he still cheated-men are dogs. Our marriage did not have an automatic divorce sentence. WE worked hard. I love him, but I can tell you your life will not ever be the same.

I can only imagine how Kate and Jon deal with 6 doing similar yet different things and then trying to adjust the two older kids with their challenges. Remember what you see is a slice of what really happens daily. So you may see a meltdown of the kids and dinner with Kate doing the food and Jon cutting and serving. HELLO! That is being a parent. Jon seems laid back while Kate is a doer. She bulldozes him a bit but he doesn't step up to do anything when Kate is home so she tells him what to do. BTDT!

I call it the slug issues. Women in general gatherers, get things ready, schedule and organize. I have seen Jon do this when Kate is running around trying to get everyone in gear. Leaving the impression that Kate is a bitch when in fact Jon is a slug. I find it amazing that men are so tunnel vision in their quests.

Jon-I don't care or give a damn if you married young and didn't get to "party". YOU are the father of 8 kids, your life is not your own until they leave the nest. YOU need to do them a favor and stop running around with young women. IF you feel the need to work-go get a damn job and make YOURSELF happy. YOU seem to love the perks but not the debt that is owed for those same perks. Have your sports car and some fun time but really you cannot GO BACK! it is done. Live with it.

Kate-YOU are the mother of 8, you need to nurture them and do more family things. Being less on the road is not an answer as you feel the breadwinner now. I can see this. You love the perks but need to calm down, kids getting messy is not going to kill em. Their jobs are to do just that.

HIRE a nanny, hire a housekeeper for God sake. Make a schedule and stick to it. This will relieve your house of serious stress.

BOTH of you need therapy and to learn to speak to one another without being bitchy. IF he cheated there is a huge trust/honesty/betrayal issue that you will both need to deal with.

1978 days ago


Pull the plug on the show = absolutely discusting! I am discusted with both their behavior. Who in their right mind would air dirty laundry like this. Trash. i would expect more from a retired nurse. They have both lost my respect until they get therapy and admit their mistakes and move one like any respectful human beings.

1978 days ago


I love J&K+8 and have since the beginning. I was a new mom when it first came on, and loved how they handled their 8 kids. They have changed so much in such a short time, it is sad really. I am not a hypocrite though, if someone offered me free stuff, money for my kids to go to college and a enough to buy a great house, and the camera would only be following me three days a week, I would take it in a heartbeat. Maybe this show blew up in the Gosselins faces, but it will not be the reason they get divorced.

I will continue to watch in the hope that they work it out and come together for the kids and themselves. We can say all we want, 'why do people watch this?' Well because like most reality shows, watching people's lousy lives make us feel better about our pathetic ones. Kate is not as bad as she is made out to be, she is just a micro-manager. I doubt Jon cheated but if he did it will be interesting to see if they can work it out.

I think one more season and then they should call it a day and let the kids grow up in peace.

1978 days ago


#32 - They do have a HOUSEKEEPER and a NANNY...she still complains...and believe me, she has plenty time to herself...if everyone only knew!!!

1978 days ago


I think it is disgusting that Kate's brother and sister-in-law have now dropped to the bottom of the barrell (for money) to trash Jon and Kate in the media. They are saying they care about the kids but are first in line to get paid to trash those same kid's parents. This will have a major effect on them and they know this so why talk to the media???

Posted at 12:11PM on May 27th 2009 by Janice

I think you are right! I also think MONEY motivated that fight within the family.

1978 days ago


Kate, I got your back sista! If Jon can't grow up and be an adult and give you some help without you holding his hand, than leave his ass! Easier to raise kids on your own, they will grow up! Go get some help for your depression and get yourself back!
BTW.... I don't care what Kate done, Jon had NO right to cheat on his wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you can't be a grown up, you have no business entering into a grown up contract (marriage)! A-HOLE!

1978 days ago


Well, I'm baaaaaaaaack! I've been vaycaying for about 10 days, so my first site I visit and low and behold there's a imposter of me I see. Ah well, no class, on the imposters part. I tuned in to see the show, not that much of any of it was a big surprise considering the beforehand promos and snippets on the entertainment shows prior to the premiere. Kate saying she's been hard on Jon and regrets it....I believe I saw her nose grow after that right before my eyes. Both of them saying once, twice, 50 times they're doing it for the kids......ok, we hear you, but I don't think many of us are in agreement with you these days. Undeniably the saddest result of this entire adventure for their family is the children. Divorce is not easy, good or nice for ANY family or couple, but sometimes it is just plain a necessity and at this point, it's a necessity. Jon needs to find himself, find his own identity again (to include remaining their father and a much needed part of their lives). I find it very FAKE that Kate gets all this idolozing and following by other mothers because she's such a "super" mom of 8 when if we look at her nowadays chef, how many nannies, babysitters, on and on? Yes, she can have a business, but ugh, when your business takes you away from your children 5 out of 7 days, that means your business is your priority and no longer your children................and in the end all that talk about doing it for your children.........hello your children are now grown.........where were were away on all those business trips FOR THE CHILDREN.

1978 days ago





1978 days ago


Congrats to J.Lo for having the smart sense to NOT ALLOW HER CHILDREN TO BE EXPLOITED!! I have huge new respect for J.Lo!

Kate could learn a lot about being a great mom from J.Lo.

1978 days ago


Shame on the 9.8 million viewers who are helping these money hungry parents exploit their kids. Can't you see that airing their dirty laundry in public is just another publicity stunt to get more attention? IF they were concerned about their marriage OR their children, they would get out of all of this and handle their business.

1978 days ago

Concerned Parent    

Kate is mentally ill. She tried so hard to play the vicim Monday night. Jon has help when she is away, but she does everything alone. Who is she kidding? Her anger and abuse have driven everyone away, now her husband. She has no one to blame but herself. God was right to make her unable to have children. She should have followed the plan. Now, 8 innocent children are being victimized all because Kate abused modern medicine. The show has really become Jon + 8 and Kate + Hate. The complaints about Kate are not new. I was a major fan of the show even when it became painful to watch her verbally abuse her husband just for fun. We need to reach out to TLC and get this show cancelled. If this does not work, we need to start boycotting the sponsors. The family, especially Kate and Mady, need to be in therapy. If Kate wants to be famous, she can use her anger and abusive nature on Survivor or some other reality show where her children are not involved.
Eileen O'Neill
TLC President
Discovery Communications, LLC
1 Discovery Place
Silver Spring, MD 20910

1978 days ago


I can't stand J HO, and Kate just needs her ass kicked. Ignorant coupon whore, i don't blame Jon for cheating on her.

1978 days ago


It is so very obvious that Kate and TLC are posting on this board, as WHO would support their behavior????

Really, WHO?
She is a HORRIBLE mother and it causes me to feel sorry for those women that ARE good mothers, without the appropriate praise....not that they think they need it but you know what I mean.

Kate WILL one day, look back on this and realize that she made some HORRIBLE choices.

Notice how she/TLC bags on Jon? Not being cruel, for the most part, but clearly emphasizing his weaker moments and character.

1978 days ago
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